The New UWC Champ... whoops
The New UWC Champ... whoops

My girlfriend rolled over in bed and said, “is it over yet?” While holding my laptop that lit up the dark room, I told here that Chase Beebe just won. She asked, “is that Chase?” as she pointed to a confident Mike Easton walking around the cage. As I got up to brush my teeth, I explained that Easton was dominated and spent most of the fight in a defensive position. I said, “easily 49-46 Beebe.” Then I heard the announcement that Mike Easton won via split decision.

MMA is still a young sport. Clearly there are going to be growing pains. This is easily most evident in the judging department. Fans like to release their outcry and call decisions “robberies.” Often there really is no crime to report. However, this past Saturday gave us the biggest theft of the year – maybe the theft of the decade.

In the main event of Ultimate Warroir Challenge’s Redemption card, Mike Easton was given the decision victory over Chase Beebe. It is safe to say he did not deserve it.

My shock led me to stay up all night watching the fight over and over. I’m going to get all FightMetric and throw some numbers at you – even thought I am nowhere near their level of genius. During the 25-minute fight, Beebe was on Easton’s back for 13 minutes and 4 seconds. That means that for 52 percent of the fight Beebe was in a dominant position.

To matters more ridiculous, Easton won the second round by keeping the fight standing. So, that means that in rounds 1, 3, 4 and 5, Beebe was on the champion’s back for 65 percent of the fight.

All this would be moot if Easton turned it on in the stand up. For those that did not see the fight, he didn’t. He was clearly the better striker. His head movement and ability to slip combinations made him hard to hit, and he landed some nice strikes. It was not enough to win rounds 1,3,4 and 5, or the fight.

This robbery by the Virginia athletic commission could have lasting consequences as well. The UWC is a quality up and coming promotion. This was their first Internet pay per view, and the garbage decision might drive away customers. The promotion is looking to find a foothold in the DC metro area. At the end of Saturday’s card, the crowd booed UWC bantamweight champion Mike Easton. The fight took place only 25 miles away from Easton’s home neighborhood of Anacostia.

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