“UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez” results & play-by-play commentary

ProMMA.info is on the scene for “UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez” at the FedEX Forum in Memphis, Tenn. Headlining tonight’s event is UFC lightweight champion B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn defending his title against number one contender Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez.

Other bouts on the card include former heavyweight champion Frank Mir taking on dangerous striker Cheick Kongo, and lightweight prospect Kenny Florian will battle the ever tenacious Clay Guida. Also, welterweights Jon Fitch and Mike Pierce will tangle, as well as Paul Buentello and Stefan Struve in a heavyweight showdown..

Quick Results:

•T.J. Grant def. Kevin Burns by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (4:57)
•Damarques Johnson def. Edgar Garcia by submission (triangle choke) Rd1 1 (4:03)
•Rousimar Palhares def. Lucio Linhares by submission (heel hook) Rd 2 (3:21)
•Johny Hendricks def. Ricardo Funch by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)
•Matt Wiman def. Shane Nelson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
•Alan Belcher def. Wilson Gouveia by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (3:03)
•Stefan Struve def. Paul Buentello by majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)
•Kenny Florian def. Clay Guida by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (2:19)
•Jon Fitch def. Mike Pierce by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
•Frank Mir def. Cheick Kongo by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (1:12)
•B.J. Penn def. Diego Sanchez by TKO (doctor stoppage-cut) Rd 5 (2:37)

Play-by-play Commentary:

The place is packed and the crowd went nuts at the introduction of the first fighter T.J. Grant to get this thing under way.

Kevin Burns vs. T.J. Grant

Round 1 – Grant lands a nice leg kick then scores with a takedown but Burns is right back up. Grant gets dropped with a punch and Burns pounces, tries to finish, but Grant was able to recover and get up. Grant scores a takedown and is in Burns’ half guard. Grant postures up and throws some shots as Burns scrambles. Grant gets side control, now in Burns’ full guard, back to half guard.  Burns is able to get out and they are up to their feet. Weak leg kick by Grant, then a direct kick straight to the groin, and Burns goes down. Time out is called. A collective “oooooooh” is let out by the crowd at the replay. — Here we go back to action. They touch gloves. Flying knee by Burns misses. Grant grabs the muay Thai plum and lands a huge knee, follows it up with a big right punch that drops Grant, finishes him off with some strikes with only three seconds left in the round and that’s it folks.

OFFICIAL RESULT: T.J. Grant def. Kevin Burns by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (4:57)

Damarques Johnson vs. Edgar Garcia

Round 1 – Nice right by Johnson. Nice exchange from both guys. Neither fighter scared to get in the pocket and let em fly. Big body shot by Garcia. Kick caught by Garcia and he puts Johnson on his back. Johnson wraps him up in the full guard, trips him briefly, but Johnson catches himself, gets to half guard, they scramble, Garcia locks him up in some type of choke for a moment but Johnson breaks out and gets to his feet. They clinch, Johson backs up lands a big shot but Johnson seems okay and puts out his hands to slap five, they slap fives, then Johnson lands a big punch that drops Johnson. It looks like it’s over for Johnson, when he locks on a triangle and gets the submission, The crowd goes NUTS!! Incredible comeback for Damarques Johnson. Huge applause at the replay.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damarques Johnson def. Edgar Garcia by submission (triangle choke) Rd1 1 (4:03)

Rousimar Palhares vs. Lucio Linhares

Rousimar is walking in to some Brazilian rap, at least I think it’s Brazilian. Logan is here and blondie, Natasha Wix, however no sign of Arianny at this point.

Round 1 – Rousimar strikes and immediately gets the takedown. This is bad for Linhares. Linhares works the butterfly and then gets to his feet briefly as Rousimar puts him on his back. Linhares wraps a figure four around Rousimar’s waist. Rousimar trying to soften him up with small hammer fists. Rousimar postures up and drops straight down with his forearm on Linhares’ face. Action slowed at the moment as Linhares still has him tightly wrapped up around the waist. Huge right hand by Rousimar, it’s loud, crowd “oooohs”, he then rolls fora leg lock, actually has an ankle lock, but Linhares is out and Rousimar is back in his full guard. Linhares wraps that figure four around his waist again and we’re back to where we were. LInhares misses an armbar, Rousimar goes for a kneebar, they scramble and end up in a pretzel as the bell sounds. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Palhares.

