Strong man Mariusz Pudzianowski victorious in MMA debut at KSW 12

Mariusz Pudzianowski won his MMA debut at KSW 12 on Dec. 11.

On the eve of UFC 107 in Memphis, Tenn., a significant portion of the hardcore MMA world’s attention was turned toward Warsaw, Poland, tonight as five-time “World’s Strongest Man” Mariusz Pudzianowski made his MMA debut against professional boxer Marcin Najman at KSW 12.

Najman had said prior to the bout that he wanted to use his boxing technique to defeat Pudzianowski. However, the strong man gave him no such opportunity to stand there and throw punches. Pudzianowski started the fight by delivering brutal leg kicks to Najman. These are the same kicks that broke one of his sparring partner”s legs with one blow in preparation for this fight.

The leg kicks dropped Najman to the mat, from there, Pudzianowski used his massive arms and fists to pulverize the boxer with ground and pound until the referee was forced to stop the fight just 44 seconds into the first round. And just like that, Mariusz Pudzianowski won his professional MMA debut.

Having already competed at the highest levels as a professional athlete, he is now applying the same focus that made him a strong man champion to becoming the best fighter he can be. Certainly the MMA world will be watching the progress of Mariusz Pudzianowski closely.

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  1. Very very brutal and agresive fighter.. lit bit more technique and might be in the first ten of best mma fighters.. no doubts just polish blood!!

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