“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 11 & 12 recap

Well, this is it. Two hours and four fights and we will know who is the newest Ultimate Fighter. We have been teased with the possible return of “Kimbo” all season since his elimination, and will find out tonight if it was a ratings ploy, or if he truly will be back in contention for the title.

The episode starts with Dana White addressing the guys and explaining the possibility of Mitrione maybe not being able to go. Dana calls in “Kimbo” to see his mindset on possibly fighting again, and gives his thoughts on “Kimbo’s” knee injury.

Dana informs viewers that “Kimbo” is suffering from arthritis, but cannot believe that “Kimbo” is turning down a shot for a fight with McSweeney. “Kimbo” explains that he is using his brains instead of his brawn in this decision to not go, and that he will fight another day.

Immediately after, Mitrione is shown on the phone with his doctor and informs him that all is well, which means that “meathead” will be stepping into the Octagon after all. Hmmmmmm….

James McSweeney now definitively knows who his opponent will be, which by the looks of his training, really doesn’t matter much to him.

Mitrione informs all of us that most of his antics this season were to get in the head of his opponents, and believes that all of the craziness has possibly gotten into McSweeney’s thoughts.

Resident ProMMA.info TUF blogger Justin Wren informed us a couple of weeks ago that Scott Junk’s eye injury was very serious, and Junk himself explains that his fighting career may be in jeopardy due to the eye poke that he suffered in his previous fight.

The news of Junk’s eye doesn’t sit well with Marcus Jones at all. “Big Baby” transforms into a monster after hearing the news about Junk, and takes it out on Mitrione. Jones confronts Mitrione next to the Octagon and screams, “I will kill you!” Jones has to be calmed by the coaching staff after losing control of his emotions, and is still wanting to get in their and “choke [Mitrione] to within an inch of his life.”

Scott Junk comes back from his appointment for a follow up after his eye surgery, and gets good news that his eye will be OK, and that he will be ready to go again in the next two months.

Next up is the weigh-ins that conclude with a serious staredown between James McSweeney and Matt Mitrione, that ends with McSweeney pushing Mitrione in the chest, kicking off a war of words between the two. Maybe, just maybe, Mitrione truly is in McSweeney’s head.

We are about to find out. It’s “walk it out” time as both guys make their way to the Octagon. Fight one is just moments away.

Round 1 –

Low kick to start from McSweeney as expected. He follows up with a kick to the body, and a miss to the head with another kick, as Mitrione paws out a tentative jab or two. McSweeney continues to use his feet to set the pace as Mitrione lands a straight left hand. Mitrione misses with a jab but connects with a left hand. McSweeney is maintaining his distance and continuing to move out of range of Mitrione.

McSweeney is switching stances, and misses high with a kick. McSweeney steps in and lands a nice right hand. Mc Sweeney lands a kick to the body that Mitrione catches and fires a straight right hand, and Mitrione closes the distance throwing combos.

They disengage and McSweeney ducks in for a combo of his own before going for a single leg take down. He gets the take down and Mitrione immediately goes for a leg. McSweeney scrambles and gets into side control.

Mitirone kicks off the cage and gets to his knees with McSweeney in North/South position. McSweeney locks up a guillotine as Mitrione stands. McSweeney jumps guard and locks up the guillotine and Mitrione taps. James McSweeney advances to the semis.

Back at the house, we get “Big Baby’s” thoughts on fighting “titties” Schoonover.

“I think he is one of the most dangerous guys to fight because his engine never stops.”

Forget the small talk, it’s time to fight!

Round 1 –

Low kick right off the bat from Jones, then to the clinch. Jones with the trip take down and he is already in a dominate position.

From side control, Jones is working to isolate an arm with his legs so he can get some ground and pound in. He gets Schoonover controlled for a few seconds and lands some big shots. Schoonover is scrambling but having trouble with Jone’s top control.

Jones goes for an arm and a kimura but Schoonover rolls and attains guard. Jones dropping shots from the top as Schoonover kicks him off. Schoonover attempts to get up but sits back down into guard after it looks like Jones will land some big knees if he stands. Marcus Jones shows the world some ground and pound, lands two huge, heavy LOUD shots to the face of Schoonover, and he’s out!!! Marcus “Big Baby” Jones defeats Schoonover via TKO in Round 1.


Now it’s time for the semifinal announcements. Dana White announces that it will be James McSweeney versus Roy Nelson, and Brendan Schaub facing off against Marcus Jones.

Once again, more words from the coaches… Rashad and “Rampage”, blah, blah, no fight between these two, dammit… blah, blah.

Coach “Rampage” goes over the gameplan with “Big Baby”. The plan is: “Take him down.” “Rampage” wants Jones to take Schaub down, and the rest will take care of itself.

The pranks are not over just yet. Tiki shows up with a pink stuffed teddy bear, a pink horse, and a host of other pink animals and party favors. It doesn’t end there. The locker room has been transformed with hot pink walls and even a disco ball. How pretty… Heeeeyyyyy!!!!

Coach Evans walks in to the pink locker room, complete with a male blow up doll rocking Rashad’s fight shorts. “Rampage” explains that the themed room matches Rashad’s nickname… “Sugar.” Wow!

McSweeney takes the pranks to another level at the house locking Jensen in the bathroom by opening up the drawers by the sink to prevent the door from opening. Jensen finally loses it and attacks McSweeney. McSweeney locks up a standing guillotine and finally gets Jensen to calm down.

Fight number three is up, Roy “Big Country” Nelson vs. James McSweeney.

Round 1

Roy Nelson tries to close the distance, but McSweeney is moving very well evading the clinch. McSweeney is in and out with his jabs, and throws aa huge overhand right that just misses. McSweeney connects to the body with a kick, and Nelson is having trouble with his speed early but is now stalking.

Nelson ducks in for a take down and gets caught in a standing guillotine. Nelson presses McSweeney against the cage and is working for a body lock before he disengages and lands a punch.

Back to the center of the Octagon with more kicks from McSweeney. Nice jab by McSweeney. He is in and out scoring at will. McSweeney misses with a big looping overhand right, but scores with another jab. Big right hand from Nelson stuns McSweeney, and Nelson shoots in and takes the fight to the ground.

Now the fight is in Nelson’s world. Nelson quickly passes to sidemount, and works for the crucifix. McSweeney is trying to escape, but Nelson locks him down and is landing unanswered shots. Within seconds the referee steps in and stops the fight. Roy Nelson advances to the Ultimate finale. Who will join him in the finale, Marcus Jones or Brendan Schaub?

Rashad and “Rampage” take 3!! Bitch this, bitch that times 36, cut to commercial.

Final fight, Round 1.

Schaub scores first with a jab and a right hand, but Jones is all over him and the fight is ont he ground early. Jones in side control and looking to isolate Schaub’s arm. Big left hands land for Jones, but Schaub is staying active from his back. Jones advances to full mount, but nearly gets reversed by Schaub, but he maintains top control and is back in full mount, before Schaub kicks off and scrambles to his feet.

Schaub lands a few big shots that stun “Big Baby”. Jones lands a huge knee that forces Schaub backward. Schaub steps back into range and drops Jones with a huge right hand. Shaub smells blood and lands a flurry of undefended shots to the face of Jones before the referee stops it. Brendan Schaub advances to the finals and will face Roy “Big Country” Nelson at the Ultimate Finale.

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