HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – ProMMA.info is live and on the scene from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill., for tonight’s “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” show.

The event airs live on CBS at 9 p.m. ET with the main event of Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers and a bout between Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller for the Strikeforce middleweight title.

Stay tuned to ProMMA.info for live, round-by-round coverage of tonight’s event that starts at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 9 p.m. ET for the televised main card.


Jonatas Novaes (155.5) vs. Christian Uflacker (156)

Round 1 – Uflacker is a local guy with many of his guys in the stands pulling for him. Uflacker shoots early and gets the takedown and is working from half guard. Novaes is being defensive to start from his back controlling Uflacker’s posture. Uflacker creates some space and lands a couple of shots, but Novaes is doing a good job defending. Uflacker works quick shots to the body. Uflacker is looking to pass the guard of Novaes lands some nice shots before going for a choke. Uflacker gets to his feet and then goes for a heel hook but gives it up. Novaes still defending well before the referee stands them up. Novaes barely misses with a high kick to the head, and Uflacker steps in and takes the fight to the ground again. End of Round 1. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1, 10-9 for Uflacker.

Round 2 – The fighters clinch early and look for an advantage in position. Novaes gets the takedown with a trip. Uflacker controls the arms of Novaes, before Novaes stands and tries to drop some shots down. Uflacker closes the distance and pulls him into full guard. Novaes pushes Uflacker into the cage and delivers kicks to the legs. After a lull in the action, the ref restarts the action. Uflacker throwing big combos, and uses them to setup the take down and gets it. Uflacker dropping elbows to the face of Novaes. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 2 for Uflacker also, 10-9.

Round 3 – Novaes misses with the big right hand, and Uflacker counters with the leg kick. Uflacker shoots for a double leg, driving Novaes to the cage, and finally works him to the ground. Novaes goes for the triangle, but Uflacker postures out. Novaes now throwing kicks with his heel to the head of Uflacker from his back, and connects to the head of Uflacker. The ref steps in and stops the bout to check on Uflacker, and the doctors come in to the cage also. Back to action with Uflacker on top, and Novaes goes for the sweep but is rolled back flat to the mat. Body shots from Uflacker from the top, and a lull in the action forces the ref to stand them up. Novaes immediately shoots in for the take down but is stuffed, and he ends up on his back again. More body shots from Uflacker, with Novaes throwing some of his own from his back, but mostly is defending from bigger strikes. 10 seconds to go with Uflacker still on top and in full guard as the bell rings. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 3 for Uflacker, and the fight to him as well, 30-27.

Christian Uflacker defeats Jonatas Novaes by unanimous decision 29-26 30-25 30-25.

Nate Moore (184) vs. Louis Taylor (185.5)

Round 1 – Taylor is the local favorite again, and the bell rings. Moore misses with a leg kick after a tentative start to the bout. The southpaw Taylor misses with a big left hand, but follows with a big kick upstairs that just misses. Moore moves forward with multiple punches to set up a take down, but it results in the fighters clinching. Moore with a nice knee from the clinch, and Taylor disengages and throws a flush right. The referee calls a brief stop to the bout to talk to Taylor, before resuming the action. Leg kick and left hand combo from Taylor, as Moore steps in for the takedown. Moore now on top in half guard with Taylor pressed against the cage. He moves to side mount and Taylor rolls giving up his back briefly. Taylor turns into Moore to try to reverse position and puts Moore on his back. After a scramble, Moore ends up on top, before being reversed by Taylor. Lots of transitions in this one, with Moore now on top and riding Taylor’s back. Taylor makes his way briefly to his feet, but is being controlled by Moore who retains top position. Taylor uses the cage to stand, but has Moore draped all over him at the end of the round. Close round to score. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1 for Nate Moore, 10-9.

