Chad George’s “Road to Japan” blog day 4 – hard training

Time to eat!!

Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (10-4) was recently invited to Japan to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. Being that Chad has a fight coming up on Nov. 14 against Greg Guzman at “Called Out MMA 2,” he saw this as the perfect opportunity to train with some of the top lighter weight fighters in the world, and as a special treat for us he is keeping a blog of his trip. Be sure to check back each day to see how things are going with Chad during this very unique experience.

Day 4

Today was rough. We woke up real late to recover from the long drive and didn’t get to the gym until around 2 p.m. to open it up. That didn’t stop us from having a hell of a training day. Today’s first session was sparring day. We did a warm up and then eight rounds of kickboxing with takedowns changing partners every round with 30 seconds rest in between.

Then we took our gear off and did hard submission wrestling for about 30 minutes. Once that was finished we did explosive sets of two minute random conditioning fast speed interval drills (sprawls, high jumps, sit ups, push ups, jump squats, v-ups and push ups with claps), totaling about two hours of training.

I was wrecked. We stretched and relaxed for about an hour and a half and then it was time for the Rumina’s MMA technique class that was about an hour and a half long. We did some crazy warm up that I had never seen before but really cool.

After training we all went to eat, relaxed and let the day end with the first day of a Typhoon coming in. Its getting very wet.

Tomorrow we take the train to Yokahama and will train at another gym, followed then by going to DREAM! Stay tuned for exclusive DREAM photos!

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By: Chad “SAVAGE” George

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