Photo: Sherdog - Shinya Aoki gets his revenge with a second round armbar over Joachim Hansen to become the first Japanese DREAM lightweight champion.

If you are up early on Tuesday morning, Oct. 6, then follow along with us here at PROMMA.INFO as we bring you a play-by-play commentary of DREAM 11 going down in Yokohama, Japan and airing on HDNet.

Dream 11 Quick Results:

  • (LW Title Fight) Shinya Aoki def. Joachim Hansen by armbar submission in Round 2
  • Kazushi Sakuraba def. Rubin Williams by kimura submission in Round 1
  • Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Melchor Manibusan by TKO (ground and pound) in Round 1

Featherweight GP:

  • (FW Title Fight) Bibiano Fernandes def. Hiroyuki Takaya by split decision
  • Bibiano Fernandes def. Joe Warren by armbar submission in Round 1
  • Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Hideo Tokoro by TKO in Round 2

Featherweight GP Reserve Bout:

  • Kazuyuki Miyata def. Daiki Hata by unanimous decision

Super Hulk Tournament:

  • Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Bob Sapp by TKO in Round 1
  • Ikuhisa Minowa def. Hong Man Choi by heel hook submission in Round 2

Daiki Hata (138.5) vs. Kazuyuki Miyata (138.5)

Round 1 – Michael Schiavello really LOVES Miyata’s body, he won’t shut up about it. Hata with a high kick. It goes to the ground and Miyata takes Hata’s back. Hata controlling Miyata’s wrists, preventing the choke. The fighters have twisted themselves into a pretzel on the ground, fighting for position and control. 6:30 left in the ten minute first round. Hata gets a yellow card and they are stood up. Leg kick by Hata. They clinch as Miyata looks for a takedown, they separate, left hook from Miyata, countered with a punch by Hata. Right hand by Miyata lands. Nice straight left by Hata, followed by a hard right from Miyata. Hata comes in swinging but gets put on his back quickly with a takedown. Miyata landing some ground and pound. Ref moves them to the center of the ring. Knees to the liver section by Miyata. 2:30 left in the round. Miyata takes Hata’s back brefly, then moves to side control and lands some hammer fists to the body and knees to the head. Hata trying to knee Miyata from the bottom but is uneffective. Miyata gets full mount and starts landing multiple shots, Hata gives up his back and Miyata lands some hard shots to the head.

Round 2 – High knee from Miyata, nice left punch to the face by Miyata, followed by a takedown. Hata has Miyata in his full guard. Miyata working diligently with the ground and pound, landing some good punches to the face. Ref moves them to the center of the ring. Hata pushes Miyata off and gets up, it’s a brief victory as Miyata scoops him up and slams him right back down to his back. Miyata lands a few shots before the exact thing happens again. 2:30 left in the fight. Hata is back to his feet, leg kick, and Miyata puts him on his back again. Hata locks in a guillotine choke on the tired Hiyata. It’s very tight. It’s close, but Miyata escapes. The judging here is scored differently and that was the closest anyone has come to finishing the fight. Miyata takes Hata’s back and rolls him backward in a rolling suplex. Miyata is back in Hata’s guard as the fight ends. Miyata dominated the fight for the most part but Hata did have the submission attempt. OFFICIAL RESULT: Kazuyuki Miyata defeats Daiki Hata by unanimous decision.

Hideo Tokoro (138.5) vs. Hiroyuki Takaya (138.9)

