PRO MMA.INFO’s “Fast Eddie” Constantine caught up with one of the most talented female fighters in the world; Lana Stefanac. The undefeated mixed martial artist and 2009 Mundial Heavyweight and Absolute champion talked openly about her Abu Dhabi match, Gina Carano, Cris Santos and her thoughts on the state of women’s MMA

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  1. […] "Lethal" Lana Stefanac lays down the law – video interview – must see "Wash that girl’s mouth out with soap!" That might be the words your mother would say if you took "Lethal" Lana home to meet the family. In this new interview Lana Stefanac brings us a true voice of women’s MMA. She shares her thoughts on Gina Carano, Cyborg, Miesha Tate, playboy bunnies, and bull dykes (her words not mine) This is a must watch – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview – Lana Stefanac | […]

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