Round 2 -Leg kick by Linhares. Palhares jumps at Linhares with a half commital something strike, misses and ends up on the ground in a scramble. Linhares locks in a triangle, but that’s not happening. Palhares is on the bottom now with Linhares landing some punches and forearms. From all appearances Palhares looks tired. Linhares mounts him briefly. Palhares explodes out and it’s a stale mate as the crowd boos. The ref stands them up. Palhares blocks a punch, Linhares then pulls guard. Palhares sinks in a heel hook and Linhares taps immediately. It was a strange anti-climactic ending that had everyone looking at each other like “what happened?”

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rousimar Palhares def. Lucio Linhares by submission (heel hook) Rd 2 (3:21)

Johny Hendricks vs. Ricardo Funch

Johny Hendricks walking in to some country music. I have no idea who it is; some new sounding country. Not too cool. What if your name was “Funch?”

Round 1 – Fuch and his braids are ready. Hendricks drives in and catches a knee to the body. Elbows from Funch. Funch grabs a single leg. Johny lands and elbow. Funch gets Johny to his knee but he’s back up. Clinch game against the fence now, Hendricks spins him and puts Funch’s back against the cage. Now Funch has Hendrick’s back against the cage, and so forth, and so forth. We have a stale mate folks, but not for long as Hendricks lands some shots to the body then picks Funch up high and slams him. Hendrick’s postures up, then lets Funch up. Leg kick by Funch. Hendricks grabs the plum, then lands some huge uppercuts, then a knee to the face, and another. Funch covers up, shoots for a takedown in desperation. Hendricks turns it into a guillotine but Funch is free. Funch hanging on to Hendricks, as Hendricks sinks in a deep guillotine. Funch rolls and is free again.  Ten seconds. That’s it. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 2 – Leg kick Hendricks, a couple of punches, then he goes for a double leg. Funch stops it but Hendricks picks him up for a big slam. The crowd cheers. Hendricks almost in full mount except for a foot. He gets mount but stands up. Body kick by Funch. Funch reminds me of Evan Tanner with his hair. Nice punches score for Hendricks. Funch dives in and Hendricks grabs him around the neck, knee to the head, again, again, again, the crowd roars. Hendricks looking for the slam, but Funch don’t want that and just falls to his back. Ref stands him up. They swap kicks, then a combo from Hendricks. Funch grabs a leg and holds on as Hendricks gets away, lands a punch, Funch turtles up and Hendricks takes his back, has hooks in, but he’s up high. Ten seconds. Hendricks ends the round on Funch’s back. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 3 – Hendricks is jumping around ready to go. Funch… not so much. Leg kick by Funch. Hendricks shoots, scoops him up, puts him down once again, and takes up where he left off last round by taking Funch’s back. Hendricks has the hooks in, trying to soften him up, Funch is back to his feet and lands a nice kick. Hendricks looks a bit pissed and pounces. Ends up with Funch turtled and Hendricks punching. Funch stands and Hendricks smashes him in the body with a big left. Hendricks then gets a single leg and pulls Funch to the ground. Booos from the crowd echo as the action lulls. Hendricks still in full control, locks in a kimura. Funch gets free, stands, and Hendricks drives a knee into his body. Hendricks picks hiim up over his head and drops him behind his head like a pro wrestler, the crowd cheers and he punishes Funch with strikes until the bell sounds. Total domination by Hendricks. He throws up his hands to the cheers and Funch sits with his head down against the cage, broken. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Hendricks and the fight 30-27 for Hendricks.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Johny Hendricks def. Ricardo Funch by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Shane Nelson vs. Matt Wiman

Round 1 – Wiman is pacing back and forth ready to go. Wiman takes an open hand in the eye. A left scores and then a leg kick by Nelson. Wiman fires back with a big leg kick of his own, then another. Nelson, catches a leg kick and fires back. Wiman attacks and puts on the pressure with strikes. Leg kick by Wiman, countered by a punch, then a flurry of punches from Nelson. Wiman is briefly rocked, touches his hand to the canvas to catch his balance. He’s okay. They square off again. Leg kick by Nelson, front kick by Wiman. Superman punch by Wiman, they clinch, knees from Wiman to the thighs. Wiman with a body punch, then a flying knee that gets caught. Wiman swings, Nelson ducks, they clinch against the cage and exchange combos with Wiman getting the better end of the deal. Nelson goes down and Wiman follows him into his guard. Wiman stands up after a few shots and Nelson’s face is bleeding. Nelson lands a nice couple of punches, Wiman falls, bell sounds. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Wiman.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Wiman followed by a nice right that rocks Nelson’s head back. Body shot by Wiman, returned by Nelson. Leg kick scores for Nelson. Head kick by Wiman, Nelson drives in for the takedown. Wiman elbows Nelson’s head from the bottom. Nelson not doing much from the top, trying to pass guard but with no success. Yamasaki stands them up. Nelson’s head is opened up again. Flying knee by Wiman scores, then lands some punches. Nelson fires back with his own punches. Knee by Nelson, knee by Wiman. Wiman gets a single leg and drags him down, in full guard of Nelson. Wiman landing some punches from inside the guard. Nelson has Wiman’s foot, looking for an ankle lock, Wiman pours on the pressure with elbows, working on that cut. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Wiman.