Round 1 – Head kick by Tokaya. Takaya throwing a jab. Body kick from Tokoro blocked. Tokoro with a nice right hand. Left hook from Tokoro. Liver kick by Takaya. Nice right hand by Takaya. Tokoro goes for a high kick but slips to his back, as he tries to get up he eats a big punch. Nice left hook by Takaya. Kicks to the leg by Takaya as Tokoro is on his back. Body punch by Tokoro. Inside thigh kick by Takaya. Tokoro tries to grab a plum and eats a big shot. Nice left hand by Tokoro. 4:30 left in the round. Takaya kicks the thighs of the downed Tokoro. Tokoro is up, they clinch, Tokoro falls to his back but gets up. Tokoro moves in and eats a big punch from Takaya. Takaya rocks Tokoro with a combo of punches, and Tokoro lays down to his back, ref stands him up. Nice leg kick by Tokoro. Takaya moving in with punches, Tokoro lands a huge punch that buckles Takaya. Takaya fires back and Tokoro pulls guard. That was the most significant action in the fight thus far. Takaya postures up with ten seconds left in the round and pounds out a TKO as the bell sounds. – There’s a mistake by Schiavello, the fight is not over, they say the bell sounded first. But he could barely make it to his corner. He looks very shaky.

Round 2 – Tokoro looks to be refreshed, but he could be acting. He tries to pull guard, Takaya postures up once again and lands some big punches reminiscent of the ending of the last round. It’s over as Tokoro gets battered with shots. OFFICIAL RESULT: Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Hideo Tokoro by TKO in Round 2.

Joe Warren (138.2) vs. Bibiano Fernandes (138.2)

Round 1 – Warren is a beast. Fernandes clinches up, Joe Warren gets a brief takedown but Fernandes is up briefly as Warren slams him hard. Warren tries to push up and posture and Fernandes locks in an armbar, stretches it tight, and it’s over but not without controversy. Schiavello can’t decide if Warren tapped or the referee saved him. It looked like he may have tapped once. Warren does look very confused as to what the hell just happened and says he did not tap. The ref may have just saved him a broken arm however. I don’t think he was escaping that submission. OFFICIAL RESULT: Bibiano Fernandes defeats Joe Warren by armbar submission in Round 1.

Apparently Fernandes flips Warren off after the fight.

Ikuhisa Minowa (192.9) vs. Hong Man Choi (319.7)

Round 1 – Minowa rolls and is going around the giant. Choi coming in tentatively. Minowa rolls in with an attempted heel kick at Choi’s knee. LOL. Too funny. No strike has been thrown yet. There is a brief exchange on the ground and Choi gets back to his feet. Minowa rolls in, Choi lands a couple of shots and they are back up. Minowa definitely wants the takedown and is standing back waiting for his shot. Minowa with an overhand right, shoots in, but gets stuffed. Minowa pulls guard but Choi is back up. Big overhand right by Minowa connects. Minowa gets the takedown, Choi reverses briefly, but Minowa ends up in side control. This was a big accomplishment just to get here. Big knees to the body by Minowa. Choi holding Minowa close to his body. Ref calls for action from Choi. Minowa pounding away with big knees and punches to the body. Choi still holding Minowa tightly. Schiavello just called Choi one of the strongest men on the planet. Ref stans them up and Choi gets a yellow card. Minowa shoots, Choi sprawls and lands a few punches. Knee from Choi as he stuffs Minowa’s shot. Big punches from Choi as they get back to their feet. Choi wears a size 23 shoe. Choi lands a nice punch. Minowa shoots in. They exchange punches. When Choi was on his knees, he was still taller than Minowa. LOL. Choi lands a few shots, ref stands them up. Big knee to the head by Choi and again. Overhand right by Minowa, he then shoots and gets stuffed. Nuts.

Round 2 – Choi the giant stalking. Overhand right by Minowa connects on the chin of Choi, Minowa shoots and gets stuffed. Minowa scrambles to Choi’s side, grabs a leg and is looking for a heel hook. He gets it! LOL. That was pretty slick. OFFICIAL RESULT: Ikuhisa Minowa defeats Hong Man Choi by heel hook submission in Round 2.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (220.5) vs. Bob Sapp (341.7)

Round 1 – Here we go. Leg kick by Soko. Sapp stalks and clinches. Sapp swings a big right hand but misses. Soko gets the takedown and has side control. Soko starts pounding from side control. Suprised Sapp hasn’t tapped yet as he has a kickboxing fight tomorrow night. Soko starts with the jackhammer shots and the ref stops it. OFFICIAL RESULT: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeats Bob Sapp by TKO in Round 1.

