Randy Couture officially announced for EA Sports “MMA”

Photo by: promma.info - EA Sports President Peter Moore and UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture speak at Saturday's MMA video game press conference.

PRO MMA’s (promma.info) “Fast” Eddie Constantine was at the EA Sports MMA video game press conference today in San Jose.

24 hours (and 1 million copies) after the release of Madden 2010 yesterday, the focus was on mixed martial arts for the head honcho of EA sports, Peter Moore.

The anticipated release of the game will be in 2010. “This will probably be the only place to see Randy and Fedor fight,” Moore stated! “We just wrapped up taking all the stills, and the motion capture work will start in October.”

It did not take long for the UFC questions to fly and Loretta Hunt spearheaded this. According to Randy there has been no adverse reaction from Dana White and the rest of the Zuffa team with regards to this game. I don’t know if I believed that!

With all his responsibilities, I asked the UFC hall-of-famer if he felt the ramp up in marketing would affect his training for future fights. “For those 10 weeks leading up to the fight that is all I will be doing,” said Couture.

Moore also stated Electronic Arts intention of alternating the future release of subsequent MMA titles in alternating years with the Fight Night platform. “We want to have a fight game come out every year,” said Moore.

It has yet to be decided which fight surface will be used in the game, or if players will be able to choose a ring or cage.

Other fighters announced were Jay Heiron, Renato Sobral and Strikeforce as a whole organization will be sponsored by EA, however there has been no decision as to who will grace the cover of the premier edition.

By:  “Fast” Eddie Constantine

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