We are here! This is the most highly anticipated episode in the history of The Ultimate Fighter. As everyone and their mama knows, tonight is the night that Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson will be facing the very experienced Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

The episode starts with some inner reflections from “Kimbo”, as he explains that the only way to put to rest the character of “Kimbo Slice” will be by shaving off his beard. “Kimbo” goes on to explain his personal transformation since he has had time to think while on the show.

“I always feel like I would fight anybody, because everybody was the enemy, enemy, enemy, the enemy,” said Ferguson, “I really found the time to find out who the enemy was… the enemy was the inner-me.”

While the first episode showed that some of the other fighters had some hard feelings and lack of respect for “Kimbo”, it seems that the tide has turned rather quickly, as most of the guys have warmed to the internet fighting legend.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson originally believed that he would be the showcase of this season, coming in as the former IFL Heavyweight Champion. Nelson remains very positive regarding Ferguson although most of the spotlight has shone most brightly on “Kimbo Slice.”

“Kimbo is a nice guy, he’s a good guy, you can’t be a hater on him,” said Nelson, “he just kind of got thrown in the limelight a little too fast, and he took the opportunity and ran with it.”

Back at the training center, Coach Evans and his assistants discuss Roy’s background as a very independent fighter that books his own fights, signs his own marketing deals, and trains at his own home. Rashad believes that he and his team have finally gained Nelson’s trust, which will further cement his team as a cohesive and unified unit.

Coach Evans gets a boost to his coaching staff with the appearance of Keith Jardine at the training center. Much to Rashad’s surprise “Rampage” is very friendly to the likable Jardine, but the discussion between Rashad and “Rampage” gets heated as they discuss the Machida, and Jardine fights respectively.

After the obligatory “bad breath” jokes from Jackson, team Evans fighter James McSweeney gets into the verbal jousting, prompting “Rampage” to jump in on McSweeney’s british accent.

At the training center, “Rampage” investigates the mystery that is “Kimbo’s” legendary beard. “Kimbo” explains that he has been growing the beard since his son was four. The beard has been trimmed and “knocked down” but NEVER been cut off…

Coach Ghosn is shown drilling some ground drills with Kimbo, working on escapes that he will definitely be needing if the fight hits the ground against Roy Nelson.

Back at the house Team Evans fighters break down “Kimbo’s” stand up and talk about his head movement, while Nelson explains some of his veteran tips to get a referee to step in and stop a fight in your favor.

Team “Rampage” shows up at the training center to get some work in, and the high pace cardio work is starting to claim some casualties. Marcus Jones is the first to show some strains with a knee issue that causes him to miss some of the training session.

Coach Jackson is visibly irritated and frustrated by Jones calling him “sensitive.” The guys at the house join in on the fun calling Jones sensitive too, and Jones admits to being called “big baby.”

Jones goes on to explain how soft he is, and admits to being a passionate gardener at home.

It’s weigh in time as UFC President Dana White greets both Roy Nelson, and “Kimbo” at the scales.

Dana breaks down both fighters for the viewers, and as Nelson tips the scales at 264 Dana adds, “Roy Nelson looks like he just left every buffet in Las Vegas, but the kid is a well rounded fighter and he is a tough guy.”

There is time for one more training session before the fight goes down, and “Kimbo” gets some stand up in, before refining his take down defense.

It’s “Big Country” time now, and the big, “rotund” man quickly shows his athleticism to his teammates. Anybody that has followed Nelson for any amount of time knows just how good this guy is on the ground. It is no secret that if the stand up gets dicey, that “Big Country” will be taken this one down to the pasture.

Enough of this already… let’s get to the fight!!

Arianny, Dana, and a touch of the gloves, lets do this.

Round 1-
Nelson is first with his jab, but “Kimbo” fires back with a double jab of his own. Nelson looking to establish his jab early and is looking good doing it. “Kimbo” with good head movement and looking for an opening. “Kimbo” throws and lands a nice leg kick.

“Kimbo” to the body, Nelson still using his jab early. Left hook by Nelson, but “Kimbo” is moving nicely. More jabs from Nelson, and “Kimbo” looks to explode landing to the body, and to the head. Nelson has had enough taking a couple with his back to the fence, and closes the distance going to the clinch.

“Kimbo” looking to defend the take down, but Nelson is relentless. “Kimbo” is using the cage nicely to defend so far and is still on his feet. Finally, Nelson gets the body lock, and a trip take down to get “Kimbo” to the mat. Within seconds, Nelson is in full mount and has “Kimbo” in deep trouble.

Nelson looking to isolate an arm, and then gets the crucifix and is landing shots. “Kimbo” escapes briefly but is flattened out again and taking unanswered shots with just seconds remaining in Round 1. He survives but for how long????

Round 2-
Jab early for “Kimbo”. “Kimbo” lands a big right hand, and follows up, but Nelson quickly closes the distance again and takes the fight back to the ground. Nelson in side mount and looking for the crucifix again.

Nelson isolates “Kimbo’s” left arm and briefly looks for a kimura or an americana, and is now landing big shots that go unanswered. Herb calls for “Kimbo” to work, but he is completely being dominated by Nelson, and Herb calls the fight.

Roy Nelson defeats Kevin “Kimbo” Ferguson by TKO, ref stoppage in Round 2.

After the fight, Roy Nelson asks for a “double whopper with cheese.”

Dana is not impressed saying, “this guy is acting like the whole world should be blown away by the performance that this guy just put on,” said White, “Roy just did just enough to win, and not get hit.”

Despite the defeat, “Kimbo” has gained more respect, and Dana left the door open for “Kimbo” to get another shot on the show… The previews for next week show that this may be the case with Marcus Jones, as he is shown falling out at the house.

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