“A human being is a lot more complicated than people think it is,” says Junie Browning as he attempts to explain why he reportedly assaulted some nurses and told them he would “kill and rape their family” when they tried to help him after he tried to commit suicide.

I’m not sure how many people at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nev. actually frequent MMA websites, but just in case they do, Junie Browning has sent out an official apology to them. Browning says he has been chased by demons his whole life and believe it or not he has actually gotten a lot better.

2 thoughts on “Junie Browning issues apology”
  1. Too little too late.

    This is like that Warmachine idiot who was presented all the opportunities in the world and threw them away because he couldn’t amount to being more than a thug.

    I’d be happy if I never saw his name in print again.

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