Frank Mir is an interesting bird; very cerebral. He did not like Joe Rogan bringing up the fact that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was not 100-percent coming into their fight. How dare he say the guy had staph and was in the hospital just days before the bout. Anyone who saw “Minotauro” fight Mir and then saw him fight Couture at UFC 102, knows for a fact that was not the same Nogueira in both fights. Mir also puts Fedor in his place.

3 thoughts on “Frank Mir does not like Rogan making excuses for Nogueira”
  1. Brazilian fighters have to travel to the States to figh in the Octagon, 4 hours time difference, different climate, food, and so on. Would like to see him vantage if he had to fight abroad more often, with jetlag.

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