Chad George’s “Road to Japan” blog day 8 – hard training

Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (10-4) was recently invited to Japan to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. Being that Chad has a fight coming up on Nov. 14 against Greg Guzman at “Called Out MMA 2,” he saw this as the perfect opportunity to train with some of the top lighter weight fighters in the world, and as a special treat for us he is keeping a blog of his trip. Be sure to check back each day to see how things are going with Chad during this very unique experience.

Day 8

As the trip grows closer to the end, the training picks up. Today we slept in a bit and then had a light breakfast before going to Roots gym. Once at the gym we had some coffee and then I geared up for my solo run!

Taiki stayed at the gym while I took off for a nice long distance run around the city of Odawara. I believe in all, it was about a 10k run!

After the run I headed back up to the gym to take a nap, eat, and prepare myself for tonight’s sparring with Shooto Bantamweight Champion Mamaru and Taiki.

Tonight’s sparring was in all other words ROUGH. Defintly doing that long of a run before really takes a toll on you! We sparred about seven rounds and I was completely spent. Doing Kickboxing with takedowns and just about zero gas does not go well with guys who have phenominal stand up and good takedown defense.

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After we sparred, I took a short rest and then did a few rounds of grappling with Taiki…phew..the day was finally done.

After training, Taiki and I went to eat. Ok, so here I finally gave in…mmm I had a good old fashion American Steak and it was delicous! Ha!!

Tomorrow is another long day of training. I believe it’s sprints and conditioning in the a.m., BJJ in the gi afternoon, and then wrestling at night!! Oh yeah!!

Time to take my crippled ass to bed!

Sorry guys, not too many pictures taken today…but i will include some random other shots! Enjoy.

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By: Chad “SAVAGE” George

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