Round 3 – Wiman looks fresh and ready. Nelson with a high kick that’s blocked. Wiman lands a kick to the groin and Nelson falls over in pain. Crowd “ooohs” at the replay. Nelson trying to walk it off. — They restart in the center. Nelson attacks but it’s blocked. Wiman calls him on. Two leg kicks from Wiman then a nice left hook that scores. Wiman grabs a single leg and pulls him to the ground. Nelson gets back to his feet lands a punch.Wiman being patient, trying to pick his shot, and eats a left. Body punch by Wiman, then Wiman takes him down. Nelson has half guard. Booos from the crowd at the lull in action. Nelson looking for another ankle lock, Wiman takes his back, has his hooks in. Wiman looking for the choke, trying to soften him up with shots. Nelson turtles and Wiman punches away until the bell sounds. Great showing for Wiman. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Wiman.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Wiman def. Shane Nelson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia

Round 1 – Belcher in pink shorts. Belcher stalking. Leg kick by Gouveia. Belcher with a huge over hand right that misses and he eats a jab from Gouveia. Belcher with a combo. Big right hand by Belcher scores and Gouveia fires back with shots of his own. they exchange again. Gouveia landing some big shots and Belcher fires back , they are both eating and landing. It’s a war my friends. Belcher appears to be cut, or it could be blood from his nose. Big shots from both guys again. Belcher lands a left, then a big right uppercut that drops Gouveia to the canvas in slow motion. Belcher pounds him out until Herb Dean steps in. Great showing by Belcher. Belcher has a hell of a chin, he was sitting in that pocket eating shots and firing right back. Belcher is so happy to win in his hometown. Belcher said he can be a contender and wants that belt.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alan Belcher def. Wilson Gouveia by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (3:03)

The bass in this place is rocking through your body with the music, as the live pay per view is about to begin. The crowd is NUTS. – Diego gets plenty of boos each time his face is shown on the big screen. Buentello waling in to some Mariachi music. Too funny, and he’s singing with it.

Paul Buentello vs. Stefan Struve

Round 1 – Big right hand by Paul lands. Leg kick by Struve is caught. Paul catches it again, they tie up, and Struve tries to  pull guard. Paul denies it by pressing him against the fence. Struve lands a HUGE uppercut that rocks Paul, then takes him to the ground, takes his back, locks in a figure four around his waist. It looks bad for Buentello. Struve still on his back trying to get the choke in. Paul on his knees, taking shots to the side of the head. Paul turtled up and covering his head. Struve locks in the choke but Paul’s chin is under his arm. Struve lets go and readjusts. Still can’t get it, Paul still defending it well. Crowd boos, but what the hell you want them to do? Paul is doing a great job. Paul finally escapes and has top position. Great job by Buentello. Great damn job of escaping. Struve lands some elbows from the bottom. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Struve.

Round 2 – Here they go again. Paul looks fresh, and lands a big right. Struve comes in with a flying knee and like Fedor on Arlovski, Paul shot him down with a punch. Not as hard as Fedor I guess cause Struve is back up, lands a punch, and they clinch. Body shot scores for Paul, as Struve tries to pull guard, and goes for a an ankle lock. Paul is safe from that, stands up and lands a punch as Struve is getting up. Big body shot by Paul. Struve seems to not be scared of Paul’s power, and jumps with another flying knee and gets dropped again this time harder but he hets right up. Paul lands some more hard shots and Struve keeps coming forward, lands a shot of his own. Big elbow by Struve, Buentello fires back, they both slug it out and the crowd erupts. The exact same thing happens again. How are these guys still standing? Both taking hard shots. Ten seconds and a big uppercut from Paul. Liddell and everyone ringside stand up to applaud. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Buentello.

