TUF 10 Finale takes place at the Palms in Las Vegas on Saturday, Dec. 5, and airs on Spike TV at 9PM ET/PT.

ProMMA.info participated in today’s The Ultimate Fighter season 10: Heavyweights Finale conference call featuring finalists Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub, along with Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander, who will also be fighting on the card.

Whether it be from the weight cut or something else, Kimbo seemed a bit agitated with the many of the questions and did not seem to want to be on the call, especially at first. Comparatively, the other fighters seemed in good spirits.

One of the call’s highlights was when Kimbo was asked if there was any fighter he could model himself after, who would it be. Kimbo said, “I’m a grown man. I can’t say nothing like that. All the fighters who are good.” It was a funny moment that had his opponent laughing. You can hear this and all of the fighters’ comments on the audio below. Also, there are some notable quotes after the jump.

TUF 10 Finale conference call (audio):


“I don’t know how it was portrayed, but you got what you got.”

“I can’t say nothing about Houston Alexander.”

“Can you get cured from arthritis? – I’m feeling better.”

“It is what it is. It was what it was.”

“Yeah, that’s part of the training. It takes years to develop any kind of fundamental on the ground.”

“I’m at American Top Team. That’s where I train for everything right now.”

“I was thumpin’ to make money.”

“I don’t know, I don’t consider none of it to be crazy.”

“One thing I’ve learned is to keep a mental control over everything.”

“Everyone I’ve fought has had a decent name.”

“My style is pretty much the same. I’ve developed a little ground here and there. I don’t like to use it in a fight. I like to stand and either knock them out or get knocked out.”

“If it goes there it goes there. I want to knock him out. Wherever it goes it goes, from the cage to the street to the motel. I came here to fight.”

“It was more mental for me than becoming a better fighter.”

“I’d rather not comment on that. [if this is a one fight deal or anything more has been promised]”

“I’m the same way on and off camera. What you saw is what you got.”

“[weight cut] is not good. Last time I was at this weight was middle school. It’s mental…”

“I hope in a good way.” [how it will affect him in the fight]

“No I didn’t hire a dietitian’s or anything like that.”

“I’m a grown man. I can’t say nothing like that. All the fighters are good. [who Kimbo would like to model himself after as a fighter. – Houston found this very funny]

“The determination is what it is…. They know it’s not easy to do. I got a late start. I got heart and I got determination. I’m not afraid to get hit.” [why his peers have been impressed with his work ethic]


“Some people came prepared some didn’t.”

“Not really. The whole reason we did the show was to get three W’s and then the pay day is this Saturday, this weekend.”

“I looked the same way I did at 240 as I do now at 265.”

“The one thing Marcus has is if he puts his hands on you you’re going to sleep.”


“I wasn’t aware I was such an underdog.”

“The only guys on Rampage’s team you had to look for was Scott Junk and Kimbo.”

“I’m a fast learner and it doesn’t take much for me to pick things up.”

“Coming from the camp I come from… I think it’s definitely an advantage and the reason I’m at where I’m at right now.”

“James [McSweeney] and Rashad are best friends…”

“Yeah, I expected to knock him out [Marcus Jones].”

“To be honest with you when he threw the knee, I was like man that was close… After the fight Dana said feel your nose… It was broke.”

“I bring some intangibles that are different than an Arlovski or a Monson.”

“I think my biggest attribute is my mind.”

“I probably see Marcus pulling this thing out.” [Marcus Jones fight with Matt Mitrione]


“I don’t think they brought me in as a stepping stone. I think it’s a perfect match for both of us.”

“Wherever it goes, that’s where it goes.”

“What you guys are going to see is a more well-rounded fighter. I’m a complete MMA fighter.”

“I’ve been in this game for over ten year… But at this particular time I’m not nervous about getting in the cage. I’m not pressured at all about being in an actual fight.”

“I’m at my natural weight so I’m good…”

“Three pounds.” [how much weight he usually cuts to fight at 205 lbs.]

“My family got to eat, so I’m doing it because of that.”

“Win or lose, I still gotta come home to my kids. It raises the stakes for me because when you come home you want your kids to be proud of you.”

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