It will be Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Ikuhisa Minowa on New Year’s Eve in the Super Hulk Tournament finals.

Tatsuya Kawajiri (154.1) vs. Melchor Manibusan (152.6)

Round 1 – Manibusan comes in swinging like a madman, lands some nice body shots. They clinch in the corner. Kawajiri gets the takedown with top position in Manibusan’s half guard. Ref calls for action as Kawajiri lands some pitter patter ground and pound. Manibusan still has Kawajiri’s leg locked up but he escapes and moves to full mount and starts landing big shots to the side of Manibusan’s head. Manibusan tries to explode out but Kawajiri maintains control. Manibusan covers up and squirms but can’t shake Kawajiri. It’s about over, that’s it. OFFICIAL RESULT: Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Melchor Manibusan by TKO (ground and pound) in Round 1.

Kazushi Sakuraba (184.1) vs. Rubin Williams (181.9)

Round 1 – Williams is a boxer making his pro MMA debut. Leg kick by Sakuraba. And again. And again. Williams looking for the big punch moving in slowly and waiting for an opening. Sakuraba throwing kicks and then shoots in. Williams holds on tight as Sakuraba moves to side control. Sakuraba landing some knees and strikes, trying to set up an armbar, nope, he sets up a kimura, cranks it back and Williams taps out almost instantly. Guy Mezger said because Williams has been losing in boxing (lost his last six fights) he thought he would come into MMA thinking it would be relatively easy. Not so easy huh Williams? OFFICIAL RESULT: Kazushi Sakuraba def. Rubin Williams by kimura submission in Round 1.

(LW Title Fight) Joachim Hansen (150.4) vs. Shinya Aoki (153.9)

Round 1 – Hansen is the champ defending his title. Aoki with his colorful tights, with board shorts on top. Aoki is the favorite to win. Right hand by Hansen. Leg kick by Aoki. Right hand misses by Hansen. Aoki ties him up and goes for the takedown, finally he gets it and lands in side mount. Hansen punching from his back. Ref warns Hansen for hitting in the back of the head. Aoki looking to mount. Hansen defending well, kicks up his feet, Aoki rolls him in a backflip and they end up back with Aoki in half guard, now in butterfly guard. Aoki punching when he can, now in full guard. Hansen gets to his feet as he attempts an armbar, Aoki puts him back on his back. Ref moves them to the center as Aoki is in half guard. Hansen kicks Aoki back briefly, but he is back in half guard.  Hansen delivers an up kick that rocks Aoki. Aoki complaining he took a groin shot prior to the upkick. It was a perfectly legal up kick, I did not see the groin shot. The doctor is checking out Aoki to see if he is OK. Hansen’s corner has no idea what’s going on. Mezger says Aoki has a great career in acting. Aoki gets five minutes to recover. In the replay you can see what happened… Aoki got up-kicked to the groin, then to the head. – Looks like Aoki is alright as he gets back to his feet. The ref re-starts them in the center of the ring with Aoki on top of Hansen. Hansen has Aoki in full guard, landing heel kicks to the kidneys. Hansen landing lots of shots from his back. Aoki fighting for position, lands some hammer fists to Hansen’s noggin. 3:40 left in the round. Hansen locks in an armbar, he pulls it tight, grimmacing as Aoki heel kicks his way out and positions himself in a leg bar position. Hansen rains down elbows to Aoki’s thigh. Aoki gets to his feet and Hansen takes his back. Hansen lands some big punches to Aoki’s face. Aoki drops levels and gets the double leg takedown. Aoki in Hansen’s full guard. Nice up-kick by Hansen. Hansen seems to be doing more damage over all. Aoki postures up as Hansen hangs on tight. Hansen explodes but Aoki is back on him. Time. Mezger rules the first round for Hansen.

