Junie Browning over weight at MMA Big Show – pays $100 to keep the pound

Photo courtesy of MMA Big Show - Junie Browning vs. Scott Cornwell
Photo courtesy of MMA Big Show - Junie Browning vs. Scott Cornwell
Apparently, Junie “The Lunatik” Browning had some trouble making weight last night for his scheduled 155 lbs. match-up against Scott Cornwell at “MMA Big Show: Onslaught,” taking place tonight at Belterra Casino in Florence, Ind.

A report on MMA Big Show’s blog indicates Junie showed up a half hour late to weigh-ins with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Upon stepping on the scale, he weighed in at one pound over. His opponent, Cornwell, obviously gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, offered to let Junie keep the extra pound in exchange for $100 of his purse. Junie happily obliged.

In a recent interview, Cornwell said he believed Junie made a name for himself “not from fighting, but from other things he was doing on The Ultimate Fighter.” Regardless of that, he feels a win over Junie will benefit his career, because comparatively, he does have a “big name.”

Cornwell is thankful Browning took the fight because he is the more experienced fighter and “he is the one with everything to lose.

“MMA Big Show: Onslaught” will be available in a live web stream this evening (Saturday, Nov. 28), beginning at 8PM ET, for $9.99. Here is the complete fight card:

Junie Allen Browning vs. Scott Cornwell
Mojo Horne vs. Kevin Barkdull
Derek Gibson vs. Danny Surface
Brian Francisco vs. Michael Dabe
Joe Cox vs. Chris Potee
Joe Pegg vs. Roger Hahn
Leando Banks vs. Mike Littleton
Jake Bello vs. Dustin Howell
Duprie Moon vs. Quinton Sampson
Josh Lobenstien vs. Nathan Campbell
Ryan Stamper vs. Josh Pratt
Corey Farell vs. Dustin Center

Scott Cornwell gives his thoughts on fighting Junie Browning:

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