“Adrenaline MMA IV” play-by-play commentary and results

Jason Riley (6-1) takes on former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia (24-6). How will Sylvia bounce back after three losses in a row?

UFC veterans Tim Sylvia and Houston Alexander return to action tonight at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa as part of “Adrenaline MMA IV.” Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (24-6) takes on Jason Riley (6-1) in the main event. This will be Sylvia’s first fight since his KO loss to pro boxer Ray Mercer.

In the co-main event Nebraska’s Houston “The Assassin” Alexander (8-4) takes on UFC vet Sherman “The Tank” Pendergarst (11-14). “Adrenaline MMA IV” airs live on HDNet beginning at 9 p.m. CT and PROMMA.INFO will be providing live play-by-play comnentary .

Quick Results:

  • Forrest Petz def. Chad Reiner by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (2:28)
  • Jimmy Seipel def. Bob Tuttle by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (2:59)
  • Joe Vedepo def. Webster Farris by KO (punch) Rd 1 (0:14)
  • Alonzo Martinez def. Ryan Williams by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Jeremy Lang def. Matt Delanoit by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
  • Houston Alexander def. Sherman Pendergarst by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (1:51)
  • Tim Sylvia def. Jason Riley by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (2:32)

un-aired bouts:
Todd Meneely vs. Corey McDonald
Dustin Smith vs. Marcos Marquez
Matt Bentley vs. Danny Black
John Hansen vs. Gregg Van der Creek
Dakota Cochrane vs. Bill Holcombe
Ryan Shell vs. Robert Rojas

Play-By-Play Commentary

(LW) Jimmy Seipel vs. Bob Tuttle
Round 1 – Left kick by Tuttle, leg kick by Tuttle followed by a left hook. Seipel shoots in locks him up, picks him up high and slams him on his back. Seipel is in side control, looking for mount, in butterfly guard. Seipel gets Tuttle’s back and is unloading with shots trying to loosen him up. Seipel gets his hooks in and flattens him out. Seipel locks in the rear-naked choke but Tuttle is defending well and gets out for the moment. Seipel still has his back. Tuttle sits up on his knees and taps out. OFFICIAL RESULT:  Jimmy Seipel defeats Bob Tuttle by submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1 (2:59).

(WW) Chad Reiner vs. Forrest Petz
Round 1 – Reiner starts out with a head kick and a muay thai plum. He goes for a takedown but Petz defends well. Petz fires away with punches, connect with a big overhand right. Reiner pulls guard, Petz stands up. Reiner goes for a takedown but Petz defends. Reiner tries to pull guard again but Petz lets him go. Reiner lands a knee and goes for another takedown. Petz lands some nice punches. Petz lands a big one-two and Reiner is dropped to his back. Petz follows up with a flurry and the ref steps in. OFFICIAL RESULT:  Forrest Petz defeats Chad Reiner by TKO (punches) Round 1 (2:28).

(MW) Joe Vedepo vs. Webster Farris
Round 1 – The guys come out and measure each other up for a moment, then kaboom Joe Vedepo lands a huge straight right hand to the chin and Farris drops down face first to the mat. Vedepo is known for his wrestling but the guy has some lead in those hands too. It takes Farris quite a few minutes to regain his senses and sit up. The officials help him recover and he is OK. OFFICIAL RESULT:  Joe Vedepo defeats Webster Farris by Knockout (punch) Round 1 (0:14).

(LW) Alonzo Martinez vs. Ryan Williams
Round 1 – Leg kicks by Martinez. Another big leg kick by Martinez. Williams shoots in by Martinez stuffs it. Williams’ nose is bleeding. Big jumping knee by Martinez to the body. Nice left jab to the nose by Martinez. Williams grabs a single leg, struggling for a takedown, Martinez sprawls and they are back on their feet. Martinez lands a nice left hook. Williams throwing punches but missing. Williams gets a takedown and is in Martinez’s guard. Martinez lands an up-kcik to the face of Williams and ref doesn’t call it. Elbows from the bottom by Martinez and a nice elbow by Williams from the top. Williams passes the guard to side mount. Elbows by Williams and knees to the body from side mount. Williams gets full mount but Martinez reverses and is in Williams’ half guard. Martinez rains down punches banging Williams’ face. PROMMA.INFO scores the round 10-9 for Martinez.
Round 2 – Williams goes for the takedown. Martinez stuffs it and they are clinched against the cage, exchanging knees to the thighs. Ref breaks them up and moves them to the center. Martinez comes in swinging, Williams shoots, Martinez locks him in a guillotine but Williams slips out. Williams is on top in Martinez’s open guard. Martinez pushes him off, tries to stand but Williams rushes in, passes guard to side mount. Williams takes his back as Martinez turns over. They scramble, Williams goes for a guillotine, Martinez is on top now and slipped out of the choke. Williams has a closed guard on Martinez. Martinez lands a nice elbow from inside the guard. Williams gives up his back and is able to stand up. Williams shoots, it’s stuffed. Martinez throws punches but they’re blocked. Williams gets the takedown. Big punch from Williams. Williams gets side mount then full mount. Martinez looks tired as Williams lands some shots. PROMMA.INFO scores round 2 10-9 for Williams.
Round 3 – Martinez lands some nice punches as does Williams. Williams shoots and gets Martinez almost down but Martinez uses the cage against his back to get up. They move back to the center. Both men breathing heavy. Martinez gets a double leg takedown. Williams grabs a kimura and almost gets it as he locks his legs on Martinez’s head but Martinez slips out. Martinez takes Williams’ back. Williams goes out the back door and takes top control. Up-kick from Martinez lands a couple of times and again. Williams takes top control again, in Martinez’s half guard. Elbow to the face by Williams. Ref lets Martinez up, they square off. Martinez leaps in with a left hand to the liver. :35 left in the match. Martinez gets a takedown and ends the fight in Williams’ guard. PROMMA.INFO gives the round 10-9 to Martinez and the fight 29-28 to Martinez. OFFICIAL RESULT:  Alonzo Martinez defeats Ryan Williams by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

