Alexander Emelyanenko walks to the ring for his professional boxing debut.

On Oct. 3, 2009, three time combat sambo world champion and combat sambo European champion Alexander Emelyanenko had his debut as a professional boxer in Moscow. Alexander faced master of sports in boxing and Russian kickboxing champion Hizir Pliev. The fight went four rounds and ended in a draw.

Attendees at the event said the fight was a great battle with both fighters showing high skills and the will to win. Unfortunately, four rounds were not enough to bring out a winner. Pliev was dominating in the first two rounds but in third and fourth rounds Alexander Emelyanenko was showing all the best of him.

Alexander commented after the fight that “the duel was exciting and his opponent showed high-class boxing and great fighting skills.” The match was an opportunity for Alexander to try himself in a new field and to hone new skills in boxing. Also Alexander wants to draw public attention to Russian boxing.

According to Alexander`s trainer Uriy Razumov “Alexander received huge experience in that fight. Most of the battles in mixed martial fights finish much faster than in boxing. For example Alexander`s last fight in MMA finished in 50 seconds, so four rounds for Alexander is not enough to show all the best of him. However he sustained a tactical plan in corpore for that fight.”

Alexander is going to continue to develop his career in MMA, boxing, and in combat sambo. Stay tuned to PROMMA.INFO to find out what is next for Alexander Emelyanenko.

Here is a photo gallery of the fight (click images to enlarge).

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