Please join PRO MMA ( for a live play-by-play of Sengoku’s Ninth Battle. The card will feature a lightweight title fight, and the finals of the Sengoku featherweight tournament.

-Hatsu Hioki (19-3-2) vs. Masanori Kanehara (13-5-5)
-Marlon Sandro (14-0) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (6-7-1)
-Matt Jaggers (11-5) vs. Chang Sung Jung (6-1)
-Satoru Kitaoka (24-8-9) vs. Mizuto Hirota (11-3)
-Kazuyuki Fujita (15-7) vs. Blagoi Ivanov (0-0)
-Kazuo Misaki (21-9-2) vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura (13-9)
-Eiji Mitsuoka (15-6-2) vs. Clay French (16-5)
-Yoshihiro Nakao (7-2) vs. Choi Mu Bae (9-3)
-Akihiro Gono (29-14-7) vs. Dan Hornbuckle (17-2)
-Ikuo Usuda (4-0) vs. Koji Ando (2-0-2)
-Toru Harai (6-2) vs. Shigeki Osawa (2-0)
-Takeshi Numajiri (1-1) vs. Ryosuke Komori (3-1)

Takeshi Numajiri vs. Ryosuke Komori
Round 1
After an exchange Numajiri is able to take Komori down to the mat. Komori does a good job of preventing Numajiri from doing damage. Numajiri stands over Komori and kicks the legs, and the referee breaks the action. Komori comes in with a big kick that misses, but lands a right hand that ends the fight at 3:25 of the opening round.
Ryoksuke Komori defeats Takeshi Numajri KO (punch)

Toru Harai vs. Shigeki Osawa

Harai tries for two takedowns, but they are easily stuffed by Osawa. Osawa tries to score with big right hooks, but instead eats counters. Osawa finally lands one, and easily stuffs another single leg attempt from Harai, and then Osawa ends up in top position. Osawa lands a few pitter-pat punches and defends a weak armbar attempt from Harai. The referee stands the fighters back up. Osawa blocks a few hard shots from Harai and then lands a hard counter hook that drops Harai. Osawa follows to the mat with hard shots, and ends the fight at 4:24 of round 1.
Shigeki Osawa defeats Toru Harai TKO (punches)

Ikuo Usuda vs. Koji Ando
Round 1

Ando comes forward with combinations, but does not land. Usuda also throws wild combos that don’t come close. The fighters circle each other, and there is not a lot of action. Ando appears to be pressing the action, but Usuda has landed a few more punches.

Round 2
Usuda comes forward and threatens with leg kicks. Ando is able to land counters, but does not do much damage with them. Ando doesn’t check the leg kicks. Usuda starts to get a little bit more aggressive and eats a few counters for his efforts. Ando throws more punches and stalks his opponent.

Round 3
Usuda continues to press the actions, and begins to land more and more shots as the fight wears on
Ikuo Usuda defeats Koji Ando Decision (Unanimous)

Yoshihiro Nakao vs. Mu Bae Choi
Round 1

Nakao throws a leg kick as the fighters circle. He continues to prob with leg kicks and rushes in with a combo and avoids a Choi takedown. Nakao gets the front headlock position and misses with an uppercut on the break. Nakao is looking to circle and keep distance. Another leg kick lands. Front kick misses, followed by a single leg attempt that scores. Nakao is in Choi’s open guard. Choi tries to stand and eats a knee and a combo from the front headlock, but then reverses and takes Kiss’s back with no hooks. Nakao gets back to his feet, and is pressed into the corner from behind. Choi punches the side of Nakao’s head. Nakao faces Choi and breaks away. Back to back front kicks for Nakao. Choi clinches the smaller fighter up against the ropes. Nakao gives up his back standing. The referee breaks the action. Leg kick lands for Nakao and time is called as Choi’s hand-wrap is adjusted. Nakao finishes a single leg, but Choi is able to immediately scramble back to the feet. The fighters clinch against the ropes as the round ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Nakao

Round 2
Nakao returns to his leg kick game plan before rushing in and scoring with a single leg takedown. Choi holds Nakao as he sits up against the ropes. Nakao passes into Choi’s half guard. Choi scrambles and eats knees from Nakao’s front headlock. Choi gets back to his feet and comes forward wild. Nakao catches another single and finishes into side control. From there he lands punches to the face, and gets the front head lock for knees once again. Choi stands and presses Nakao into the corner. Nakao turns his back and goes for a Sakuraba Kimura lock. The referee breaks the clinch. Nakao lands and combo and finishes another single. Choi goes to the turtle position and eats some punches. Nakao get the front head lock again, but Choi is able to escape back to his feet. Choi rushes in and presses Nakao in the corner again. Nakao gives his back for the Kimura again. There is little action, and the referee breaks the clinch with 30 seconds left. The fighters clinch again in the opposite corner.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Nakao

