Class is in session for Fast Eddie at the Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Pleasanton, Calif.

Well, week two is now in the books. What a week it was. My training increased this week, from two to three days. Monday started off normally with two Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu classes. This was the first time in years that I have had the opportunity to roll and train with higher belts. Insert Roscoe Roatch.

Roscoe is a purple belt under Dave Camarillo and will run the classes when Dave is not around. Training with Roscoe was great for several reasons. First and foremost, his care and concern for my physical limitations with my back was so appreciated.

He did not set out to hurt me but to help me get reacquainted with the details of my technique that have built up a considerable amount of rust. However, after the two classes the rust started falling off quickly and I felt myself getting back on the bike.

Fast Eddie learning the finer points of BJJ.
Monday night concluded, with Matt, Dave, and I recording the new episode of the Info. The show took place in the rafters of VIPMMA surrounded by 4” waste lines (shit!) This was the first episode where Dave joined us in his new capacity as a co-host.

We started off the show by recapping UFC 104 and the performances that Dave’s students put forth. As we know, Cain Velasquez dominated Ben Rothwell despite a controversial stoppage early in the second round.

Not to be outdone The Guerrilla jiu-jitsu founder filled in the audience on the untelevised fight between Kyle Kingsbury and Razak Al-Hassan. Kingsbury took a 3 round decision in that fight and impressed his coach throughout. The discussion quickly transitioned to the world of zombie killing and first person shooter games. This eventually led to Matt and Dave challenging each other to a gaming challenge in the coming weeks.

We wrapped up the show with guest Luke Rockhold, who will be fighting on the November 6th Challenger series event on Showtime against Jessie Taylor. Rockhold displayed a level of determination and focus throughout the conversation that led us to believe that Jessie is in trouble.

Back to training. Wednesday was up next and that was by far the hardest training up to this point. It started off again with the colored belts training while Dave was in Los Angeles attending the Boondock Saints premier with his wife Shumei. Roscoe ran the class while DC took a well deserved break from his hectic schedule. Jiu – Jitsu class was killer but then the inevitable came.

Another Muay Thai session with Anthony. Wednesday’s practice lasted 2 hours and was a thorough ass whooping! In addition to the straight punches Steve and Anthony taught me last week, we added hook and teep kicks to my ever growing arsenal of strikes! That arsenal is that of an 8-year-old BTW! Anthony really put it on me and I did my best to maintain but as the two hours practice progressed I started to fade.

“Mindset, this is what we build here!” Those were the words echoed by the VIPMMA owner as he motivated me to push forward and continue through the workout which I did. This experience was an eye opening one for me to say the least. This training session raised my respect for the professional fighters that endure through these types of workouts daily with no hesitation.

Thursday brought me back to the Pleasanton academy for BJJ again. I intended to do both BJJ classes by my physical limitations began to show. My aching back caught up to me and following the first class I was done. My training during that opening session was slower than a grandma on Prozac! I was still completely exhausted from Anthony’s killer training Wednesday night.

Fast Eddie and Projekt Label's Chris Leo.
It's Halloween! Time to relax after a hard week of training.

The weekend concluded with Halloween of course and my cheat day Friday! It kind of rolled into Saturday due to a hangover from Friday night festivities! A couple of bottles of Vodka and great friends including Projekt Label’s Chris Leo at Mountain Charlie’s in Los Gatos was the culprit. God did I miss Pho, and I devoured an extremely large bowl Saturday morning to help my stomach and head feel better. Halloween night was extremely mellow at dinner with CageDiva Kim in Los Gatos.

With all that training and extended cheat days, my weight is currently 218 pounds. That is an end result of one pound from last week. As my team expected, the changes are not going to be anywhere near as drastic as the first week.

My fat percentage on my body is drastically decreasing as my work increases. This means my diet is going to play into this more and more. Week 3 is going to be a tough one with my travelling to Fresno to cover the Strikeforce Challengers show for PROMMA.INFO. Any fans, who are planning to come out and attend, feel free to say hi to the bald thinning Arab guy!

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  1. Nice recap bro – Last Thursday I wasn’t sure if you were tired or just practicing your “concrete guard”!

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