Now, we all know that the biggest card this weekend is the much anticipated Strikeforce “Carano vs. Cyborg” card, but we here at PRO MMA ( like to give fans a chance to follow all the MMA the world has to offer. So, here are some picks for the other fight cards this weekend, and if you don’t agree there is always the comment section, and on Monday we will see who was right.

Strikeforce “Carano vs. Cyborg” Undercard
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Mike Cook (7-4) vs. Scott Lighty (4-0)
Scott Lighty is the much more technical striker. Even though this is only his fifth MMA fight, he also has had 42 fights in kickboxing with a 29-11-2 record. Mike Cook will be desperate to take the fight to the ground, but at some point during the fight Lighty’s hands will find Cook’s face and his night will end shortly after.
Pick = Scott Lighty

David Douglas (4-1) vs. Justin Wilcox (5-3)
Sadly most people’s only memory of Justin Wilcox is him being highlight-reel submitted by Mitsuhiro Ishida. Wilcox is actually a powerhouse wrestler who trains with AKA. Douglas is dangerous of his back, but look for Wilcox to avoid submissions and a take a top-control decision. This time “The Silverback” takes out “Tarzan.”
Pick = Justin Wilcox

Zak Bucia (3-2) vs. James Terry (6-1)
These two fought a few months ago. Terry dominated Bucia with wrestling and took a 30-27 decision on all three scorecards. Four months is not enough time to lean effective takedown defense, so Terry should be able to impose his will once more.
Pick = James Terry

Isaiah Hill (4-6-1) vs. Alexander Trevino (3-0)
Alexander Trevino does not have Hill’s experience, but he should have enough ground skill to take a decision. Hill has not tasted victory in five fights, mostly because he gets stuck on the bottom.
Pick = Alexander Trevino

Rage in the Cage 133

Eric McElroy (3-3) vs. Edwin Dewees (35-13)
Edwin Dewees has not fought since losing to Antonio Rogerio Nogueria and getting busted for steroids. Although he has faltered at the sport’s highest levels, Dewees will dominate most fighters on the local circuit.
Pick = Edwin Dewees

Call to Arms: Called out Fights

Joe Cronin (13-10) vs. Thomas Denny (26-18) Thomas Denny will redeem himself for his Bully Beatdown performance. Joe Cronin is a tough fighter, but he has not faced the level of fighters Denny has. Look for Denny’s experience to pay off in this fight as he takes a decision.
Pick = Thomas Denny

Wander Braga (10-0) vs. Gabe Ruediger (14-5)
Gabe Ruediger is a much better fighter than he showed on his infamous stint on TUF, but a win here is not in the cards for him. Ruediger relies on his submission game to carry him to victories, but Braga is the much better grappler all the way around.
Pick = Wander Braga

Roman Mitichyan (5-3) vs. Mike Dolce (4-6)
Mike Dolce seems to be at the end of a serious career skid. In this fight he should be able to use his strength and wrestling advantage to control the pace and take a decision victory.
Pick = Mike Dolce

Kathy Long (0-0) vs. Avery Vilche (1-1-1)
The ridiculous side of MMA rears its ugly head here. Kathy Long, the 45-year-old former kickboxing world champion who provided commentary for UFC 1, makes her MMA debut. I’m tempted to take Vilche because she a submission victory on his record, but I don’ think this fight would have been made if Vilche wasn’t a set up opponent.
Pick = Kathy Long

Emanuel Newton (11-4-1) vs. Raphael Davis (6-1)
Props should go to the promoter for putting together this quality scrap. Davis is a grinder who stopped Vinny Magalhaes, but Newton should take this one. Newton was considered one of the top 205-pound prospects in the game before his last loss to Trevor Prangley. Newton’s coach, Antonio McKee, will come up with a solid game plan that will lead his fighter to a victory.
Pick = Emanuel Newton

Daniel Puder (7-0) vs. Mychal Clark (6-8)
First, let’s get the obligatory “Mychal Clark is the best dancer in MMA” out of the way. Mychal Clark is also a much better fighter than his record would indicate. I would probably pick Clark if he wasn’t on such a skid and too small for heavyweight. Puder has never been serious about MMA, but he is athletic enough to bring home victories.
Pick = Daniel Puder

XFO 31 Outdoor War 5

Bart Palaszewski (30-13) vs. Lucas Gwaltney (11-11-2)
I’m tempted to take Gwaltney, because he has some wrestling and Bartimus can’t stop a takedown. However, Palaszewski is a higher level fighter and should get back on track here.
Pick = Bart Palaszewski

Mike Marrello (11-2-1) vs. Jeremy Horn (81-19-5)
If Jeremy Horn has gotten his competitive fire back he should dominate this fight. If he doesn’t he should still be able to enough to catch Marrello in a submission.
Pick = Jeremy Horn

M-1 Challenge
M-1 must have been too busy promoting Fedor “M-1 Global” Emelianenko, because this two-day edition of the M-1 Challenge contains very few noteworthy fights.

Tom Blackledge (8-6) vs. Enoc Solbes
Blackledge will lose to most solid heavyweights, but here he is in luck. This fight is not at heavyweight and Solbes is nowhere near solid.
Pick = Tom Blackledge

Hidehiko Hasegawa (16-12-6) vs. Jose Bertran
Although he was caught and knocked out in his last fight in M-1 Challenge, this is a level in which Hasegawa should clean up. He is not a guy who is going to break into the big show anytime soon, but he should handle Jose Bertran and his ilk.
Pick = Hidehiko Hasegawa

Yusuke Kawaguchi (8-1) vs. Cirio Tejera
In his last fight he took a step up in competition and lost to Rob Broughton, but I will never miss an opportunity to talk about Kawaguchi, for he is DEEP’s Megaton champion. Anyone who doesn’t remember the Megaton GP needs to head to youtube ASAP. In this fight expect Kawaguchi to swing for the fences and land enough shots to win.
Pick = Yusuke Kawaguchi

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