Dana White – “Roy Nelson is a moron”

UFC President Dana White had some interesting things to say about not only The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights cast, but about Roy Nelson in particular. First, White forgets Nelson’s name and refers to him as “the bodybuilder,” then proceeds to call him as a “complete idiot,” “Jackass,” and “moron.” “Interview him sometime and you’ll see what I’m talking about,” White says.

Many have suspected Nelson was one of the TUF 10 finalists, but one would not think a promoter would say something like this about one of his fighters who will be fighting on the TUF 10 Finale card right? That is probably not the best way to promote a guy who could potentially be the next “Ultimate Fighter.”

But then again it could mean nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time White has stepped out of his role as promoter, and acted more like one of the MMA fans you will find on any number of Internet discussion forums, making comments about fighters he likes or dislikes, while showing no signs of a vested interest.