M-1 Global to offer Saturday and Sunday’s M-1 Challenge events via Internet PPV

Amsterdam, Holland – With one of the largest weekends of fighting in the history of MMA on tap, M-1Global.com announced Thursday that it will be making all 31 fights in this weekend’s two-day M- 1 Challenge event at Studio 22 in Hilversum, Holland available on Internet PPV.

Orders for the event are now being accepted via M-1Global.com (use the SMS payment widget on the right side of the page) with pricing packages for one or two days (price varies upon region; broadcast not available in the U.S. or South Korea).

With a total of 10 teams currently in Holland awaiting to do battle, a total of 30 fights featuring teams from Holland/Benelux, the United States, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, England, Spain, and others are on hand to compete in challenge events that will start 7 p.m. local time on Saturday and 5 p.m. local time on Sunday.

For those unable to attend the event live at Studio 22 (tickets are still available by clicking here), they will be treated to some intense mixed martial arts action on the Internet as France, England, and the United States will all be competing in separate contests in which their post-season hopes will be on the line.

Top M-1 talent on display with include 16-year kickboxing champion Jeronimo de Groot, French phenoms Christophe Daffreville and Christian M’pumbu, English light heavyweight Tom Blackledge ( a coach on this year’s 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter), former UFC fighter and current World Team member Miodrag Petkovic, scheduled M-1 Global “Breakthrough” heavyweight Jessie Gibbs, Russia Legion welterweight Magomed Shihshabekov (voted Sherdog’s number eight top European prospect), USA East heavyweight and former WEC fighter Charles Grigsby, one-time EliteXC veteran John Doyle, and Strikeforce-contracted welterweight Shamar Bailey.

Additionally, the two-day event will feature playoff-implication contests between Team England vs. Spain, Team France vs. Japan, and United States East vs. Team Benelux. England, France, and USA East must all win in order to have a shot at qualifying for this year’s post-season.

For pricing and ordering information, simply visit M-1Global.com and submit your information via SMS though the payment widget on the right hand side of the page. Tickets for the event are also available by CLICKING HERE or going to the following URL: http://www.m-1global.com/?page_id=1621

Updates as well as weigh-in information will be available later today at www.M-1Globa.com. The complete lineup is now as follows (all starting time local to Holland):

Day One (Saturday, Aug. 15 at 7 p.m.)

  • Superfight (Kickboxing Rules): Jeronimo de Groot vs. Sascha Valentin

Team Challenge #1: Spain vs. England

  • 1. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Jose Roque vs. Scott Hewitt
  • 2. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Jonathan Leon vs. Simon Phillips
  • 3. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Rafael Rodriguez vs. Matt Thorpe
  • 4. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Enoc Solbes vs. Tom Blackledge
  • 5. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Paco Estevez vs. David Keeley

Team Challenge #2: France vs. Japan

  • 6. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Makhtar Gueye vs. Yoshiro Tomioka
  • 7. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Gael Grimaud vs. Yuya Shirai
  • 8. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Christophe Dafreville vs. Yusuke Masuda
  • 9. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Christian M’pumbu vs. Hideto Tatsumi
  • 10. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Akim Assenine vs. Yoshiyuki Nakanishi

Team Challenge #3: World vs. Germany

  • 11. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Danial Sharifi vs. Daniel Weichel
  • 12. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Diego Gonzales vs. Nordin Asrih
  • 13. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Nathan Schouteren vs. Ismael Cetinkaya
  • 14. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Johan Romming vs. Mathias Schuck
  • 15. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Miodrag Petkovic vs. Thorsten Kronz

Day Two (Saturday, Aug. 16 at 5 p.m.)

Team Challenge #1: Spain vs. Japan

  • 1. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Abner Lloveras vs. Luiz Andrada
  • 2. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Jose Bertran vs. Hidehiko Hasegawa
  • 3. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Rayco Kakin vs. Rikuhei Fuji
  • 4. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Chinto Mordillo vs. Tatsuya Mizuno
  • 5. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Cirio Tejera vs. Yusuke Kawaguchi

Team Challenge #2: Turkey vs. Russia Legion

  • 6. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Akin Duran vs. Rustam Khabilov
  • 7. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Faith Dogan vs. Magomed Shihshabekov
  • 8. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Ahmed Bayrak vs. Sergey Kornev
  • 9. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Abdullah Ahmady vs. Besiki Gerenava
  • 10. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Gurhan Degirmenci vs. Akhmed Sultanov

Team Challenge #3: Benelux vs. USA East

  • 11. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg): Danny van Bergen vs. David Zitnik
  • 12. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg): Raymond Jarman vs. Shamar Bailey
  • 13. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg): Richard Plug vs. John Doyle
  • 14. Light Heavyweight (204.8 lbs./-93 kg): Jason Jones vs. Mike Connors
  • 15. Heavyweight (+204.8 lbs./+93 kg): Jessie Gibbs vs. Charles Grigsby

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