Round 3 – Struve has to have his mouthpiece washed or fixed or something. Paul is headhunting and eats a right that snaps his head. Struve is about a foot taller than Buentello. Big right by Buentello, then two big leg kicks by Struve. Another leg kick by Struve, and again, and again. Knee to the body by Struve, then he lands a nice right hand. They clinch. Big elbow by Struve, and Paul fires back with a punch. Paul right in his face, catches a kick. Struve with a leg kick and low hands. Leg kick again, and again. Nice left by Buentello. Struve digging those leg kicks in silently. Nice left jab by Buentell but eats two more big leg kicks, and another. Paul catches that one and eats a punch. Paul only boxing, whereas Struve is mixing it up. Paul looking a bit tired but drops Struve with a right hand. He lets him up. Big right by Paul and he eats one in return. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Struve and the fight 29-28 for Struve.

OFFCIAL RESULT: Stefan Struve def. Paul Buentello by majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

We can’t even hear Struve’s interview because of the boos at the decision.

Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida

Clay Guida is jumping all around the cage waiting for Kenny, like a caged animal running back and forth. Kenny walks to the cage to rap music; don’t know what it is. Yamasaki is the ref.

Round 1 – Crowd is chanting “Guida.” Guida with some light leg kicks. Kenny feinting, lands a jab and backs up as Guida fires back. Guida scores with and uppercut. Guida drops Kenny with a punch and follows him to his guard. Florian grabs wrist control as Clay postures up in the guard. Kenny pushes him off with his feet and stands up. Florian being patient, working with jabs, and feints and combos. Looks like Florian is cut over his left eye. Kenny lands a nice knee, then a couple of punches. Guida striking with Florian. Florian bleeding over that eye. Kenny grabs a leg, tries to take him down but Clay bounced up. Clay grabs a single leg and pulls guard. Guida appears to be cut now too. Huge slam by Florian, he lands some shots, and elbows as Guida starts to get up. Time is called as the doctors check on Guida’s cut. They say he’s okay; it’s on the top of his head. His face is completely red. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Florian.

Round 2 – Fight in the crowd. Kenny lands some jabs as Guida tries to get inside. Leg kick by Guida. Guida gets a single leg but Florian sprawls. Guida’s face is already red with blood. Guida still trying to strike with Florian. Florian lands some right hands after a sort of Ali shuffle type thing. Guida lands a right with a crimson face. Florian drops him with a big punch. Guida is ROCKED, Kenny lands a couple of short punches then slaps on the rear-naked choke.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kenny Florian def. Clay Guida by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (2:19)

Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce

As usual Fitch walks in to some Johnny Cash.

Round 1 – Fitch catches a leg kick and tries to put Pierce down. Pierce catches his balance, they scramble, and Fitch takes his back, with hooks in. Pierce is in squat position with Fitch on his back, sorry, he only has one hook in, but his ankles are clasped so it looks like two. Fitch pounding on Pierce from his back trying to soften him up. Pierce puts a knee on the ground. We’re getting some boos at this point. Pierce grabs a leg and slams Fitch down. Looks like Fitch may be cut over his eye, possibly. Fitch is back to his feet as Pierce presses him against the cage. Knee to the face of Pierce by Fitch. Yamasaki re-starts them in the middle. They exchange some combos. Leg kick by Pierce. Fitch runs in with punches but eats some himself. Yeah Fitch is bleeding above his left eye. Close round. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 Fitch.

Round 2 – Leg kick Fitch. And again. Pierce does not seem worried about Fitch’s striking at all. He ties him up and presses Fitch against the cage. Pierce throwing knees into Fitch’s thighs. Big left hook by Pierce and Fitch fires back. Left jab by Pierce snaps Fitch’s head. Fitch catches a leg kick, gets the takedown and tries to take Pierce’s back, but Pierce stands up and they square off again. Nice left jab by Pierce catches Fitch coming in. Pierce lands a one-two punch. Fitch fires back with his own combo, then an uppercut. Body shot by Pierce. More boos from the crowd, just before Fitch takes him down, tries to get his back, and once again Pierce is back up. Fitch hanging on him, using knees to the body. Ten seconds left and Fitch goes for the takedown but can’t get it. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Fitch.