Round 3
Sweep single from Nakao, but Choi escapes. Nakao catches a body kick from Choi and takes the fight to the ground, and passes to half guard and then side. Nakao ends up in the front head lock position again and lands a knee. Nakao tries to take Choi back to the mat with a cement mixer, but Choi rolls back into the front head lock. Knee from Nakao, and a punch to the midsection. The referee stands the fighters up. Nakao finishes a single, and ends up in Choi’s half guard. Kiss throws pitter-pat punches, before passing to side and landing knees to the side and head. Choi is being positionally dominated from side control, and seems to be fatigued. Nakao lands light punches to Choi’s head, and mixes in a knee. Nakao goes for a knee, but Choi scrambles. Kiss counters with the front head lock position and knees. Choi gets back to his feet at the ten second mark, and the fight ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Nakao
PRO MMA winner Yoshihiro Nakao 30-27
Yoshihiro Nakao defeats Mu Bae Choi Decision (Unanimous)

Hatsu Hioki vs. Masanori Kanehara
Round 1

Leg kick and high kick from Hioki, is answered by a missed high kick from Kanehara. Hioki comes forward with a combo and pushed his opponent into the ropes. Kanehara fails on a takedown attempt and they break. Hioki finishes a double leg and pass to half guard. Kanehars regains guard, but only for a moment, as he is mounted by Hioki. Kanehara does his best to defend, but he is eating his fair share. Kanehara tries to sweep, and Hioki locks in a triangle in transition. He switches to an armbar, and then back to the triangle. Hioki goes back to the armbar, and Kanehara counters with a leg lock that allows Hioki to regain top position. Hioki passes to side control, and then mount. Then more punches from Hioki.
PRO MMA score 10-8 Hioki

Round 2
Hioki takes Kanehara down with a double. There is a threat of a guillotine for a second, but Hioki escapes. He passes to side control and knees to the head and body. Kanehara regains a butterfly hook before being mounted. The referee turns the fighters to the middle. Hioki postures up and strikes down. Kanehara bucks and gets caught in an armbar. He scrambles to get away and takes Hioki’s back. Hioki scrambles himself and regains side control, and knees Kanehara’s head. Kanehara knees from the bottom with little power. Hioki mounts again and flurries. He goes for the triangle from the mount again and ends up in guard. Kanehara kicks away and tries to land an uppercut. Hioki gets behind his opponent and drags him to the mat. Hioki locks in the rear naked with only one hook at the 30 second mark. He loses the grip and the round ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Hioki

Round 3
Head kick lands for Kanehara, and then a body kick from Hioki. A one two lands for Hioki. A super man punch misses but a body kick lands for Kanehara. Leg kick lands. A one two for Hioki lands again followed by a body kick. Hioki seems to want to stand after taking his opponent down at will in the first two rounds. Hioki catches a kick and clinches against the ropes. He drops for a double that is stuff. Kanehara reshoots, and is caught in a guillotine. Kanehara escapes and passes to half guard. Hioki regains full guard. Hioki pulls rubber guard. Kanehara slips out and tries to pass again, but fails. Kanehara throws wildly until the bell and then falls back in exhaustion.
PRO MMA Score 10-9 Kanehara
PRO MMA winner Hioki (29-27)
Hatsu Hioki defeats Masanori Kanehara Decision

