Ultimate Fighters duke it out with Shane Primm defeating Mike Dolce at Music City MMA

Music City MMA held their “Rock & Havoc” show Saturday night, July 18, in Nashville, Tenn. at the Municipal Auditorium. Headlining the event was The Ultimate Fighter season 8 contestant and local fighter made big Shane Primm taking on The Ultimate Fighter season 7 veteran Mike Dolce.

Primm in only his fourth pro fight and his first bout at middleweight took out the much more experienced Dolce with a first round TKO. PRO MMA(promma.info) spoke to Shane after the bout to get his thoughts on how things went down.

“The fight actually went a little different than I expected. I thought Dolce was going to come out early and press me, cut down the distance, and try to brawl given his reach disadvantage,” said Primm. “He instead played on the outside which fit well into my game and my natural advantages.”

Shane walked us through the fight, “I used a lot of body kicks towards his power hand to try and make him more cautious throwing his left hand, while trying to counter his right lead hook with my right overhand. It worked out well and he came in with a lead uppercut in which an overhand caught him square on the eye. It was a tough shot, I knew it when it happened, but at first thought he was ok. I saw his face change though and knew he was hurt, pressed it and he was hurt more than I thought. Apparently my right index knuckle had pounded his orbital bone and hurt him pretty badly. When he went to his knees I knew there was short time so I just threw everything I could to his chin. He tapped at the same time the ref jumped in to stop it.”

Although Dolce had made a few comments before the fight saying he was going to knock Shane out, Shane said it was not personal, “No bad blood what so ever. That guy is a true professional. We got to cut up a bit back stage during the physicals and afterwards we also had good words.”

Mike Dolce is well known within the MMA world for helping some of the sport’s top fighters with their nutrition. The “Dolce Diet” is so popular even his opponents are into it. Shane plugged Mike’s book, “That guy is a warrior and I have nothing but respect for him and wish him well in the future. Not to mention I’m gonna buy his nutrition book at mikedolcemma.com.”

Before starring in television shows and training at Gracie Tampa, Shane Primm began cutting his MMA teeth at Guardian MMA just a few minutes southeast of Nashville and still has family and a ton of friends in the area. We asked Shane if he planned to stick around for awhile. “I’m gonna be in town hanging out with my family and just relaxing till Thursday,” Shane said. “Then I have to get back to Tampa to help Joe “Bamboo” Wissmann and Chris Baten train for their upcoming fights. It is a team sport after all,” he added.

Shane’s next fight is not yet set, but he knows where he is headed and what he needs to do to get there. He explained, “For my goals it’s pretty simple. Long term I want the 185 belt, but that is everyone’s dream in their respective weight classes. Short term I want to get 7-9 fights in, then make a run in the UFC and make the statement that I don’t just belong there, but I belong in the top guys at that weight class.”

Shane is realistic about the process and knows it will take time. He stated, “That will be a good three years with Gracie Tampa though. So I’m just biding my time and working hard.”

By: Jack Bratcher