Round 3 – Fitch scores with a knee. They exchange some combos, and Fitch is looking for a takedown. Pierce is tough and is not at all intimidated by Fitch and is taking everything Fitch can dish out. Neither fighter had landing anything terribly solid. Fitch grabs the plum and lands some knees. Pierce lands a nice punch to the face, then the body, then clinches, put som knees into Fitch’s thighs. More boos. They square off again and plenty of punches are being thrown but just nothing too solid seems to be landing. Fitch lands a decent uppercut then shoots. They square up and start swinging. Pierce is landing some big punches on Fitch and both of their faces are bloody. Pierce rocked Fitch with a couple of big shots there, and ate one or two himself. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Pierce and the fight 29-28 for Fitch.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jon Fitch def. Mike Pierce by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo

It’s funny both fighters got booed. Stare down was in-tense.

Round 1 –  Mir’s shorts are so long. Mir looks HUGE too. Kongo throws the first strikes. Mir drops Kong with a huge left hook. Then he sinks on a guillotine choke, it’s tight, he’s asleep. He didn’t tap and is out cold unconscious. Wow. The crowd goes NUTS and stuff is being thrown in the cage. Kongo is up and is okay. At least he didn’t tap out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Frank Mir def. Cheick Kongo by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (1:12)

Frank Mir says he wishes no ill will on Lesnar but wants him to get healthy so he can hurt him. That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

UFC Lightweight Championship

B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez

Contender Diiego Sanchez came into the cage amped, running from side to side, and jumping. Will there be a new lightweight champion tonight folks? We’re about to find out. B.J. looks amped too, like a little Buddha. Bruce Buffer is an absolute maniac.

Round 1 – Diego threw the first strikes that miss. Crowd chants “B.J.” Penn dropped Diego with a big shot, it looked like a flash KO. He continues to pound, but the ref let it go. Diego is back to his feet. He somehow survived. B.J. is waiting, Diego hesitant now. Diego rushes in and B.J. dropped him with a short punch, but Diego has B.J.’s leg now, lets it go. Diego seems to be okay. B.J. is stalking now. High kick misses by Diego. The chants for “B.J.” pick up. Penn lands a combo as Diego shoots in, Diego tries to shoot but B.J. sprawls and is right back to his feet, too fast for Diego. Every time Diego tries to flurry he gets caught. BJ. seems too fast. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-8 for B.J.

Round 2 – Crowd is nuts. Diego backing up as B.J. comes in, he grabs B.J.’s leg against the fence. He lets it go and throws a mean uppercut that misses. Diego throws a combo that misses and Penn fires back but also misses. Chants for “B.J.” pick up again. Diego goes for a head kick but it’s telegraphed. Diego catches B.J. with a punch but he eats one too. B.J. rocks him with a right. B.J. lands a combo as Diego retreats. Diego’s punches seem way slower than Penn’s. Diego goes for a takedown as B.J. moves in. B.J. tags him before the bell as Diego still holds his leg. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for B.J.

Round 3 – Diego throws a combo, then a kick. B.J. tags him with a left, then a right. Diego goes for B.J.’s leg again, still looking for that elusive takedown. B.J. pounds him with some elbows from the clinch. B.J. smacks his ears. Diego being relentless in his attempt but B.J. hits him in the face every time. Big left from B.J. snaps Diego’s head. Head kick blocked by Penn. Diego squats down, still trying to get a leg. B.J. lands an elbow. Diego comes in swinging, they clinch. Diego still going after that leg. Diego gets him down briefly but B.J. fires off three or four punches that land. Once again I score the round 10-9 for B.J.

Round 4 – B.J. catches Diego as he tries to rush in. It happens again. And again. Diego lands a little shot. Diego shoots, gets stuffed. Right hand by B.J. lands solid. Diego swings wild then rushes in. They swap shots. B.J. stalking. Diego’s eye looks swollen as he eats another. He rushes in for the clinch and eats some more. Diego has the single leg, but can’t do anything with it. Diego with a big slow right hook and gets beat to the punch again. The crowd boos as Diego grabs for B.J.’s leg one more time. B.J. lands one on the chin. B.J. is killing him in boxing. 10-9 for B.J.

Round 5 – B.J. slaps his face before the round. B.J.’s boxing has been the story of this fight. He’s just too good with his hands. After all Freddie Roach called him the best boxer in MMA. Diego going for the leg and takedown again to the boo’s of the crowd. B.J. sprawls and lets him up. Crowd cheers for “B.J.” and he kicks Diego in the face followed by a about six uppercuts, and of course, Diego dives for the leg. Diego’s face is a bloody mess and he has an axe gash in his head. It may be the biggest gash I have ever seen in someone’s head. They stop the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: B.J. Penn def. Diego Sanchez by TKO (doctor stoppage-cut) Rd 5 (2:37)