PROMMA.INFO contest sponsored by The History Channel – How Bruce Lee Changed The World

PROMMA.INFO in cooperation with The History Channel is giving away the DVD “How Bruce Lee Changed the World.” We will be giving away three copies of the video over the course of the next week. Feel free to sign up for just one of the contests or try your luck at all three. Each contest will be different.

In this first contest, the first person who answers the following question correctly will win the DVD:

Who is the first professional fighter interviewed by PROMMA.INFO and who did this fighter say he most wanted to fight “by far?”

The answer is easily found within our site with just a bit of effort (HINT: Interview Page…duhhh). Trust me, if you are a Bruce Lee fan, it is worth it. There are quite a few documentaries out there about Bruce Lee, but no one does it like the History Channel.

“How Bruce Lee Changed The World” takes a look at how Lee affected many aspects of modern society and how he influenced some of the most powerful people within sports and entertainment. UFC President Dana White says within the film, “Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts.” recently posted a review of the film you can read at and here is a trailer of “How Bruce Lee Changed the World:”

As an extra bonus check out the new Fight Bruce Lee Facebook application where you can compete against your friends.

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