Maximum Fighting Championships presents “MFC 22: Payoff” Friday night, Oct. 2, 2009 from the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and airing LIVE on HDNet. PROMMA.INFO will be providing live play-by-play commentary and results of all the action.

Quick Results

  • Travis Lutter def. Jason MacDonald by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Antonio McKee def. Carlo Prater by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • John Alessio def. Luigi Fioravanti by knockout (punch) Round 3 (1:34)
  • Mike Nickels def. David Heath by submission (rear-naked choke) Round 3 (4:02)
  • Ryan Jimmo def. Marvin Eastman by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Pete Spratt def. Nathan Gunn by Knockout (uppercut) Round 2 (4:19)
  • Dwayne Lewis def. Jared Kilkenny by TKO
  • Jason Heit def. Paapa Inkumusha by TKO
  • Andrew Buckland def. Joe Christopher by submission (guillotine choke)
  • Nick Hrynchsh def. Jesse MacDougal by TKO

Pete Spratt vs. Nathan Gunn

Round 1 – Here we go kids. Spratt throws a kick and eats a right hand for his trouble, gets his leg caught, and gets taken to the mat. Gunn has control of Spratt on the ground and gets a full mount. Now Gunn has Spratt’s back with his hooks in. Spratt defending well but gets slammed back to the mat. Gunn still has control from Spratt’s back. Spratt explodes out and gets to his feet. Spratt tries another kick and is instantly back on the mat on his back with Gunn having side control. Spratt tries to explode out but Gunn remains control. Big knee to the body by Gunn. Spratt gets to his feet again but Gunn still has control of Spratt’s body and Gunn puts him right back on the ground. Ref moves them to the center of the ring. Gunn is in Spratt’s guard. Gunn not doing any damage but definitely maintaining control of the fight. Spratt gives up his back, Gunn looking for the rear-naked choke. Spratt is able to reverse as the bell sounds. PRO MMA gives that round 10-9 to Gunn.

Round 2 – Huge right hand by Spratt rocks Gunn. Gunn trying to find his balance but Spratt blasts him again and Gunn drops briefly to the canvas, he gets up as Spratt is trying to land shots. Gunn grabs a body lock and puts Spratt on the ground. I can see Spratt has been training takedown defense with Kimbo. Gunn is recovering at this point, he was hurt no doubt. Gunn in Spratt’s half-guard. Spratt gets to his feet. Spratt lands another right hand. But Gunn takes Spratt down again. Gunn takes Spratt’s back once again. The referee warns Spratt for going through the ropes. Spratt eats a knee, Spratt backs up and lands a huge right uppercut and walks away very non-chalantly as Nathan Gunn drops unconscious to the ground, face first, he is out cold and hurt. They roll him over, blood coming out of his nose. Wow!!! Awesome shot by Spratt (still no takedown defense).  OFFICIAL RESULT: Pete Spratt defeats Nathan Gunn by Knockout (uppercut) Round 2 (4:19).

Ryan Jimmo vs. Marvin Eastman

Round 1 – Jimmo has a karate background and has that karate stance. Jimmo throws a high kick. Right hand by Jimmo but Eastman counters. Eastman stalking. Jimmo swings again. Eastman shoots, locks him up but decides against the takedown. Uppercut by Eastman. Knee to the face by Jimmo from the clinch. Still clinched in the corner. Knee by Jimmo again to Eastman’s head. Ref calls for work. Eastman has underhooks. Knees to the body by Jimmo. Ref starts them back in the center. Leg kick Jimmo. Jimmo has a pretty big height advantage. They clinch up again against the ropes. They must not want to hurt each other as they prefer to hug it out rather than exchange any shots. PRO MMA gives that round to Jimmo 10-9.

Round 2 – Eastman stalking. They clinch again. Knee to the head  by Jimmo from the clinch. Eastman’s game plan is not very effective at this point. Jimmo goes for a trip takedown as Eastman holds the rope. Ref calls for work in this slow paced fight. Eastman throws Jimmo to the mat and lands in side control . Eastman trying toland some elbows but Jimmo defending well. Eastman lands a nice elbow as he has moved to the full guard of Jimmo. Ref calling for work. Jimmo holding on looking for a stand up and he gets it. Ten seconds left. Head kick lands by Jimmo and maybe that won the round for him who knows. So little action. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 for Eastman.

Round 3 – Leg kick by Jimmo. They clinch again, in the corner. Knee by Eastman. Ref calls for work. Knee by Jimmo has Eastman trapped in the corner. Eastman reverses and puts Jimmo’s back to the corner, Jimmo reverses position. Ref restarts them to the middle. Eastman throws a punch then gets a body lock and throws Jimmo to the mat. Eastman in half guard, lands an elbow. Jimmo gets Eastman in full guard. Ref moves them to the center as they go under the ropes. Eastman in Jimmo’s half guard, trying to land some elbows. Jimmo defending well. Ref calls for work. Ref tells Marvin he’s running out of time. Ref stands them up, sick of it. Head kick misses by Jimmo. Eastman throws a punch then locks the body again. Ten seconds left. And that’s it. Glad I didn’t pay to see that fight. PRO MMA scores that round 10-9 for Eastman and the fight 29 -28 for Eastman. Guy Mezger said it could possibly be a draw as Jimmo is the hometown favorite. OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Jimmo defeats Marvin Eastman by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Personally, I feel that’s what Eastman deserves for trying to do “just enough” in the guy’s hometown. Anyways…Jimmo did land more shots, mostly knees from the clinch.

