“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 6 recap

Tonight’s episode starts with Darrill Schoonover getting his drink on, and from the shows previews, everyone already knows that “Rampage” and Schoonover will have some beef in this episode.

At the training center, Coach Evans introduces special guest coach Phil Nurse to the team, and tries to figure out why Schoonover is so lackadaisical and lethargic in the training session.

After his teammates sell him out as being the “drinker” of the house, Coach Evans and his coaching staff address the issue to get Schoonover to focus on why he is on the show in the first place.

Shortly after, “Rampage”, Kimbo and others are talking as Schoonover is digging through his bag, and Coach Jackson sees an opening to pick on the Schoonover, calling him “titties.”

Schoonover, growing tired of “Rampage’s” comments, makes a statement of his own.

“Watch, after this, I’ll cut weight and I’ll kick your ass at 205.”

Coach Jackson follows Schoonover for a quick confrontation, and as the two face off, “Rampage” continues to drop “tittie” bombs, further irritating Schoonover, and reminding him that he will knock his “ugly little ass out.”

Well, it’s put up or shut up for Schoonover now, as Coach Evans picks him to face off against Zak Jensen.

“Rampage” can’t resist, with the “got milk” line to go along with his branding of Schoonover as “titties.”

The two have another face off and drop some “f” bombs on each other before being separated.

After the break, Rashad steps in to squash the beef, reminding “Rampage” that nobody wants to be disrespected.

The attention quickly turns back to Zak Jensen, with Kimbo, Wes Sims, and everybody in between picking on Jensen.

Wes Sims lets us know that the pressure is mounting and that there is a pool in the house with bets riding on which day Jensen will finally crack under the constant hazing at the house.

Coach Evans believes that Schoonover is a true “darkhorse” and that he will surprise a lot of people in the competition.

Back at the training session, Tiki reveals a painting of “Team Cocky”, with caricatures of “Team Evans”, complete with a set of 36 D’s on Schoonover’s character.

At the training session, Zak Jensen is working on his shots, looking for take downs, but “Rampage” doesn’t believe that the issue is physical, but mental. Everyone is doubting Jensen’s mental toughness at this point, including Darrill Schoonover and Coach Evans.

Within minutes, Jensen goes for a take down but gets caught with a knee to the face, cutting his eye. The blood is flowing profusely. Kimbo, sees this as a positive for himself, and thinks he’s back in the game.

The bleeding has stopped, and the “Team Rampage” coaches are discussing strategies to ensure that Jensen doesn’t break mentally if the cut opens up during the fight.

The blood appears to have awakened the beast inside of Jensen, as he has one of his best training sessions since his time on the show began. Spirits are high on “Team Rampage” with cheers and claps for Jensen.

Coach Evans and Phil Nurse arrive at the training center for some early training, and finds the painting hanging on the wall. Rashad gets a big laugh from the painting, but takes it down before his team gets to the training center.

Coach Evans addresses the team and tells them about the prank, but urges them to stay focused despite the jokes coming from “Team Rampage.”

There are no “panties” at this week’s weigh ins, but “Rampage” does offer some advice for Schoonover telling him to take off his bra before he steps on the scales.

“Rampage” and Tiki get a last minute jab in on Schoonover by drawing nipples and writing “titties” on his name plate on the dressing room.

It’s fight time…

Round 1-
Jabs by both guys, with Schoonover getting double unders and taking the fight to the cage. Schoonover scores with some knees in the clinch early.

Schoonover with the plum clinch and landing more knees, with Jensen countering landing a couple of upper cuts. It’s toe to toe with Schoonover dropping bombs, forcing Jensen to change levels looking for the take down.

Jensen gets the take down, but Schoonover immediately goes for a triangle attempt. Schoonover is eating hammerfists, but is working on locking in the triangle deep. Schoonover is pulling on Jensen’s head to try for the tap, and mixing in some strikes from the bottom.

Jensen is in trouble, and is now bleeding from the cut on his eye. The triangle is deep, and Jensen is sleeping… The ref steps in and the fight is over.

“Team Evans” remains undefeated, and “Rampage” seizes on an opportunity to reveal the painting to the Rashad’s guys. Everyone gets a good laugh, but being undefeated has to feel way better at this point for Coach Evans and his team.

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