Round 2 – Hansen moves in, throws a right hand and a knee as Aoki locks him up and gets the takedown. Hansen locks up a leg momentarily. I don’t think Aoki has gone for a single submission that I can recall. Ref stands them up and gives Hansen a yellow card. Aoki shoots and eats a knee in the process. Aoki gets the takedown. Aoki gets a lightning fast full mount as they are moved to the center of the ring. 1:35 left in the fight. Aoki applies pressure from a guillotine, Hansen gets out, Aoki transitions to armbar and seems to have it tight. Hansen tries to get direction from his corner and stays calm.  Hansen rolls over, tries to knee Aoki in the head and Aoki stretches it tight with about ten seconds left he taps out Hansen. Shinya Aoki is the new Dream LW champion. OFFICIAL RESULT: Shinya Aoki defeats Joachim Hansen by armbar submission in Round 2.

Featherweight Grand Prix Final

Bibiano Fernandes vs. Hiroyuki Takaya

Round 1 – Left hook by Takaya. Fernandes shoots, gets the takedown, goes for an armbar but misses. Fernandes goes for a knee bar, then heel hook. Takaya escapes. They are back to their feet. Leg kick by Takaya. Takaya working a jab, Fernandes with a leg kick, shoots, but gets stuffed. Superman punch by Takaya not close. Takaya comes in swinging but nothing lands. Leg kick by Fernandes. Huge overhand right by Fernandes connects, he then shoots and gets the takedown. Takaya stands up, Fernandes takes his back, gets the hooks in. Takaya backs up against the corner with Fernandes still on his back. Fernandes landing strikes from the back Ref calling for action as it is a stale mate at the moment. Ref breaks them up restarts in the middle. Leg kick by Takaya. Favor is returned by Fernandes. Big overhand right by Fernandes is blocked. Fernandes shoots but gets stuffed. Leg kick by Fernandes. Nice right hand by Takaya, Fernandes returns the favor but does not connect. Right hand by Takaya. Fernandes punches back as Takaya throws some combos. Overhand right by Fernandes. Fernandes shoots, gets stuffed. They exchange leg kicks, Fernandes lands a right hand. 3:40 left in the round. Leg kick followed by a right hand by Fernandes. Takaya lands a leg kick and returned by Fernandes. They clinch up, Fernandes back is in the corner. Takaya lands an overhand right. Left hook by Takaya, then a leg kick. Right hand by Fernandes. Overhand right by Takaya, then Fernandes gets the takedown. Takaya gets back to his feet, they square up again. They exchange punches. Right hand by Fernandes. Takaya rocks Fernandes, Fernandes shoots, gets stuffed. Repeat. Fernandes is cut over the eye. Takaya seems to be picking Fernandes apart at this point and looks hurt. Takaya still landing leg kicks and punches and jabs. PRO MMA gives that round easily to Takaya.

Round 2 – Nice left by Takaya but Fernandes counters with an overhand right that drops Takaya momentarily. Fernandes pounces, takes Takaya’s back. Takaya stands with Fernandes still on his back and moves to the corner of the ring, pushing Fernandes’ back to the corner. Ref breaks it and restarts in the center standing. Uppercut followed by a right hand by Takaya. Takaya pouring it on, backing Fernandes up. Fernandes fires back with a combo of his own. Fernandes shoots but gets stuffed. They exchange punches. Leg kick by Takaya. Big right by Fernandes. Both guys are swinging for the fences. Ref stops to fix Takaya’s glove and wipe the blood off Fernandes’ face. Huge leg kick by Takaya, repeat. Left hook by Takaya. Fernandes lands a punch but Takaya fires back and rocks Fernandes. It’s a war as both guys are swinging for the fences and landing shots. Best fight in Japan of the year. Both guys are landing even past the bell. That was incredible but no one went down which is amazing. OFFICIAL RESULT: Bibiano Fernandes defeats Hiroyuki Takaya by split decision. – Interesting decision. I can never understand how Japan calls fights but whatever, great fight regardless.

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