Round 2 – Big kick to the body by Taylor as Moore was coming forward. They briefly clinch but disengage. Taylor closes the distance and drives Moore to the cage looking for the takedown. The ref calls time again, and as the action restarts, Moore lands a big two punch combo, before shooting in for the takedown. He puts Taylor on his back but only for a second, before Taylor is back up on his feet, but is being pressed against the cage by Moore. Taylor scrambles for position, but ends up with Moore on his back again. Moore is controlling position so far in the fight and now has Taylor flattened out and is landing shots to the head. He is looking for the RNC, and is landing big shots to set it up. Taylor is taking undefended shots and taps due to strikes.

Nate Moore defeats Louis Taylor by submission (strikes) in Round 2.

Shamar Bailey (170) vs. John Kolosci (171)

Round 1 – Kolosci misses with the jab, and Bailey immediately takes the fight to the ground. Bailey in half guard but is working for mount, as Kolosci works his way to his feet before being taken back down. Bailey in side mount now, but Kolosci works in a leg to retain guard, and works to his feet. Bailey works Kolosci to the ground again but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Bailey works free, but gets reversed. Kolosci is now on top and in full guard. Bailey pushes off and seperates, and immediately goes for the takedown again, with Kolosci going for the guillotine again. Bailey is controlling the position from the top. After a scramble both guys get back to their feet, and are clinching near the cage. Kolosci scores with a couple of punches before being taken back down again. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1 for Bailey, 10-9.

Round 2 – Kolosci misses with the head kick, and throws a right that glances off of Bailey, but doesn’t stop him from taking the fight right back to the ground. Kolosci working to stand back up and gets to his feet, with a pretty tight guillotine. Bailey works out, and Kolosci drops for a takedown but ends up on his back with Bailey in side mount. Bailey isolates an arm and works for the crucifix, but Kolosci gets a leg and works back to half guard. Bailey stands with the overhook, and lands a few nice right hands, with Kolosci working the fight to the cage. Bailey turns, and eats a few knees from the clinch from Kolosci. Bailey drops for the takedown and gives it but gives up his neck again. He works free and presses Kolosci against the cage before taking him down. The ref stands them up after in inadvertant blow. Kolosci throws three right hands as Bailey closes the distance and clinches. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 2 for Shamar Bailey, 10-9.

Round 3 – Bailey to the clinch immediately and we are back where we left off in Round 2. This one is a takedown fest with Bailey getting yet another takedown. Bailey stands in the guard of Kolosci, but only briefly. Good wrist control from Kolosci, and he disengages and kicks Bailey off before getting back to his feet. Bailey immediately shoots for a single and Kolosci is on his back again. Kolosci works to his feet again, but finds himself on his back again within seconds. Bailey now lands a few nice left hands, but Kolosci is back up again, and they are back in the clinch. Bailey changes levels again, and puts Kolosci back on the mat. Kolosci has been unable to come close to stopping any of Bailey’s takedown attempts. Kolosci uses his left arm again for the guillotine attempt but with only 20 seconds to go, it looks like he will walk away with the “L” in this one. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 3 for Bailey, and the fight overall to Bailey, 29-27.

All three judges score the bout for Shamar Bailey 29-27, with the 29 points being due to a 1 point deduction.

Jeff Curran (145) vs. Dustin Neace (149.6)

Round 1 – Curran starts with a kick low, and one to the head that just misses Neace. Curran scores with a nice leg kick, and connects with a big left hand as Neace steps forward. Stiff jab from Curran. Neace with a spinning back kick that misses. To the clinch against the cage. Curran looking for the trip takedown, but Neace defends nicely. Neace appears to be injured and steps away as Curran looks to engage, and the ref steps in. It turns out he is injured and tapped.

Jeff Curran defeats Dustin Neace by TKO (injury) in Round 1

Marloes Coenen (145) vs. Roxanne Modafferi (140)

Round 1 – Kicks to start from both, and they are exchanging early! Coenen scores to the legs of Modafferi. Nice exchanges from both with Roxy socring with the right hand. Modafferi eats a big shot and drops to the mat, and grabs onto a leg. Roxy works Coenen to the ground, and is in top in Coenen’s full guard. Coenen working a high guard, and goes for an arm. She locks it in and is looking to finish. Modafferi is in trouble, and taps within seconds.

