Kimbo’s manager warns White no harm can come to the beard while on TUF 10

Don't mess with the beard.
Don't mess with the beard.

Kimbo Slice takes his beard very serious. On episode two of Inside the Ultimate Fighter, host Mike Chiappetta talks TUF 10 with UFC President Dana White. Chiappetta asks White how much money he thinks it would take for Kimbo to shave his beard. White says he does not think Kimbo would do it, then proceeds to explain why.

One of the stipulations for him to compete on The Ultimate Fighter was that no harm could come to the trademark beard. In past seasons of The Ultimate Fighter it has been very common for the house-mates to play pranks on one another. White stated that Kimbo’s management made it very clear, if anyone tried to shave his beard or do something to it while he was asleep there was going to be big problems.

White said there was no way he could guarantee no harm would come to the beard. Obviously, they must have come to some agreement because Kimbo is on the show. And so far, so good, the beard remains in tact; as shiny and as full as ever. It is a damn good beard.

The entire audio interview with White is available on He discusses numerous topics including how they initially contacted Kimbo to appear on The Ultimate Fighter and White’s opinion on Strikeforce’s recent signing of former football star Herschel Walker.