Ramapge is set to star as B.A. Baracus in a new A-Team movie. He was supposed to fight at UFC 107. The UFC President is not happy.
Dana White is mad, but not quite ready to fire Rampage.

UFC President Dana White was recently asked what he thought about the guys that are trying to split their time between acting and fighting. His response was that he hated it.

“I hate it so bad I can’t even tell you how bad I hate it,” said White. “I’m so mad at Rampage over this. Rampage is a guy we’ve obviously taken under our wing the last few years, really like him, have done a lot of good things for him, and for him to do this to me, to pull out and do this goofy A-Team movie, man I’m not happy about it at all.”

Translation: We helped Rampage out when he went crazy after losing his title to Rashad, got in a police chase, crashed into cars, was accused of killing a fetus, and ended up face down in the street while cops held their guns on him. We bailed him out, took care of him, even let him star in our hit reality series, and this is how he thanks us?

Dana went on to say Rampage is literally giving up millions of dollars to go play Mr. T. Some have argued that if Rampage can become a huge star off this movie it will be worth it. Dana disagrees with that logic.

“If you think he’s going to go in there and say, ‘I pity da’ fool’ and he’s going to become a huge serious actor off that role, give me freaking break,” said White.

Dana is mad at Jackson for sure but he did confirm he is not mad enough to fire him.

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  1. Good For You Quinton, (do you!) I almost wish you would have done the same thing as Frank Mir and claimed an injury. (i.e. Mir vs Lesner)

    I love to see you fight. Rashad Evans and Diego Sanchez are my all time favorite fighters.

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