TUF 10 Finale pick ’em contest sponsored by Silver Star and Silver Star are teaming up yet again to bring you another great pick ’em contest for The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale. This one will follow the same format as our two prior contests, comprised of five mini-contests.

Silver Star has once again generously provided prizes for five winners, with each winner receiving his or her own Jonny “Bones” Jones Silver Star TUF 10 Finale walkout shirt. Anyone can participate as long as you have a valid email and mailing address (for receiving your prize).

A word to the wise – read the rules. Numerous entries in the last two contests have neglected to provide their mailing address and/or answer to the tie-breaker question – and this time, there are two tie-breakers, so make sure to answer both.

This contest is a bit different than your average “pick ‘em”. It is actually five mini-contests.

The Rules

Participants may only make a guess as to ONE of the following fights, and only ONE entry is allowed, so make sure the choice you email in is your best guess.

For the ONE fight you choose to enter, you must provide the following:

1. Winner of the fight

2. Method of ending – choose only from submission, (T)KO, or Decision (specifics are not needed).

3. The round in which the fight will end (Remember, title fights are five rounds).

(You must correctly pick the winner for the rest of your answers to count.)

Participants must guess the details of ONE of the following fights.

Jonny Jones vs. Matt Hammill

John Howard vs. Dennis Hallman

Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub

Justin Wren vs. Jon Madsen

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson vs. Houston Alexander


In case there is a tie between entrants, you must also provide an answer to this question: What will be the total time of the Jones vs. Hammill? i.e. if the fight ends at 3:21 of the second round, the total time was eight minutes and twenty-one seconds. The person who guesses the closest wins, even if they overshoot the time. So given the above example, if two people tied, and one entered eight minutes and one second and the other entered eight minutes and twenty-two seconds, the person who entered eight minutes and twenty-two seconds will win, because they were closest. No game-show rules here. You must answer this question regardless of which fight you choose to guess the result for.


What will be the total attendance at the live event?

So why is this different, besides the obvious complexity of the rules? Because participants will not know how many people have entered each of the mini-contests. Participants will send in their answers via email (instructions below), and only the winning picks for each of the fights will be revealed.

There will be a winner for each fight, regardless of the number of entries. So if only one person chooses to guess the result of Wren vs. Madsen, as long as he or she gets the winner right, he or she wins, plain and simple. But remember, you can only submit the required information for ONE of the five fights.

Submitting Your Entry

To enter, send your guesses for ONE of the above fights to Please put “PROMMA.INFO TUF 10 Finale Contest” in the subject line. Entries must be submitted via the above email address by 6:00 PM ET on Saturday, December 5, 2009. All participants will receive a brief reply email confirming receipt of the entry. In addition to the above details, the email must also contain the entrant’s name, and mailing address. (Names and addresses will only be used to send prizes to the winners.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or post them in the comments section.

From the last contest, the most common mistake was that people forgot to include in the email their answer to the TIE BREAKER. The tie break questions MUST be answered, regardless of which fight you choose to pick.

Further details for the winners will be announced in the Contest Winners post.

Thank you to Silver Star for generously sponsoring this contest.

Good luck to all participants!

By: Brian Furby

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  1. Thanks to Promma and Silver Star for holding these contests. It makes watching these events even more exciting.

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