Jose Canseco returns to the ring against a Competitive Eater

This will be a big weekend for all of Jose Canseco’s combat sports fans. Apparerntly he has recovered from a recent knee injury, because this Friday he is set to return to the boxing ring. His opponent is five-time Wing Bowl champion Bill “El Wingador” Simmons.

Canseco, who holds a combined boxing and MMA record of 0-2-1, will be looking for his first ever win. In his most recent bout, Canseco was stopped in only 77 seconds by Hong Man Choi. Before entering MMA, he was stopped in boxing by Vai Sikahema and drew with Danny Bonaduce. Apparently retired football players and child stars were too tough, so let’s see how the former American League MVP fares against a competitive eater.

The Celebrity Boxing website says, they are waiting to announce the undercard until “reality-show rejects are added.”

Relive some of Jose Canseco’s finest moments below…

Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi

Jose Canseco vs. Via Sikahema

2 thoughts on “Jose Canseco returns to the ring against a Competitive Eater”

  1. Jeez. Had to comment because of how pathetic this is. He really needs to stop fighting, or maybe get into backyard brawling, and I have a feeling he’d get his ass whooped there, too.

    I mean, I realize, what else is the dude gonna do for money now that his legacy is tarnished, no one in baseball wants anything to do with him…

    But it’s really embarrassing. I guess that’s one good thing you could say about the UFC – Jose Canseco would never, ever, in a million years, be allowed to fight there. The only time he would have ever been able to fight there was back in ’93 when the UFC started, and when he was pumped up on roids (& the public was none the wiser).

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