(175 lbs.) Jeremy Lang vs. Matt Delanoit
Round 1 – They clinch. Lang gets a hip toss takedown and lands in full mount with hooks in. Lang maintaining control from the top.  Lang attempts a keylock but can’t get it. Lang attempts an arm triangle but gets reversed. Delanoit stands up, Lang stands up in time to meet a punch from Delanoit. Lang shotts, gets the takedown. Delanoit’s back is against the cage, he uses that to stand up. Delanoit lands a nice head kick. Lang shoots, throws Delanoit against the cage and throws  a big combination, he shoots and gets the takedown. Delanoit attempts a triangle. Lang gets side control. Delanoit locks in a kimura, very close but Lang slips out. Lang takes north-south position as the bell sounds. PROMMA.INFO gives that round 10-9 to Lang.
Round 2 – Lang shoots, gets stuffed. Delanoit lands a couple of good punches. Lang gets the takedown. Delanoit has Lang in his closed guard. Lang not doing much from top position, he’s staying just active enough not to get stood up basically. Lang stands up momentarily but goes back into Delanoit’s guard. Ref stands them up. Lang gives a sloppy shot and gets stuffed. Delanoit swings, Lang lazily shoots and is stuffed. Lang lands a left hand to the chin and another 1-2 by Lang. Lang gets the takedown; in Delanoit’s full guard. Lang throwing a lot of punches from the guard. Delanoit goes for an armbar. Lang slams him loose. Lang passes to side mount. :20 remaining in round. Elbows by Lang from side control. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Lang.
Round 3 – Delanoit lands a huge right hand. Lang shoots, but eats some shots, shoots again and gets the takedown. Lang took a big shot and is recovering. Lang in Delanoit’s half-guard. Lang gets full mount and starts raining down some punches. Lang back in half-guard. Not much action at this point. Lang moves to side control. Lang lands a nice knee to the body and lands some short punches to the face. Delanoit shrugs him off and gets up. Lang picks him up and puts him right back down. Ref stands them up. Body kick by Delanoit. Big right hand by Delanoit rocks Lang. Lang shoots and gets the takedown. That’s it. PROMMA.INFO scores that round 10-9 for Lang and the fight 30-27 for Lang. OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeremy Lang defeats Matt Delanoit by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27). Haha we called it right, Guy Mezger called it for Delanoit.

(HW) Houston Alexander vs. Sherman Pendergarst
Round 1 – Sherman weighed in at 219 lbs. and Houston weighed in at 206 lbs. Leg kick by Houston. Mezger said Sherman doesn’t have the best chin. Houston landed another big leg kick that hurt Sherman. One more leg kick by Houston rocks Sherman. Houston taking his time. One more huge leg kick, Sherman is rocked. Sherman goes to the mat and Houston lands some shots to the head. That’s it. Houston picked him apart with the leg kicks to where he couldn’t stand. Sherman tried to shoot for a takedown but Houston pushed him off and landed some punches. Great performance by Houston Alexander. OFFICIAL RESULT: Houston Alexander def. Sherman Pendergarst by TKO (strikes) Round 1 (1:51). Houston got huge applause after the win. He is on loan from the UFC. He said after the fight he is one of the top fighters in the light heavyweight division. Houston looked good, however even though Pendergarst is a big guy he has a losing record.

(HW) Tim Sylvia vs. Jason Riley
Riley said he’s going to put Tim back in a wheelchair – just like he was after the Ray Mercer fight. Tim said if he can’t beat this guy he should just hang it up. Strong words Tim. Riley said he would have fought Sylvia for free. Riley said he wants to put an end to Sylvia’s career, has no respect for him. Riley said Sylvia is not nice to the fans. He said he met Tim a few years ago and he was a d*ck. Tim is on a three fight losing streak. This is a must win. Riley is 6-1 coming into the fight. Tim is weighing in at 287 lbs. His chest is unshaven and he looks almost like the photo above.
Round 1 – Riley lands a right hand to the jaw. Elbow by riley. Tim lands a shot. They clinch up. Riley puts him against the cage. Knee to the body by Tim. Shots to the body from the clinch by Tim. They break upu and move back to the center. Tim is throwing that jab out there. Riley throws a big overhand right that misses. Riley wants that KO. Tim is doing a better job boxing. Leg kick by Riley. Nice left hook by Tim drops Riley to the mat, Tim follows him down and finishes him off with a number of right hand hammerfists. Tim picked him apart. Tim still hits hard. Mezger said Riley bit off more than he could chew. Sylvia landed 87% of his strikes. OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Sylvia defeats Jason Riley by TKO (strikes) Round 1 (2:32). Sylvia said he’s back, he’s done with boxing, and will be focusing on MMA. His next fight may be in Japan. He thanked Bas Rutten and Mark Delagrotte for helping him train for the fight.

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