Randy Couture does it again.
Randy Couture does it again.

Professional athletes are not normally still competing at 46-years-old. At that age, they are most likely retired, and enjoying their twilight years and the success they have achieved. For instance, former NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson is 46. He is now involved in banking. Former NBA star Charles Barkley is 46, and he is involved in politics, and plays a lot of golf.

UFC fighter Randy Couture (17-10) is still fighting and winning against top tier competition. It does not make sense. It defies logic. He is “natural,” but he is damn sure not normal.

Saturday night in Manchester, England, the middle-aged grandfather (he’s not really a grandfather but he’s old enough to be) strolled into M.E.N. Arena with a beautiful woman on his arm (younger and hotter than your woman), and proceeded to show all the men at M.E.N. who is still the f*cking MAN.

Couture’s opponent for the night was 32-year-old Brandon Vera (11-4). His nickname is “The Truth.” And he learned a hard truth tonight. I’m not sure exactly what that truth was, but it has something to do with old men can still kick your ass even if you are young, strong, fast, and have esoteric symbols tattooed on your back.

For some odd reason, Vera decided he would play the clinch game with Couture, which is probably the worst possible game plan one could have used. The clinch game, dirty boxing, and that Greco-Roman style of grappling is Couture’s bread and butter.

And he did to Vera the same thing he’s done to most people who try to play that game with him, he imposed his will.

In Vera’s defense, he probably did not initially want to get into the clinch game with Couture, but most likely got sucked into it. That is what Couture does. He ties you up and makes the fight go at the pace he wants it to go.

Vera’s best moments came when he could create some distance between himself and “The Natural” and strike. He landed some punches and some great kicks. In round two Vera landed a hard body kick that crumpled Couture to the canvas. Vera tried to capitalize but could not get the finish.

Couture used his strength, clinch, wrestling, and boxing to maintain control, and in the end the judges awarded him the unanimous decision victory.

This first fight back in the light heavyweight division for Couture moves him up the ladder at 205 and puts him one step closer toward a shot at title-holder Lyoto Machida. Is it really possible that Randy Couture could actually regain the UFC light heavyweight title for a record third time? Yes, it is.

As far as where Brandon Vera goes from here… losing to Randy Couture is nothing to hang your head about. The fact the UFC thought enough of Vera to even put him in the Octagon with Couture in the first place, says a lot.

However, that is probably not much consolation for 32-year-old Vera who just lost to a man who did not even start fighting until he was 33.

By: Jack Bratcher

3 thoughts on “Ageless Randy Couture defeats Brandon Vera in UFC 105 main event”
  1. First off, I’m a huge fan on Randy Couture and really look up to him as a fighter and a legend but your account of the fight was totally biased.

    All you were talking about was how Couture is still fighting great at his age, which he is, and is a better fighter at 46 then he was at 36 which is absolutely incredible but he didn’t do ANYTHING against Vera. The only thing he was able to do was hold vera against the fence and land a handful of meaningless strikes. Does that sound like he kicked his ass as you previously stated?

    Couture only took him down once and that lasted less than 30 seconds where Vera completed his own takedown and actually got mount before Couture escaped, however he didn’t land any serious damage despite the dominant position.

    But the most important and obvious thing that you failed to acknowledge is that the decision was VERY controversial where almost every promanent MMA competitor, writer and trainer has disagreed with the decision. Or at least has said it could have gone either way. Saying that Couture kicked his ass is about the same as saying that Kimbo Slice deserved Main event status in Elite XC!

    Randy Couture is a Legend but the only thing he was able to do was hold Vera against the fence which in my estimation does not warrant a victory when your opponent was the only one to establish dominant position, land the most strikes and did the most damage and nearly finishing him.

    Not trying to be an ass, but when you write for a publication…try not to be so blantantly one sided.

  2. Trust me, this article is nothing more than my feeble attempt to make us old people feel better about ourselves. And you’re right it probably sux.

  3. Well I think he is a total inspiration to anyone…especially people over 40. It’s amazing he is still such a great athlete at his age.

    BTW…you are totally right about the chick he was with. Wow…they keep getting younger and hotter!!! Who introduced them, his kid?? lol

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