Marlon Sandro vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Round 1

Front kick lands for Sandro. He wades in and eats a few from Omigawa. Hard counters land for Sandro. He is throw hard shots at Omigawa. He tries to clinch and take Sandro down, but it is stuffed. A one two lands for Sandro. A long combination comes from Sandro, but most of it is blocked by Omigawa. The judo player clinches and tries to score with a foot sweep, once again Sandro is wise to it. Omigawa pushes Sandro into the corner until the referee breaks the clinch. The fighters circle, Omigawa is in constance motion. He comes forward and a lands a shot that seems to stun Sandro. Omigawa gets the clinch with double underhooks, but still can’t finish the foot sweep. They clinch against the ropes, break away and then circle. The two fighters exchange hard combinations. Sandro defends another takedown, and then throws a few shots on the way out.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Sandro
Omigawa continues to charge in, and eats punches for his efforts. Sandro shows good footwork and continually circles away. As the round ends Sandro lands a few shots.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Sandro
Sandro keeps his hands high and throws a knee. Everything Sandro throws is heavy. Omigawa scores with a jab and stalks his opponent. A jab to the body with not much on it lands for Omigawa. Sandro lands back to back one two combinations. Sandro throws a jab and then tries a double leg that is easily stuffed by Omigawa. Sandro catches Omigawa coming in and throws and clinch knee. Right cross scores for Sandro. Omigawa clinches and press Sandro in a corner. The fighters break and Sandro lands another cross. Sandro is landing the crisper strikes, and a clinch knee. Omigawa presses Sandro into the ropes. Whenever Omigawa throws he eats a stiff counter from Sandro. Omigawa gets a body lock, but still can’t get Sandro to the ground instead he presses against the ropes. Finally Omigawa gets the foot sweep, and throws punches from the top position. Sandro goes for a leg lock as the fight ends.
PRO MMA score Sandro 10-9
PRO MMA winner Marlon Sandro (30-27)
Michihiro Omigawa defeats Marlon Sandro Decision

Matt Jaggers vs. Chan Sung Jung
Round 1

Sung Jung lands a hard combination that forces Jaggers to shoot and then pull guard. Jaggers recovers on the bottom. The referee moves them back to the middle. Jung lands a few strikes, but Jaggers is defending well. The referee stands them up and warns them for inactivity. A jumping knee from Chan lands, and a hard flurry follows. Jaggers shoots a double and finishes. Jaggers shows very little offense from the top, as Chan tries to strike. Chan almost pulls off a sweep, but in the end Jaggers ends up in his half guard. Chan regains guard at the 10 second mark. The round ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Chan Sung Jung

Round 2
High kick misses for Jung. Jaggers get a takedown, and the referee turns them to the center. Jung unleashes some hammerfist from the bottom, and then locks in a triangle choke. He adjusts and pulls down on the head forcing the tap from Jaggers.
Chan Sung Jung defeats Matt Jagger Submission (Triangle Choke)

Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Clay French
Round 1

Leg kick lands for Mitsuoka. The fighters clinch. Mitsuoka picks up a single leg, but is forced to let it go. Mitsuoka throws some knees and foot stomps in the clinch, and then finishes the takedown. French keeps his guard open, and gets back to his feet. Mitsuoka catches him in a guillotine and ends it quickly.
Eiji Mitsuoka defeats Clay French Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Akihiro Gono vs. Dan Hornbuckle
Round 1

Hornbuckle lands a leg kick. The two fighters almost clash heads as they come in to strike. Hard body cross lands for Gono. Body kick lands for Hornbuckle, and Gono answers with his own body kick. Hornbuckle comes in and clinches with Gono, but the two fighters break quickly. A counter hook lands for Gono. Hornbuckle comes forward with another leg kick. He follows it up with a hard combination and a flurry of clinch knees. He shoves Gono to the ground and lands hard shots. Gono is finally able to close his guard, he is cut under his eye. Hornbuckle punches to the body, but he is not being very effective from the top. Hornbuckle stands over Gono, and Gono scrambles back to his feet. At the bell Gono catches a Hornbuckle kick and lands a hard body punch.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Hornbuckle

Round 2
Gono continues to punch to the body. He then fires off an inside leg kick. He catches a Hornbuckle kick and drops Hornbuckle with a body punch. The two fighters clinch momentarily, and then split. Right cross lands for Gono. The fighters clinch, and Gono lands a knee. Hornbuckle rushes in and takes Gono to the ground. Hornbuckle is in Gono’s half guard. Hornbuckle passes to the mount. He is not able to mount very much offense from the dominate position, and Gono is not able to escape.
PRO MMA score Hornbuckle 10-9

Round 3
The fighters kick at the same time. Gono seems like he wants to push the pace. He starts throwing more straight punches. Hornbuckle goes for a takedown, but Gono stuggs it. Hornbuckle pushes him into the ropes, and the referee breaks it. Gono lunges forward with a hook, and then connects to the body again. Hornbuckle catches a kick from Gono, and then delivers one of his own. His kick catches Gono, and knocks him out cold on top of the bottom rope.
Dan Hornbuckle defeats Akihiro Gono KO (Head Kick)

Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Blagoi Ivanov
Round 1
The fighters circle. Fujita throws a lot of fakes. Fujita throws some hard crosses that are ducked. Ivanov swings wildly like a helicopter, and it looks like some of them are landing on Fujita. A flurry combination lands for Ivanov and Fujita is hurt and dropped. Fujita holds onto a single leg, and Ivanov tries to defend. Fujita runs the pipe and puts Ivanov on the mat. Ivanov is working hard for an arm is guillotine, but Fujita escapes into half guard. He momentarily moves to full mount, and Ivanov bucks. Fujita is having trouble breaking the half guard lock down. Ivanov regains full guard. Fujita stands to his feet, and passes to the front head lock. Ivanov escapes and throws wildly. Both fighters land in the corner as the round ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Ivanov

Round 2
Fujita changes levels and avoids Ivanov’s punches. Fujita clinches, and eats shots. He then shoots a takedown and finishes it in side control. From there he moves to knee on belly. Ivanov rolls to his gut, and then falls to his back. Fujita stands over Ivanov, and the referee stands him up. Ivanov lands a hook. Fujita ducks another. An overhand right from Fujita is blocked. Lead hooks land for Ivanov. Fujita clinches, but can’t secure the takedown. He pushes Ivanov into the corner, but then lets him come out. Both fighters are striking sloppily and not really landing clean. Fujita clinches again and pushes Ivanov into the corner. Fujita scores with a few hockey style upper cuts, and Ivanov answers with hooks. They break momentarily, but Fujita rushes him back into a corner.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Fujita

Round 3
Ivanov lands hook. Fujita shoots a double leg and picks Ivanov off the ground, but can’t finish. It looks like Ivanov is working for a guillotine again. The referee breaks the fighters to check Fujita’s cut. Fujita shoots for a single, but Ivanov slips out twice. A sloppy one two lands for Ivanov, but the head kick misses. Body kick lands for Ivanov. Jab lands too. Fujita bulls in and pushes Ivanov into the corner. Both fighters seem exhausted and reluctant to attack. Fujita finishes a double leg, and ends up in half guard. The referee turns them to the center of the ring. Fujita tries to pass, but can’t free his guarded leg. He had a head and arm choke for a second, but Ivanov broke the hold.
PRO MMA Score 10-10
PRO MMA Draw (29-29)
Blagoi Ivanov defeated Kazuyuki Fujita Decision

Kazuo Misaki vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura
Round 1
Inside leg kick from Nakamura. Jab scores for Misaki. They clinch, and Misaki lands a hard knee. Body kick from Nakamura, and Misaki counters with a hard shot. Overhand lands for Nakamura. He rushes to the clinch and meets a knee. Miskai catches a low blow that pauses the action. The action is back. Nakamura rushes in again and gets caught with punches and knees. Hard body hook lands for Misaki, and he takes another groin shot. He hops around, and is ready to go. Another hard clinch knee hit Nakamura, and then a hard jumping knee that drops him. As he stands Misaki catches him in a guillotine, and Nakamura is forced to tap.
Kazuo Misaki defeats Kazuhiro Nakamura Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Featherweight Tournament Final
Masanori Kanehara vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Hatsu Hioki received a concussion in the first round, and therefore was replaced by Masanori Kanehara.
Round 1
Kanehara catches a kick and uses it to take Omigawa’s back. Omigawa stands as Kanehara has his back with both hooks in. Omigawa collapses to the mat, and Kanehara punches his head. Omigawa stands back up, and Kanehara is still on his back, now with the body triangle. Omigawa is looking towards the referee like he wants it to be broken. He falls back to the mat again. Both of Kanehara’s hands are free and he punches. Omigawa stands again, and Kanehara loses to the hooks. Omigawa goes for a throw, and Kanehara gets the hooks back in. After a scramble Kanehara ends up in Omigawa’s half guard. Omigawa tries to lock in a guillotine, but Kanehara escapes. Kanehara stays in Omigawa’s open guard and does very little damage. Omigawa goes for an arm compressor lock from the bottom at the bell.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Kanehara

