Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 6

After Justin left the TUF house he moved to the mountains, became a wild man, and now lives in a cave.
After Justin left the TUF house he moved to the mountains, became a wild man, and now lives in a cave.

Justin Wren TUF Blog: Schoonover beats Zak

Rampage should have never taken the job of a coach; he is a pure fighter, and has no business at all coaching. I think they have showed Rampage calling Darrill “Titties” a little bit but still no-where near as much as the heckling really was. At least twice a day, whenever we would see Rampage at training he would harass Darrill and call him “Titties” over and over. Darrill took more than most anyone ever would. When he is getting ready for a fight, and being heckled, I can completely see why he wanted to shut Rampage up!

The episode started off with a recap of last episode, and then went into the Darrill drinking in the house. The editing did show it closer to his fight than what it really was. Darrill wasn’t drinking any after the first several days in the house. The talk between him and our coaches was one of the first several days. When the commercial comes back, Rashad sticks up for Darrill, and Rampage doesn’t have much to rebuttal Rashad.

Kimbo then gives Zak the nickname “Linderman” and says that if Shrek had a little brother it would be Zak. It shows Zak getting picked on… and I honestly have never witnessed someone get hazed so much. Zak is definitely the “sacrificial lamb,” and is the most picked on kid in all the shows’ history! We had a calendar of when Zak would snap… and he definitely does snap on one of these episodes.

I never picked on Zak while being in the house, but I did pick a date! Zak and I were suppose to fight in the MAIN EVENT in an Iowa show in April of last year… The day of weigh ins he just decides NOT to show!  So, needless to say, I was really rooting for Darrill. Darrill got into it with Rampage, and then we just wanted to keep Darrill’s mindset strong and try not to let Rampage get into his head.

Zak definitely was the weakest in the house and he got cut during training. Kimbo got super excited when it looked like Zak was going to have to get stitched up. Kind of a cheap move for a teammate, but then again, it is an individual competition. So I would probably be feeling the same emotions if I were out of the competition.

Rampage and his team thought up some practical jokes and came up with the idea to have some cartoon character drawings made; probably because they are 0-5 and needed some sort of entertainment. The coaches took the drawing down and I honestly had never seen it until this episode! I was a bird… because my last name is Wren, Rampage called me birdie the whole show… a lot better being called Birdie than Titties!

The TUF experience allowed Justin to find his inner rainbow.
The TUF experience allowed Justin to find his inner rainbow.

Zak and Darrill’s fight was kinda like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots fight on the feet. Zak then took a hard shot and took him to the ground. Darrill then locked up a triangle choke that looked loose. Zak ended up landing a ton of hammer fists, but instead should have defended the choke. Zak got choked out and we went up 6-0!

Our team morale is probably the highest in the history of The Ultimate Fighter! Our team couldn’t be happier; we have been listening to our coaches, and it’s paid off. All the guys on Team Rashad are very fortunate that we have the coaching we do and I was so fortunate to have the opportunity! I want to thank PROMMA.INFO for giving me the opportunity to blog for them. I also want to thank worldfightshop.com and Rockwelltime.com for sponsoring me.

By:  Justin “The Viking” Wren

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  1. Another great blog Justin. That episode was the best in my book, Titties won and shut Rampage up, LOL! I dont know if it is the editing or what, but I find myself disliking Rampage more and more as the season progresses. Cant wait to see Linderman snap.

  2. Thx for d blog dude.

    The bullying of zak is a bit sickening from a viewers perspective. That dude could end up killing himself! Why didnt one of you step in and stop it?

  3. Rampage acting like a bully is pretty bad. He’s in a position of power and using that to belittle and harass someone is not cool. He’s a straight up ass and would love to have seen Darril whip his ass. Thanks Justin. Good luck.

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