Countdown to UFC 107 (full episode)

“Countdown to UFC 107” takes a look at the Dec. 12 lightweight title fight between champion B.J. Penn and Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez.

Penn’s strength and conditioning training has been taken to a whole new level, and he looks to be in what could very well be the best shape of his life.

Penn does not dislike Sanchez, but does think he’s “a little strange.” – Cut to scene of Sanchez doing a line of cartwheels, one after the other while screaming “YES!” Diego says he invented this practice called the “Yes Cartwheel.” He does not explain what the purpose is, and therefore, the scene does go toward strongly reinforcing the idea “The Nightmare” is a bit strange.

Strange or not, Diego does have plenty of skill to go with it. Combine that with a seemingly endless gas tank, great confidence, and work ethic, and B.J. Penn could be facing a serious threat to his belt this weekend.

The Countdown show also takes a look at the Clay Guida vs. Kenny Florian match-up.

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