Tito Ortiz is special guest host on MMA Connected and talks with returning UFC welterweight Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg. Trigg starts off the interview by telling Tito he thinks he will lose against Mark Coleman, so it’s not a huge surprise when Tito ends the interview by telling Trigg he will need all the luck he can get when he faces Josh Koscheck at UFC 103.

Tito interviews Vitor Belfort after the jump…

Tito talks with Vitor Belfort about his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin at UFC 103 in Dallas, Texas. The two UFC fighters also reminisce about their UFC 51 fight and congratulate each other on returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

One thought on “Tito Ortiz interviews Frank Trigg and Vitor Belfort on MMA Connected”
  1. Frank Trigg’s head is going to explode if it gets any bigger. I can’t wait to see everyone in the UFC wail on him–again. Trigg is just a B class fighter.

    Beg all you want Frank, everyone _still_ doesn’t want your autograph.

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