Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Marcin Najman – KSW 12 fight video

Look out heavyweights! There’s a new beast in town! His name is Mariusz Pudzianowski and he just won his first MMA fight in Poland over Marcin Najman. Sure Najman was pretty much just a boxer and Pudzianowski was wearing shoes… but still… the dude does look impressive.

The 5x “World’s Strongest Man” champion broke one of his sparring partners legs with a single leg kick in preparation for this fight. And he used those same leg kicks to put Najman on the ground, then went to work like Brock Lesnar on PCP pounding away at the pitiful little pulp of a man. The ref jumped in at 44 seconds of the first round to save Najman from becoming a puddle of mush.

Pudzianowski to the UFC anyone? Dammit… why couldn’t he have been on TUF 10?

5 thoughts on “Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Marcin Najman – KSW 12 fight video”

  1. i would love 2 c MP in the UFC or strikeforce.hes gonna b 1 of the best i mean he is the strongest person in the world.i think he would crush lashley.

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