Wanderlei Silva talks about his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping, scheduled for Feb. 21, at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia. Silva wants to “kick his ass” and realizes it is a very important fight. Silva has lost five of his last six fights (all against top tier opponents) and desperately needs the victory. If he were to lose to Bisping, it is hard to say how much marketability the MMA legend would have left.

In the second half of this video, Team Wand fighter, Mike Whitehead, talks about his upcoming Strikeforce bout with “King Mo” Muhammed Lawal on Dec. 19. The TUF 2 veteran sees Mo as a fast rising legit opponent with a name who wants to use Whitehead as a stepping stone. He says Mo must be “half retarded” if he thinks he can disrespect Whitehead’s mother by beating him on her birthday (Dec. 19).

Whitehead also shares his thoughts on the benefits of training with a legend like Wanderlei Silva day-in and day-out. Apparently, sparring with Wanderlei is much like being in a real fight. Wanderlei voiced his own enthusiasm about getting to watch the fight between Whitehead and King Mo.

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