CFC, Art of Fighting, UCUK, Alliance Fights, and DEEP Picks

Last week was bittersweet for me. In my first weekend picking fights for PRO MMA ( I went 14-5 with 2 no contests, which is a rate of 74%. However, my 3-2 performance on the Strikeforce main card was not good enough to take first place in the PRO MMA Staff Picks. That honor was held by my fellow colleagues Dusty Adams, Tim Thompson, and Jack Bratcher.

This weekend there are a few quality match-ups including the finals of a light heavyweight tournament and a featherweight title fight, but most of the fights are tune-ups. That means that come Monday there will be no excuse for a bad picking percentage. So, here are this weekends picks, and as always if you think you know better, let me know in the comments section.

CFC 10 – Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals
James Te Huna vs. Anthony Perosh

These two fighters will face off in the finals of the CFC’s light heavyweight tournament. Although Perosh is the UFC veteran, he went 0-2 in the promotion, and only had to best Nate Carey and David Frendin to make this final. Te Huna was extremely impressive in his bracket stopping both Antony Rea and Priscus Fogagnolo. Look for him to bully Perosh and take home a stoppage victory and the CFC title. Perosh fans should not worry. Their fighter will be back in action soon, as he is scheduled to participate in ADCC’s 98.9 kg category.
Pick = James Te Huna

Art of Fighting – Damage
Marcio Cruz vs. Tom Sauer

It is nice to see Sauer fighting again, but he is going to be submitted rather quickly. With the recent run on heavyweights, could a win here lead Pe de Pano back to b big show? Let’s hope so.
Pick = Marcio Cruz

Seth Petruzelli vs. Chris Baten
Chris Baten looks tough as nails, but his claim to fame is being submitted by Jamal Patterson in the IFL. Petruzelli is the superior striker, and it will show as he stops Baten in the first round. Somewhere Gary Shaw is dreaming of Petruzelli vs. Slice II.
Pick = Seth Petruzelli

Delson Heleno vs. Tyler Stinson
Tyler Stinson holds an impressive 12-4 record, but sadly for him he won’t be able to hang with Delson Heleno on the ground. A win here would be Pe de Chumbo’s second win since the demise of the IFL. He would make a nice addiction to the quickly expanding Strikeforce welterweight division.
Pick = Delson Heleno

Jarrod Card vs. Gilbert Burgos
Card has been really impressive in his last two fights against Jeff Bedard and Bruce Connors. Gilbert Bugos is a good test for the up and comer. A win here could drive Card, a friend of the site, right into the WEC.
Pick = Jarrod Card

Alliance Fights – Counterstrike
Mario Miranda vs. Gary Padilla

Gary Padilla is the perfect type of gatekeeper for Mario Miranda. Apparently there is a big time contract in the cards for him if he wins. Miranda will dominate with wrestling and probably score a submission late in the fight.
Pick = Mario Miranda

Ultimate Challenge UK – Payback
Neil Grove vs. Markus Hipp

Despite being 0-3, Markus Hipp will be taking on UCUK heavyweight champion Neil Grove with the title on the line. Hipp is just what the doctor order for Grove since he was defeated by Mike Ciesnolevicz in his UFC debut. He isn’t a world-beater, but hopefully he finds his way back to the UFC. After all he is better than Neil Wain.
Pick = Neil Grove

Jimi Manuwa vs. Luke Blythe
The UCUK promotion is pushing Jimi Manuwa. The former body builder looks the part and throws bombs. So far this strategy has lead him to a 4-0 record with four stoppages. Look for the hits to keep on coming as Luke Blythe is being set up to fail. Also, special thanks goes out to Manuwa’s camp for putting his fights on youtube.
Pick = Jimi Manuwa

Brad Pickett vs. Dave Lee
Although never a top-level featherweight, Brad Pickett has always been able to defeat most fighters who cannot exploit him on the ground. Lee does not have the grappling superiority, and will drop a decision because of it.
Pick = Brad Pickett

DEEP 43 Impact
Ryo Chonan vs. Jutaro Nakao

Despite dropping three of four in the UFC, Ryo Chonan is still a serviceable welterweight. He should get back on track here. Time has not been kind to Nakao as his striking has significantly slowed down. This will give Chonan the advantage on the feet and in the fight.
Pick = Ryo Chonan

Bernard Ackah vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa
Ryushi Yanagaisawa has only fought once since being defeated by Fedor “M-1 Global” Emelianenko in 2001. Ackah should have a strong advantage on the feet, and he should make it a quick night for Yanagisawa. On a side not, if Herschel Walker does try MMA his debut needs to be can against Ackah? That way he can then give him the Johnnie Morton special and earn the nickname “NFL Hunter.”
Pick = Bernard Ackah

Masakazu Imanari vs. Tomohiko Hori
At bantamweight there are not very many fighters who can hang with Imanari on the ground. Hori is one of the inept lot. Imanari will be able to end this fight by submission early and by whatever he wants.
Pick = Masakazu Imanari

Dokonjonsuke Mishima vs. Takafumi Otsuka
This here is clearly the fight of the weekend. Mishima has found new life and a sport in the top ten at featherweight, but he’s getting closer to 40 years of age and injuries are beginning to pile up. Look for Otsuka to use his strong AACC built wrestling base to keep the fight on the feet and land effective flurries en route to a decision victory and a sport in the featherweight top ten.
Pick = Takafumi Otsuka