Chad George’s “Road to Japan” blog day 6 – Typhoon!

Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (10-4) was recently invited to Japan to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. Being that Chad has a fight coming up on Nov. 14 against Greg Guzman at “Called Out MMA 2,” he saw this as the perfect opportunity to train with some of the top lighter weight fighters in the world, and as a special treat for us he is keeping a blog of his trip. Be sure to check back each day to see how things are going with Chad during this very unique experience.

Day 6

Today we were supposed to get up early and go running but the weather decided it didn’t want us to do that. Instead, we stayed in doors and listened to the Typhoon tear through Japan.

The major part of the storm was about two hours south and yet we still got hit hard with super crazy winds and heavy rain through the night. During the day we took a rest day. I got to wander the streets on my own for the day and do my own site-seeing. Kinda cool.

Not too many pictures but cool to roam through a world that you have almost no connection to. For dinner we went to sushi for the first time and it was delicious. Super kick back day (the first of the trip).

Tomorrow we travel to Tokyo for sparring at the world famous Shoot Boxing “Cesears” Gym along with a TV show Rumina will be doing to promote his upcoming fight at Vale Tudo Japan!

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By:  Chad “SAVAGE” George

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