Round 2
Knee, flurry, and a head kick land for Kanehara, but Omigawa keeps coming forward. Kanehara shoots, and it is stuffed by Omigawa. who knees from the sprawl position. Kanehara tries to pull guard to avoid the knees, and ends up on top. He knees Omigawa in the face from side control. Omigawa regains half guard. Kanehara works hard to pass, but Omigawa is instead able to gain full guard. Kanehara finally mounts, and appears to be working for a head and arm choke. He punches the body instead. Omigawa rolls, and Kanehara unleashes a flurry of right hands.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Kanehara

Round 3
Omigawa comes forward and catches a variety of strikes with his face. He lands an overhand right, but eats a body knee. Kanehara gets a body lock and tries to get the takedown. Omigawa stays on top with a grip on the neck in half guard. Kanehara almost sweeps, but he can’t finish the move. Hammer fists on the top for Omigawa. Omigawa falls back for a leg lock and loses it immediately. Kanehara stands and delivers multiple knees to Omigawa’s midsection. Kanehara is clearly the superior striker. A one two lands for him. Another knee to the body lands. Omigawa comes forward, and Kanehara pull guard. Omigawa works to half guard and then side control as the referee turns them to the middle of the ring. Short punches for Omigawa land. Omigawa knees from the front head lock position. Kanehara seems to be feeling them. Omigawa takes the mount, and starts to throw at the 30 second mark. Kanehara gives up his back, and Omigawa keeps throwing. They are back on their feet as the bell rings.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Omigawa
PRO MMA winner Masanori Kanehara (29-28)
Masanori Kanehara defeats Michihiro Omigawa Decision (Split)

Satoru Kitaoka vs. Mizuto Hirota
Round 1
Kitaoka shoots almost right away, and secures the takedown. From there he moves to the mount, but they are against the ropes, and Hirtoa stands. Kitoaka pulls the legs out again, and it close to the mount on the outskirts of the ring. Now in half guard. Hirota stands, but gets caught in a guillotine. It looks tight, but he is able to escape. Kitoaka shoots again quickly, and the referee breaks the action. Kitoaka easily finishes a double leg takedown and defends against the guillotine. He lands some shots from the top as he works for the mount. He appears to be setting up and achillies, but he lets it go in order to pass to side. He once again locks on a tight guillotine, and once again Hirota survives and escapes to the feet. Kitaoka kicks the body. This time Hirota makes Kitaoka pay for the shot and follows up with a head kick attempt. Hirota takes down Kitoaka to side control, and lands light punches as the round ends.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Kitoaka

Round 2
Kitoaka is starting to have trouble bringing the fight to the mat, but he lands a hard hook on the feet. Hirota attempts to get the takedown himself. Kitoaka pulls guard, and the referee stands them up. Kitaoka is just out of Hirota’s striking range. Kitoaka shoots for a double, and it is once again stuffed by Hirota. Kitoaka shoots for a single, and it is stuffed as well. Hirota scores with a jab. Hirota pushes Kitoaka into the corner and then finishes a clinch takedown. Kitoaka pushes Hirota away, and they stand up again. As the bell rings Kitoaka was in on a double leg.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Hirota

Round 3
High kick is blocked by Hirota. Kitoaka is telegraphing his hard shots. Kitoaka shoots a single leg, and drives it to a double and finishes. He passes to half guard quickly. Light hammer fists to Hirota’s face. He passes, to side, but Hirota regains half, when Kitoaka tries to mount. Hirota eventually regains full guard. Kitoaka is being more active on top, landing more shots, but sitll nothing really significant. Hirota closes his guard. Kitoaka looks like he is going to go for a leg lock, but he insteads backs off before passing to half guard. The referee stands them back up, and issues a yellow card to Hirota. High kick from Hirota blocked by Kitoaka. Kitoaka appears to be dazed by a shot from Hirota. He shoots and pulls guard. As the round ends, the referee stands them up.
PRO MMA score 10-9 Kitoaka

Round 4
Kitoaka’s single attempt is stuffed. Hirota comes forward with a jab combo, and Kitoaka shoots again to no avail. Kitoaka shoots a double, and works hard for it while Hirota’s feet are caught in the ropes. Kitoaka pulls guard. Hirota does some ground and pound from half guard, and the referee stands the down Kitoaka. Single leg stuffed and countered with knees. Hirota now on top passes to side control and lands some hard shots. Kitoaka is visibly tired and relying on his shot which is being countered with knees. Hirtoa gets behind and delivers hammerfists. A shot from Kitoaka meets more knees and punches, and the fight is stopped.
Mizuto Hirota defeats Satoru Kitaoka TKO (punches)

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