Marloes Coenen defeats Roxanne Modafferi via submission (armbar) in Round 1.


Antonio Silva (263) vs. Fabricio Werdum (242)

Round 1 – Werdum misses with the right hand and a kick upstairs. Silva scores with a kick to the legs. Straight right from Silva connects. Werdum comes forward with a left hand and closes the distance, but gets rocked. Silva on top trying to finish with a flurry of punches that hurt Werdum. Werdum survives and they are back on their feet. Blistering leg kick from Werdum. Push kick from Werdum, and Silva throws a big uppercut that just misses. To the clinch against the cage. Werdum pushes Silva off, and falls in the process. Silva waves for Werdum to stand up and they are back on their feet. Big leg kick from Silva. Werdum connects with a short jab, and a big looping right hand, and we are back to the clinch. They seperate and take the center of the cage squaring off. Silva to the plum clinch and he lands solid knees. Werdum counters with a kick to the head that misses. The fighters clinch against the cage with Silva pressing Werdum against the cage. Silva lands an elbow from the clinch and drops Werdum, then steps away to let him up. End of Round 1. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1 for Antonio Silva 10-9.

Round 2 – Both fighters engage and Silva lands another big shot. Werdum is on his back and this time Silva is standing over him. Silva just misses with a big right hand, then works in Werdum’s guard. Werdum going for the sweep and reverses, and is now on top. They return to their feet, and both land good shots standing toe to toe. Back to the clinch with Silva pressing Werdum against the cage. The action slows, and the ref calls for action. The ref separates them and Silva comes forward with a right hand then clinches. Silva going for the plum clinch, but Werdum works out and lands a left hand. Werdum works for the take down and gets it. Werdum looking to pass half guard, and the ref once again calls for action. Werdum passes into sidemount, and Silva works out, with Werdum spinning to his back. Silva reverses, and Werdum goes for an ankle lock. The action stalls until the bell sounds. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 2 for Fabricio Werdum, 10-9.

Round 3 – Werdum starts the round with a leg kick. Silva counters with one of his own. Inside leg kick scores for Werdum. Silva misses with a looping right hand, and a knee. Werdum clinches and presses Silva to the cage. Werdum lands four knees to the legs of Silva, before Silva pushes off. Werdum establishing his leg kicks nicely in the final frame. Werdum shoots for a takedown gets it, and takes the back of Silva. Werdum is landing shots from the top, but Silva crawls to the cage and stands back up. Silva lands two big rights, and Werdum counters connecting with a knee to the head of “Bigfoot” Back to the clinch, and Werdum is working on a single. He lets it go, and lands two nice knees. Silva lands a right hand, but Werdum counters with a big knee that hurts Silva, collapsing him to the canvas. Werdum now on top and looking to get to mount. Werdum gets mount and is dropping short hammerfists with 20 seconds to go in the fight. Silva regains half guard, but Werdum mostly dominated the final round. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 3 for Fabricio Werdum, 10-9, and the fight also to Werdum 29-28.

Fabricio Werdum defeats Antonio Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Gegard Mousasi (205) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (204)

Round 1 – Jab to start from Mousasi. He feints two leg kicks and Sokoudjou lands with his own. Soko misses from too far outside with his three punch combo. Mousasi goes upstairs but misses. Soko misses with a left, but comes back with another that lands. Sokoudjou throws a double jab, and Mousasi delivers a kick to the jewels. Sokoudjou recovers quickly and they restart. Both fighters faking leg strikes, and Sokoudjou misses with a wild left hand and semi-shoots for a takedown. Sokoudjou scores to the legs, and goes for a single, but lets it go. Inside leg kick from Sokoudjou scores. Sokoudjou with a two punch, leg kick combo. Mousasi lands a flurry and looks to finish but slips. Sokoudjou steps in and gets a nice judo throw taking Mousasi down. Sokoudjou with a guillotine attempt, but Mousasi sweeps him and is in side mount. Sokoudjou scrambles and gets out and comes forward going for the neck, and is looking for a standing guillotine. Mousasi pulls out, but gets thrown again for his effforts. Sokoudjou standing over Mousasi, and Mousasi lands some upkicks then ankle sweeps Sokoudjou at the bell. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1 for Sokoudjou, 10-9.

