There is only one fight left in the prelims, and tonight we will get to see Marcus “Big Baby” Jones vs. Mike Wessel, before the next round of match ups are announced.

After the obligatory fight re-cap, “Rampage” goes on a rampage, destroying one of the doors leading out of the training center, in front of UFC President Dana White, and the rest of the cast.

Back at the house, the damage to Scott Junk that Justin Wren mentioned in last week’s blog is apparent. Junk’s eye looks to be badly damaged, and was apparently hurt by a poke in the eye during the fight, which required the fighter to have surgery to have it repaired.

Matt Mitrione is in bad shape himself as he enters the house with his head down and heads to his home, a small closet that he claimed for his room. Mitrione came off a little crazy last episode, but has since admitted that most of his rantings are to get into people’s heads. Seems like living in a closet is taking it a little too far.

Coach Jackson reflects on being 0-7 but feels like his last “soldier”, Marcus Jones has not only a good shot at erasing the goose egg from Team Jackson, but also a great chance of winning the entire show.

Back at the house, Marcus Jones ran into a gargantuan sized spider on the carpet on his way from the bathroom. “Big Baby” tested his pipes a little letting out a bit of a scream, calling the creature a “scorpion spider leviathon”, as Justin Wren used a pool stick to take the spider out.

Justin Wren comments on how intimidating and scary looking Marcus Jones is but says he’s a “gentle giant”, and that he got a kick out of him “squealing like a girl.” The joke is on Jones, as the dead bug is tossed on the lounging “Big Baby” eliciting another scream as he scrambles off the couch.

In an emotional confessional, Mike Wessel informs the viewers that his wife recently had surgery and is suffering from cancer, and sheds a few tears talking about the situation.

“The whole time I’m thinking about my wife, and not knowing if she’s ok, not knowing how she’s doing.”

Back at the training center, it’s training time for Wessel, as his team of coaches work on a game plan to face the formidable Marcus Jones. The plan is revealed, and Wessel is shown working on getting inside on the bigger fighter, and is planning to let his hands go once he gets in the octagon.

It’s training time for Team “Rampage”, as Jones lets the audience know about his NFL career, and how he was not truly a student of the game during his football days. He believes that his full potential WILL be reached in MMA, because he is a true student of the game of fighting, and often watches fights at 3 A.M. in the morning, or any other time that fights happen to be on.

Jones brings his positive energy into his training, and is still truly excited just to be on the show. He appears to be pretty well rounded, drilling his ground game, take downs, and stand up with a goofy laugh after every drill he executes.

At the house, a drawing of “Big Baby” his taped up on the window, with the words, “sucks balls” on it. Scott Junk shows Jones the artwork, and Jones quickly transforms into the “Big Angry Baby”, telling everybody within hearing distance that the prank was immature, and that he’s angry because his family watches the show and should not have to read stuff like that.

Jones finds out that Mike Wessel wrote the offending phrase on the drawing and promises that he’s going to rip his arm off for what he did.

Back at the training center, “Rampage” and Schoonover have a few words, with “Rampage” still calling him “titties”, but the beef is finally squashed…. for the moment. “Rampage” grabs a tittie, and Darrel takes instant offense and steps to “Rampage”, and both men have to be separated again.

It’s weigh in time, with Wessel weighing in at 260, and Jones at 262. “Kimbo” calls Jones “The Darkness”, and believes that “Big Baby’s” ground game is a real threat to “The Juggernaut.”

Wessel discusses his only fear coming into the fight against Jones, and it’s the same fear no matter who he fights.

“I’m not scared of my opponent, I’m scared of not living up to my ability.”

We will soon see, as both fighters make their way to the octagon.

Let’s fight!!

Round 1 –
No touch of the gloves to start in this one. Wessel throws early and tries to get inside, and is quickly winging punches before clinching and looking for a take down. Jones is the one that gets the take down with the whizzer, and works on an early submission going for an americana.

Wessel works out but gives up his back, before turning in and ending up in Jones’s full guard. Jones immediately spins for his hips and throws his legs up looking for an arm bar, and he gets it! Jones locks it in and gets the tap almost immediately.

Marcus “Big Baby” Jones defeats Mike Wessel via submission (arm bar) in Round 1

“Big Baby” definitely transformed into “The Darkness” with that display of jiu jitsu and appears to be a legitimate threat to make it to the finals, and possibly even win the show.

Dana snatches up the coaches and rounds up each of the fighters to ask each of them who they would like to face next. Justin Wren immediately without hesitation asks for Mitrione and he isn’t the only one.

Dana White ignites a little beef with Roy Nelson, and explains that he does not like the attitude that “Big Country” has brought into the show, and that Nelson “rubs him the wrong way.”

After the commercial break, Dana announces the fights that will get us one step closer to a winner. The first fight announced is Roy Nelson and Justin Wren. The rest of the fights are announced and are as follows:

Quarterfinal Match ups

Roy Nelson vs. Justin Wren
Brendan Schaub vs. Jon Madsen
James McSweeney vs. Matt Mitrione
Marcus Jones vs. Darill Schoonover

After the fights are announced, Coach Evans approaches Dana and asks permission to train some of “Rampage’s” fighters. Nobody steps up and accepts Rashad’s offer, and Team Rampage quickly exits the building. Before, everybody clears out, the war of words between the coaches escalates again, with both guys getting heated, and facing off again.

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  1. Wow! Big Baby looked a lot better than I expected and can’t believe Justin has to fight Roy Nelson on the first quarter final fight. War Justin! You can do it. I know Just has the tools. Hopefully he doesn’t give him too much respect.

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