Brett Rogers poised to become MMA’s next God

Photo by: Jack Bratcher - Brett Rogers ready to become an MMA God.
Photo by: Jack Bratcher - Brett Rogers ready to become an MMA God.

MMA Fanhouse spoke with 10-0 undefeated Brett “The Grim” Rogers on the heels of the announcement that he will be fighting Fedor Emelianenko sometime this fall in a Strikeforce / M-1 Global co-promotion.

Whatever you may think of Rogers, one thing is certain. If he defeats Emelianenko, his life will change forever. “I’m God then. I’m the God of MMA. I’ll become the God of MMA, right? Isn’t that how it goes,” Rogers redundantly asked. “I’m the soul snatcher; I’m the Grim. I’ll take all his wins and put them under my belt, and then everybody can just hush up.”

Rogers has the drive to be number one. He has that drive to be the champion. He has purpose and that extra something that separates him from mediocrity. “There’s no other reason but to fight the best,” said Rogers. “I don’t fight for fun. I fight for the title; I fight for the money, and the respect. That’s me, and a lot of folks need to know that. I don’t care to just get in and have fun.”

If anything, Rogers is confident in his abilities. Slowly but surely he has been earning people’s respect. They doubted him against Arlovski and he shut them up quick. Now they will doubt him when he faces Fedor, and in all honesty, he has the tools that could end the reign of The Last Emperor. And he knows it.

No one has been able to really test Rogers on the ground, but as always, he says he is prepared for wherever the fight goes. He gives a prediction on how his fight with Fedor will end. “I’m going to knock him out,” said Rogers. “He’s going to give me his chin, somehow, someway. He’s going to get sloppy with that overhand right that he loves to do or he’ll try to shoot in for a takedown, and I’ll catch him with either a knee or an uppercut … something. I’m going to drop him. I want the crowd to go (gasp). I want to get that reaction out of people. So I can’t wait.”

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