Headlining American Steel Cagefighting’s inaugural show in Salem, New Hampshire Friday night, July 31, was a welterweight match-up between Doug “Flash” Gordon and Nate “The Future” Lamotte. Lamotte started off strong with a takedown and some ground and pound, but as soon as Gordon was able to get back to his feet he sunk in an arm-in guillotine for the tapout victory at just 2:01 of round one.

Other featured bouts on the card included a lightweight co-main event with Pat Audinwood taking on Al Buck and a Super Fight with UFC veterans Kevin Jordon (fought at UFC 53, 56) and Patrick Smith (fought at UFC 1,2,6) battling it out for heavyweight supremacy.

Al Buck got a nice slam early in round one but it did not take long for Audinwood to get in the perfect position to sink in a triangle and force the submission just :54 seconds into the fight. Audinwood improved his undefeated record to 8-0 and is someone to keep an eye on.

38-year-old Kevin Jordan (11-7) looked pretty good the first two rounds and dropped 46-year-old Patrick Smith (20-15) with a big right hand in the second. By the third round, Jordan was worn out and Smith, still going strong, put Jordan on his back and put on the ground and pound.

Smith’s third tound comeback was not enough to overcome the first two rounds he had already lost and the unanimous decision went to Kevin Jordan. It was a competitive fight that turned into a slugfest at times and definitely lived up to its “Super Fight” hype.

American Steel Cagefighting’s next event was announced to take place on Sept. 11, 2009 and will feature Calvin Kattar vs. Andrew Martinez in the main event at the Icenter in Salem, N.H. As the broadcast was closing, the webcast announcer actually said, “Be sure to come out to the next event we will have some great fights including a midget fight.”

ASC Quick Results:
Kevin Jordan def. Patrick Smith by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
Ryan Schieding def. Carlos Nieves by kimura submission rd1
Doug Gordon def. Nate Lamotte by guillotine choke submission rd1
Adam McQuaid def. Jose Salsano by TKO (punches) rd2
Pat Audinwood def. Al Buck by triangle choke submission rd1
Kenny Foster def. Mervin Rodriguez by unanimous decision
Brian Danner def. Chris Foster by rear naked choke submission rd2
James Jenkins def. Ibrahiem Tody split decision
Noah Faunce def. Dominic Warr by arm bar submission rd3

You can find out more about American Steel Cagefighting on their website at www.cagefighting.com.

Here is the play-by-play for the ASC featured fights of the night:

(HW) Kevin “The Shaman” Jordan vs. Patrick “The Headhunter” Smith
Round 1 –Jordan throws the first couple of strikes. Smith fires back with a couple of jabs. Smith lands a kick and Jordan slams Smith to the ground as Smith simultaneously pulls guard. Jordan is in Smith’s guard and is dishing out the ground and pound with body blows and punches to the face. Smith is hanging on, throwing back occasional punches from his back. PRO MMA scores round 1: 10-9 Jordan.
Round 2 –Smith lands a leg kick and tries and axe kick. Jordan drops Smith with a a big right hand right in the kisser and jumps into Smith’s guard. Jordan gets side control and then moves to full mount. Jordan lands some good shots from the top. Jordan transitions back to side control and lands some punches to Smith’s face. Jordan continues to work over Smith from side control and Smith survives to the third. PRO MMA scores round 2: 10-8 Jordan.
Round 3 –Smith comes out stalking. Jordan lands a couple of leg kicks and a punch. Leg kick by Smith. Knee by Jordan. Jordan’s hands are down low. Smith is stalking the tired Jordan. It’s turned into a slug fest now. Smith lands some big punches and Jordan grabs onto Smith to recover. Smith looks much fresher and lands a huge left and a right hand. Jordan fires back with a couple of shots that land. Jordan grabs the clinch and holds Smith until the bell sounds. Great fight. PRO MMA scores round 3: 10-9 Smith. PRO MMA scores the fight unofficially 29-27 for Kevin Jordan. OFFICIAL DECISION: Kevin Jordan defeats Pat Smith by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

(LW) Al Buck vs. Pat Audinwood
Round 1 –Body punch from Buck, followed by a left jab. Audinwood throws a head kick that lands but also gets caught by Buck, Buck picks him up and slams him to his back. Buck is on top delivering some ground and pound. Buck has a cut on his face from the head kick and is bleeding. Audinwood locks in a triangle and it’s over just like that. Buck taps out. Pat Audinwood improves his record to 8-0-1. Pat Audinwood defeats Al Buck by triangle choke submission at :54 seconds into round 1.

(WW) Nate “The Future” Lamotte vs. Doug “Flash” Gordon
Round 1 –Gordon lands a low kick and Lamotte puts him right on his back. Gordon gets Lamotte in his open guard. Big right hand by Lamotte after posturing up. Gordon closes his guard for a moment, and gets back to his feet. Lamotte tries to drive back in and put Gordon down, but Gordon sinks in a arm-in guillotine choke, pulls it deep, and Lamotte taps out. Doug Gordon defeats Nate Lamotte by guillotine submission choke at 2:01 into round 1.

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