“Joker” Guymon held for observation

Photo: Sherdog

Current King of the Cage Welterweight Champion Mike “Joker” Guymon was taken for psychiatric evaluation on Tuesday after what is being called a “suicide attempt” according to the OC Register. Guymon (10-2-1), an original member of The Tapout Crew, runs Joker’s Wild Fighting Academy in Lake Forest, Calif. and has worked with many of MMA’s elite athletes.

Deputies were called to Guymon’s house by his wife Nicole. She said her husband was extremely distraught after they had an argument. The report states that originally Joker had a gun but his wife was able to get it from him.

A county-wide broadcast was put out with a description of Joker and his vehicle. In the meantime, Joker’s wife called Jim Amormino, a close friend of the fighter who works for the Sherrif’s department, and pleaded for him to help her husband.

Deputies located Guymon sitting inside of his SUV at an ARCO station. He refused to come out of his vehicle. Unsure if the fighter was armed, the officers surrounded the SUV.

Amormino, who had made several calls to Guymon to try and help him, asked him to surrender once he realized he was surrounded by police. “He said, ‘No, I’m going to make them shoot me,’ ” Amormino said. Finally, Guymon agreed to come out of the vehicle for Amormino.

Guymon gave up peacefully and allowed Amormino to handcuff him. Guymon was then put on psychiatric-evaluation hold at Evaluation and Treatment Services, a Santa Ana psychiatric hospital where he could be held for up to 72 hours. Authorities do not believe drugs were involved.

Editor’s Note: “Joker” Guymon is a great asset to the sport, not to mention a great fighter. This is the kind of  news you hate to report. Personally, I’ve never heard one bad word about Joker and everyone I know who has met him say he’s a great guy. Our thoughts are with he and his family during this time.

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  1. This is sad news. Joker is a great person and I am troubled to hear this. Not only is he an asset to the sport, but to the world as well. My thoughts and prayers are with Mike and his family.

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