iBN Sports and ProMMA.info provide viewers complete mixed martial arts coverage

New deal combines the robust production and broadcast capabilities of iBN Sports with the comprehensive news content of ProMMA.info

Foothill Ranch, Calif. – Oct. 27, 2009 – Internet sports television broadcaster iBN Sports has announced a strategic partnership with Mixed Martial Arts news site ProMMA.info. By joining forces the two sites are able to share with each other the best they have to offer.

ProMMA.info can now take advantage of the broadcast and production capabilities of the iBN Sports television network and iBN benefits from the vast news coverage, radio, blogs, and market penetration that make ProMMA.info a hub of the online MMA world.

Jack Bratcher of ProMMA.info says, “We have such a great team of talented individuals, each with their own specialty, and to team up with iBN and what they are doing with ‘MMA H.E.A.T. The Show,’ I think it’s a winning combination. Our focus has always been on original content and covering MMA from the local scene to the big show. Sam and the guys from iBN share a common interest with us in having a genuine love of the sport and a desire to see it grow. MMA has always been an Internet driven sport and this partnership is the next evolution in online MMA coverage.”

The first fruits of this partnership are already coming to bear. iBN’s newest program, “MMA H.E.A.T. – The Show,” utilizes the reach and penetration of ProMMA.info with a report by Fast Eddie Constantine from the 2009 Gracie Open at San Francisco’s Kezar Pavilion. ProMMA.info’s website benefits from the iBN productions with select video content playing on their site through an iBN video player.

“The result is a symbiotic relationship. We have the content they want and they have the content that we want. By recognizing this and coming together we create a trusted news source and provide MMA fans a complete package that is both informative and entertaining,” says Sam Strayer, Executive Producer at iBN Sports.

About iBN Sports
iBN Sports is an Internet-based television broadcast network providing world class coverage of live sports, archived footage on-demand, news, highlights and other unique programming that reveals the compelling stories of the sports world. Current and past programming has included professional and amateur sports alike from local high schools to international federations. A sampling of these sports includes: mixed martial arts (MMA), Independent Baseball, Pro Cycling, boxing, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross and high school football, basketball and baseball. iBN Sports markets and distributes sports content through its alliance of global media partners, sports channels, clubs, governing bodies, sponsors, radio, television, print, restaurant chains, and web partners. Production and content are driven by an experienced group of Hollywood branding, design, and media experts. iBN is headquartered in Orange County, California and operates worldwide through its partnerships and affiliates.

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