Foothill Ranch, Calif. (October 13, 2009) – Internet sports television broadcaster iBN Sports has produced and published episode one of “MMA H.E.A.T. – The Show.” The program mixes Hollywood entertainment with sports lifestyle and industry coverage in a half-hour format hosted by Karyn Bryant and Sam Strayer.

With years of broadcast and martial arts experience, Karyn and Sam are able to get inside access to the close-knit world of Mixed Martial Arts. Along the way, the audience gets to see the funny, irreverent and intimate side of the fighters and personalities that are shaping the future of the fastest growing sport in the world.

In the first episode viewers are invited to Chuck Liddell’s home for a personal conversation about his dancing skills, they’ll go to Dan Henderson’s Team Quest Fight Club to learn the art of the take-down, and they’ll head into the back offices of Silver Star Clothing to hear a personal account of the company’s success story.

The lighthearted approach taken by Sam and Karyn brings a fresh look to the world of MMA entertainment. The two are not afraid to poke fun or call some of the sport’s big names to the mat as evidenced by the MMA H.E.A.T. trademarked “Praise or Pummel” segment. And they even have a little fun with Tito Ortiz, who shows the world how to take a body slam from Strikeforce Women’s Champ Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

“Merging the worlds of Hollywood and MMA seemed like an obvious recipe for success,” says Executive Producer Karyn Bryant, “and I’m also happy to bring the often-ignored female voice to MMA coverage.”

“The idea we had in creating the show was for it to be as informative and entertaining to the hardcore fan as it is to the new fan,” says Executive Producer Sam Strayer.

The show will start as a biweekly production airing on the iBN Sports network at It will also be shown on the network’s multimedia platform of web and television affiliates such as The Fight Network,, and MMA Jacked.

About iBN Sports
iBN Sports is an internet-based television broadcast network providing world class coverage of live sports, archived footage on-demand, news, highlights and other unique programming that reveals the compelling stories of the sports world. Current and past programming has included professional and amateur sports alike from local high schools to international federations. A sampling of these sports includes: mixed martial arts (MMA), Independent Baseball, Pro Cycling, boxing, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross and high schoold football, basketball and baseball. iBN Sports markets and distributes sports content through its alliance of global media partners, sports channels, clubs, governing bodies, sponsors, radio, television, print, restaurant chains, and web partners. Production and content are driven by an experienced group of Hollywood branding, design, and media experts. iBN is headquartered in Orange County, California and operates worldwide through its partnerships and affiliates.

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