Pudzian mania hits MMA this weekend
Pudzian mania hits MMA this weekend

The weekend picks are back. I thought about letting this feature die, but after my horrible performance on the TUF 10 Finale (4-5 record, the only sub .500 of my career) I had to save face. This week we take a look at KSW 12, Jeff Monson‘s ability to fight in two places at once, Bitetti Combat and more. As always for UFC 107 picks check out the PROMMA.info staff picks coming out later this week.

KSW 12
Marcin Najman vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski
The five-time World’s Strongest Man champion will make his MMA debut this weekend. Standing in the way of a glorious debut is Marcin Najman, a boxer who once fought for the Polish Heavyweight boxing title. When the bout was first announced I had visions of Ray Mercer standing over Tim Sylvia’s limp body. However, I decided to check out Najman’s record. At the time he fought them, his opponents have a combined record of 53-218-7. Only two of his opponents had winning records, and he is 13-4. Pudzianowski should be able to push for a clinch and win by grinding out his opponent.
Pick = Mariusz Pudzianowski
Required Viewing
Pudzian training MMA (link)

Daniel Dowda vs. James Zikic
Do you remember James Zikic? This UFC veteran was thought to be one of Britain’s best prospects then he kind of fell off the face of the earth. Expect him to jab Dowda in the face until he falls down.
Pick = James Zikic
Required Viewing
Zikic having a bad day against Vitor Belfort (link)

Thunder Promotions: Alabama Pride
Jeff Monson vs. Travis Fulton
This had the potential to be one of the most ridiculous fight cards of the year. If you remember this was supposed to be the card that featured DMX boxing and Butterbean taking on Tank Abbott. Instead we get this fight, which I don’t think will even happen (see below). Monson should be able to take Fulton easily at this point. I’m really starting to wonder how much money it would take to get Fulton to come fight me in my backyard? That is, if I had a backyard.
Pick = Jeff Monson
Required Viewing
Remember that fight when Travis Fulton almost killed that guy? (link)

Bitetti Combat 5
Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs. Jason Jones
I almost didn’t include this one because I see it as a trap fight. Rua will always be a question mark in my mind since he lost to Riki Fukuda. Jason Jones, who has also lost to Fukuda, is a quality kickboxer who recently started training at Golden Glory. I’m hoping Rua will be able to take the fight to the ground and run game on the man they called “Lil Manhoef.”
Pick = Murilo Rua
Required Viewing
Ninja shows that he can be a serious flake against Denis Kang (link)

Fabio Maldonado vs. Travis Wiuff
A training partner of the Nogueiras and Anderson Silva, Fabio Maldonado, is going to put hands on Travis Wiuff and make it a quick night for the Miletich product. Even Wiuff’s once dominant wrestling has looked weak in his last few fights.
Pick = Fabio Maldonado
Required Viewing
A highlight of Maldonado putting hands on folks (link)

Jeff Monson vs. Glover Teixeira
Everything is telling me to take Glover Teixeira. He is a great grappler. His striking has improved tremendously. However, I don’t pick against Jeff Monson. By the way, this is why I think Monson will no show Thunder Promotion: Alabama Pride.
Pick = Jeff Monson
Required Viewing
Monson is the king of the neck crank (link)

Eduardo Pamplona vs. Tom Speer
At welterweight there are very few fighters who can strike with Eduardo Pamplona. Tom Speer is not going to try. However, he is going to get melted just like he did against Anthony Johnson.
Pick = Eduardo Pamplona
Pamplona believes in leg kicks (link)

KOTC Title Defense
Tony Hervey vs. Dave Shepperd
Most people did not think that Tony Hervey had much of a chance against Takanori Gomi. Even though he did lose, he showed people he is a game fighter. Now he gets a chance to play favorite. Dave Shepperd should not have much to offer Hervey.
Pick = Tony Hervey
Hervy vs. Gomi at VTJ (link)

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