David Heath vs. Mike Nickels

MMA fans will remember Nickels from The Ultimate Fighter season three. He’s covered with tattoos all the way up his neck. David Heath is the former UFC fighter who Babalu choked out, held the choke too long, and was booted from the organization.

Round 1 – Nickels has a clear height advantage. Leg kick by Heath. Heath swings big with an overhand right. Leg kick by Nickels . Huge left hook by Heath. Nickels lands a right hand on the chin. Leg kick by Nickels, twice. Heath with his hands low. They clinch briefly. Jab by Nickels, he moves forward and eats a couple from Heath. Body shot by Nickels. Heath looking to counter Nickels. Leg kick again by Nickels. Uppercut by Heath. Nickels moves in and clinches. Left hand by Heath. Heath has no respect for Nickel’s power. Heath eats one on the chin. They clinch in the corner. Elbow by Nickels. Heath lands a big left hand and Nickels has blood over his left eye. Nice exchange. PRO MMA scores that round 10-9 for Heath.

Round 2 – Nickels land s huge right hand that hurts Heath. He grabs his head and starts landing elbows to the side of Heath’s head. Nickel’s grabs the plum and lands some big knees. Heath is hurt bad but he is slugging back. Nickel’s lands some big knees to the head of Heath. Heath fires back and lands a shot. Ref calls time and picks up Heath’s mouth guard.  Heath’s mouth guard comes out but he puts it back in. They exchange, both are firing away. Nickel’s landing some nice shots but Heath is firing back. This is a brawl of the biggest kind. Both fighters taking punishment and wearing down. Nickel’s landing nice jabs over and over and Heath fires back with big shots. Nonstop action…much more happening than I’m typing. Nickel’s tags Heath and his mouth guard comes out again. Ref warns him, it happens again, he’s taking a point. Right hand by Heath and again.  Beautiful round. Don’t even know how to score it. I think I would give it to Nickels 10-9.

Round 3 – Heath loses a point because the mouth guard comes out again. Maybe this will motivate him to pick it up. Nickels landing some nice jabs. Nice right by Nickels. Leg kick by Nickels. Nickels landing much more shots, Heath is buckled momentarily. Heath lands one back. Nickels lands a big right followed up by one, two, three, four, five, Heath is taunting him. It’s a brawl as Heath is firing back. Nickels shoots, Heath stuffs it and shoots back.  Heath falls to his back, Nickels takes his back, sinks in the hooks and chokes out Heath with a rear-naked choke. The commentators are going NUTS! “The Voice” stands up out of his chair clapping. Heath is a mad man as he was talking and eating punches at one point. Fight of the month so far and candidate for fight of the year. OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Nickels defeats David Heath by submission (rear-naked choke) Round 3 (4:02).

Luigi Fioravanti vs. John Alessio

Round 1 – Front kick to the body by Alessio. Right hand by Fioravanti, countered by a short left hook. Left hook again by Alessio. Left hand by Fioravanti. Leg kick by Fioravanti. Left hook by Alessio. Both guys are looking good. Leg kick and a punch by Luigi. Nice technical skills by both. Left hand by Luigi. Leg kick by Luigi. Left hook lands by Alessio. Left hook, right hand by Luigi. Luigi comes in swinging, they clinch. Double left hook by Alessio. Jumping knee by Alessio misses. Head kick by Luigi. Even round.

Round 2 – Mezger says the last round was even. Leg kick by Luigi. Head kick by Alessio. Luigi stalking. Right hand by Luigi and Alessio fires back, all catching air. Right hand connects by Luigi. Left hand by Alessio. Alessio staying away from Luigi’s striking as much as he can. Leg kick by Alessio. Leg kick by Luigi. Mezger says Alessio is too worried about getting hit. Swelling under the eye of Alessio. Leg kick by Luigi. Huge right hand by Alessio but Luigi looks unaffected. Body shot by Alessio. They clinch in the corner. Ten seconds. PRO MM scores that round 10-9 Alessio.

Round 3 – Alessio shoots in, it’s stuffed, they clinch. They break apart and square off. Alessio comes in, fakes a left, throws a left, then right right on the chin and Fioravanti falls in slow motion to his back, Alessio follows up with a couple of punches to the downed opponent but this fight is over. Beautiful ending to a relatively uneventful fight. OFFICIAL RESULT: John Alessio defeats Luigi Fioravanti by knockout (punch) Round 3 (1:34).

