“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 7 recap

The beef continues between Coach “Rampage” and Coach Evans to start this episode. Nothing new there, it just sucks that we don’t get to see these two guys settle it in the Octagon.

After a pretty bad “stanky leg” reenactment by “Rampage”, the last two fight match ups are announced by Coach Evans. In the first match up, former NFL player Matt Mitrione will face off against UFC veteran Scott Junk. The final bout be Mike Wessel versus Marcus “Big Baby” Jones.

The war of words between Coach “Rampage” and Coach Evans continue after the fight picks. With tensions escalating, the two coaches have to be separated once again, by their teams and assistant coaches.

The fighters and coaching staff break down the Mitrione/Junk match up, and Coach Evans calls Scott Junk the most well rounded member of Team “Rampage”, while others are quick to point out all of the holes in Mittrione’s game. Will this fight be the first loss for Team Evans?

Mitrione explains to Brendan Schaub at the house that he has “demons in his head,” and that they won’t go away until he steps in the cage and fights.

Back at the training center, Scott Junk is readying himself for battle, is reflecting on the last words that his wife told him, which is to “fight with your heart.”

Junk shows some heavy hands in his stand up training, and most guys forecast a nasty, devastating KO for Scott Junk against the embattled Matt Mitrione.

After the orange juice incident at home between Mitrione and Madsen, the sparring session for Team Evans gets nasty after Mitrione is informed that Madsen said he would slap him in the face for drinking his orange juice.

Madsen and Mitrione are paired up for some stand up work, with Mitrione going 100% instead of 60-65%, and landing some hard leg kicks. Madsen wants none of this in a training session and walks off, prompting Coach Evans to address the situation.

“When will the rat snap?” That’s the question of the day at the house as the guys continue to push Mitrione, and take bets on when he will finally break down.

Wes Sims is back in action, dressed as a ninja in all black as he approaches the basketball court where Mitrione is playing ball. When messing with Mitrione outside doesn’t work, Sims follows him in the house for a game of pool.

Mitrione isn’t biting and he confronts Sims about the matter outside. Mitrione informs Sims that it isn’t wise to pick on him, and the countdown to when the rat will snap continues.

At the training center Mitrione lets Coach Evans know that it’s time to make peace, and quiet the voices. He also lets everybody know that he talked to his wife in his head and that everything is good to go…. Alrighty then…

Fight time-

Round 1
Junk comes out and misses with a leg kick to start. Mitrione with a nice jab, as he switches stances. Mitrione lands a nice stiff jab off of a missed right hand by Junk. Junk hits the canvas but scrambles back to his feet.

After a brief exchange, Junk misses with another kick, and Mitrione steps in and lands another right that drops Junk briefly.

Mitrione is stalking, and Junk is looking more relaxed now. Junk throws a kick that is caught by Mitrione, and Mitrione drops Junk again.

Junk gets up again, but Mitrione steps in with a four punch combo that puts Junk right back on the canvas again. Mitrione retreats and lets Junk up.

Junk sets up a weak outside take down attempt that Mitrione steps out of as Junk lands near his feet. Junk trying to establish his jab but is eating punches again, and is forced to shoot for another terrible take down attempt.

Mitrione is picking Junk apart on the feet, and Junk looks winded. Mitrione stalking again and is landing multiple punches but most of them have no sting on them. Mitrione is visibly gassing, and Junk is looking to survive long enought to take advantage of the tired fighter.

Clinch against the cage with a minute to go with little action, as both fighters are looking to get some wind back. Mitrione is landing punches and kicks, but is very tired. Junk lands a big right hand and both guys are pretty much out on their feet with 20 seconds to go.

Junk is landing huge right hands with 10 seconds to go, and both guys look like they may not make it to round 2. The bell sounds, and the tide may have turned in the last seconds of that round, as Junk started to land some big power shots.

Round 2-
Jabs from Mitrione to start, and he mixes in a kick to the mix. Mitrione’s left hand is down by his waste, and Junk peppers Mitrione with a right hand to the jaw.

Inside leg kick scores for Mitrione and he continues to work his jab effectively. Junk is landing a right hand every few points, but Mitrione is outworking Junk with jabs and kicks.

Both guys seem to have no gas, but Junk finds enough in his tank to get Mitrione to the canvas with a take down. Junk is in Mitirone’s full guard but isn’t doing much. Mitrione is trying to stay busy throwing shots from the bottom.

Junk postures up and throws a couple of stinging right hands, and the referee is calling for action. After a lull in the action, the fighters are stood back up.

Mitrione again flicking out his jab, and mixing in a kick or two. Junk is staying with his strategy, and is only throwing right hands with power, but both guys are just about on empty.

Mitrione is continuing to be the busier fighter and may win just from being busier even though he is throwing zero of his shots with any power. Junk goes to the body, but it may be too little, too late with only 20 seconds to go in the bout.

The fight ends with both guys throwing all that they have left at each other, but this one is going to the cards.

Scott Junk may have had the hype coming into the fight, but Mitrione walks away with the victory, leaving “Rampage” fuming.

“Rampage” takes it out on a door, and rips it to shreds before next week’s preview are shown. Next week the quarterfinals will be announced and we will be one step closer to determining who will win this season.

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