Round 2 – Mousasi with a front kick to start the round. Sokoudjou swings wildly as Mousasi comes forward for the clinch. Sokoudjou goes for the throw again but this time Mousasi defends. Mousasi scores with two knees pretty close to the groin again. Mousasi landing inside knees now, but is warned to watch the location of the shots. Mousasi steps back and lands a flurry of eight or nine shots, before Sokoudjou fires back. Sokoudjou looking for a throw again, and works Mousasi to the ground and lays down on him and is doing nothing. The ref calls for action. Mousasi going for a kimura, and uses it to sweep, and is now back on top. Mousasi is landing big shots now from the top and mixing in elbows. Sokoudjou is in trouble and is eating bombs. He covers up and Mousasi comes with more punches forcing the ref to step in and stop the fight.

Gegard Mousasi defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou by TKO (ref stoppage due to strikes) in Round 2.

Round 3 –

Jason “Mayhem” Miller (184) vs. Jake Shields (184.5)

Round 1 – Shields throws first, and Miller counters with a right hand. Shields shoots and scores a takedown against the cage. Miller is using the cage to work to his feet, but Shields is controlling so far. Shields transitions to Miller’s back, and Miller rolls to his side. Shields lands a couple of shots, and has Miller fully mounted. Miller arches and rolls Shields, and gets to his feet. Shields immediately shoots for another takedown and works Miller to the mat again. Shields lands a couple of punches to the body, and Miller calls for action to the crowd with hand gestures. Boo’s from the crowd now as Shields is doing little from the top. Miller works back to his feet and then gets a takedown of his own. Miller on top, and lands an elbow. Miller stands over Shields and throws a big shot, but Shields uses the space to get out and back to his feet. To the clinch, and Miller gets the back and goes for the suplex. He works Shields to the ground, but Shields is back up. Miller retains control and suplexes Shields to the mat near the end of the round. Close first round, with ProMMA.INFO scoring Round 1 to Miller, 10-9.

Round 2 – Miller with a jab, then follows up with a right hand, left hook combo before clinching. Shields firing knees from the clinch, and Miller gets Shields back and wrestles him to the ground. After the scramble, Shields works Miller back to the ground, and gains mount again. Shields lands two punches to the back of the head. Miller kicks off the cage and escapes, but Shields has his back again. Shields working for the rear naked choke, then transitions to mount, then back to Miller’s back again, as “Mayhem” rolls out. Miller goes for an ankle but Shields recognizes early and transitions out. Shields stretches Miller out with a figure four around Miller’s leg, then transitions to side mount. Miller works to the cage with 1:20 left to go, and with McCarthy calling for action. Miller rolls and gives up his back, and Shields looks for the RNC. Miller rolls into Shields, but Jake is able to maintain control. Miller scrambles and escapes, and Shields goes for a leg just before the bell. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 2 for Jake Shields, 10-9.

Round 3 – Miller with a jab and right hand. Miller closes the distance gets the body lock and takes Shields down. Shields gets back to his feet and takes Miller down to the mat. Shields in side mount now as Miller stays active on the bottom trying to work his way out. Shields throws punches to the body of Miller now. Miller rolls, gets mounted and is eating shots from Shields now. Miller rolls again and turtles, with Shields on his back and looking to get his hooks in. Miller rolls and ends up on top briefly before Shields looks for the takedown again. As Miller steps away, he throws a spinning backfist that just misses. Miller with knees from the clinch, and the referee calls time to look at Miller’s glove. After a quick re-tape, the fight resumes from the clinch. Shields works Miller to the ground once again but isn’t doing much with his position so far in the fight. Miller turns into Shields to reverse, but Shields spins out and maintains control of “Mayhem.” After a scramble, Miller gets the back of Shields and is looking for a RNC of his own. Shields is in trouble as Miller locks in the choke real tight. The bell sounds on the round. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 3 for Shields, 10-9 despite the near finish at the end of the round.