Antonio McKee vs. Carlo Prater

Round 1 – McKee is the lightweight champ but both fighters failed to make weight for this fight so the title is not on the line. McKee has been criticized because most of his fights go to decision. McKee shoots, picks up Prater, and puts him on his back. Prater locks up the full guard. Prater locks in a figure four around the waist of McKee briefly. Hammerfist by McKee. McKee looking to mount, but stands up and is throwing punches while postured up. McKee moves back into Prater’s guard. McKee moves to half guard briefly, then back to full guard. McKee has opened up a cut over the right eye of Prater. McKee trying to work on that cut with punches. McKee is teeing off on Prater’s head. McKee postures up and jumps up and comes down with a punch as the round ends. Easy to score for PRO MMA – McKee 10-9.

Round 2 – McKee throws a couple of side kicks. He shoots in gets the takedown and is in Prater’s half guard, then full guard. Ref calls for action. McKee postures up and lands a couple of shots. Ref stops the fight to check Prater’s cut. A cut over and under Prater’s eye. His corner tells him he better do something cause next time they will stop it. They restart the fight on the ground with McKee on top. Body shot by McKee. McKee postures up and throws a punch as he goes back into Prater’s full guard. McKee grinding away very methodically. Knees up the buttocks by McKee. Prater is doing nothing at all.  Prater has thrown four strikes and landed one in the fight. LOL. Head kick by Prater after the ref stands them up. McKee gets the takedown. Prater locks in a choke as the bell sounds. Prater threw 11 strikes and landed 4 so far in the fight. PRO MMA scores it 10-9 for McKee.

Round 3 – Prater throwing out some feeling jabs but not committing. Leg kick by Prater. This is a cure for insomnia Michael Schiavello says. McKee shoots and gets stuffed. McKee still holding on to one leg. Prater landing some shots to the body as they are in a stale mate north / south position. McKee drives through and gets the takedown, Prater tries to stand and McKee slams him. Mezger said the sound of the slam woke the crowd up. Schiavello says it was a terrible fight. PRO MMA scores it 10-9 for McKee for the round and 30-27 for the fight. OFFICIAL RESULT: Antonio McKee defeats Carlo Prater by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

McKee apologizes to the fans and says after the fight if he doesn’t start ending fights soon, he may retire.

Photo by: Sherdog - Travis Lutter defeated MacDonald via unanimous decision in this battle of the UFC veterans.
Photo by: Sherdog - Travis Lutter defeated MacDonald via unanimous decision in this battle of the UFC veterans.

Jason MacDonald vs. Travis Lutter

Round 1 – Both guys look to be in good shape. Here we go. Travis with his hands very low. Overhand right by Lutter is blocked. Travis gets the underhooks presses MacDonald against the ropes. MacDonald keeping busy with knees. Lutter gets the takedown and has side control. Ref calls for action. Lutter tries to mount. MacDonald has half guard. This is Lutter’s bread and butter. Lutter gets full mount after a couple of strikes. MacDonald with wrist control. Lutter still with full mount. MacDonald has Lutter’s arms locked at the moment, tries to reverse, and Lutter takes his back. Terrible news for MacDonald who has never lost under the MFC banner. Lutter with his hooks in looking for the rear-naked choke. Ref tells Travis to work. Travis starts landing a few shots. Travis locks in the choke but it’s on top of his chin. Ten seconds left. That’s it and MacDonald survives. Lutter wins round 10-9.

Round 2 – MacDonald lands a nice overhand punch and Lutter shoots in and gets the clinch. Lutter gets the takedown relatively easy. People forget how damn good Lutter is. He’s such a smart, strong, and methodical fighter. Lutter has side control, looking for the mount. Mezger says Travis should be using some punches and strikes. Travis seems to treat it much like a grappling match. Travis still in side mount. They are up in the ropes. Lutter gets knee on belly and then full mount. Damn how does he do that? About a minute and a half left in the round. MacDonald holding on. Boos from the crowd but this is VERY interesting in my opinion. MacDonald gives up the back, Lutter in the same position as he ended round one. Lutter looking for the rear-naked and its time up. Lutter wins 10-9.

Round 3 – Mezger says MacDonald needs a knockout. MacDonald ties up Lutter and takes down Lutter.  MacDonald looking for the mount and lands some punches. MacDonald in Lutter’s half guard. MacDonald showing he can play the grappling game too. MacDonald slicing up Lutter with some elbows. Lutter looked tired between rounds. Lutter with butterfly guard and controlling MacDonald’s arms. Lutter pulls full guard. MacDonald lands some hammer fists and elbows. Under two minutes remaining. Lutter’s head between the ropes. Nothing too effective from MacDonald. This is not going to win the fight for MacDonald unless he can pound Lutter out and that does not look like it is going to happen. MacDonald stands up and jumpsin with a big right hand. Lutter with the up kick and that’s the fight. MacDonald won the round 10-9 but Lutter won the fight 29-28 in my opinion. OFFICIAL RESULT: Travis Lutter defeats Jason MacDonald by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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