Round 4 – Miller throws to the body, and follows up with a two punch combo and a kick, before being taken down once again. The action is slow with Shields laying on Miller against the cage. Chants of “Mayhem, Mayhem” echo from the crowd. Big John calls for action, as the fans start to boo the lack of action. The ref stands them up and Miller comes forward with two big knees. Once again, Shields takes the fight to the mat and passes to side mount. Shields isolates an arm and looks for the arm triangle, before mounting Miller. Miller escapes but Shields takes his back with just under 20 seconds to go. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 4 for Miller, 10-9.

Round 5 – Both fighters exchange, and Shields lands a nice right hand. They go to the clinch and Miller lands a flush knee to the body of Shields. Shields goes for the standing guillotine, but Miller escapes. Sheilds has Miller’s back and is looking to take the fight back to the ground. Shields does just enough to work Miller to the mat, but once again isn’t throwing any shots from the top. Shields works to mount again, forcing Miller to roll and give up his back again. Shields throws a couple of shots to set up the RNC, but Miller is defending well. Shields locks in the body triangle, and is still looking for the submission. Miller reverses again, stands over Sheilds and throws a big shot before going for a guillotine. Shields escapes and is now in the half guard of Miller. Shields transitions to Miller’s back, and “Mayhem” rolls out, and stands back up, before being wrestled back down to the mat. With 10 seconds to go, Miller gets up and throws all he has at Shields till the bell sounds. ProMMA.INFO scores the final round 10-9 for Shields, and the fight for Jake Shields, (48-47).

The decision is in and Jake Shields is the new Strikeforce Middleweight Champion by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)

Fedor Emelianenko (232) vs. Brett Rogers (264)

Round 1 – Chants of “Fedor” everywhere! Fedor comes forward to start. Rogers throws out a slight jab, and Fedor goes for the homerun with a right and left hand but misses. Rogers misses with the jab. Fedor throws a right hand and throws Rogers to the mat, and goes for an arm. Rogers scrambles out and to his feet. Rogers clinching with Fedor on the cage. Fedor with punches to the head of Rogers from the clinch. They disengage and are back at the center of the cage. Fedor with a huge left hand and he’s going for the kill, he slings Rogers to the mat and is working some GNP. Rogers holds on for dear life and has to face the fact that he is now flat on his back with Fedor on top. Fedor with an elbow to the thigh of Rogers. Fedor going for the kumura, but lets it go. Rogers is now in Fedor’s guard and landing big shots. Fedor rotates and goes for the armbar. Rogers gives up his back as Fedor lands punches. Fedor in side control now with just over a minute to go in the round. Fedor locks up an arm triangle, but Rogers is out. Fedor stands over Rogers as Rogers scoots to the cage. Fedor throws a flying right hand that just misses with 10 seconds to go. ProMMA.INFO scores Round 1 for Fedor, 10-9.

Round 2 – Rogers misses with a left hand to start the round. Winging left hand misses from Fedor, but he is stalking Rogers now. Two punch combo from Fedor, and he closes and clinches. Fedor throws him off and lands a nine punch barrage to Roger’s face. Rogers steps out, clinches and puts Fedor against the cage. Rogers with a short knee from the clinch. Fedor pushes him off and here we go again. Fedor comes forward with a HUGE right hand that drops Rogers. Fedor follows him to the mat and finishes him off!!!!!!

Fedor defeats Brett Rogers via TKO in Round 2.

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