4 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather trashes MMA”

  1. Ha! He’s extremely jealous. UFC doesn’t want him, Strikeforce doesn’t want him. Does he even realize that MMA really wasn’t invented by white people? What a f*cking dolt. Seriously jealous. “You need real skills to box, mma is for beer drinkers.”

    Make up your mind, dipsh*t. Do YOU want to be a real fighter or a boxer? You failed in the MMA business, so you wanna call out MMA fighters, for what? So you can never fight them in a real fight? I don’t f*cking care to see Anderson Silva BOX you. I don’t give a f*ck who it is, get a time machine and bring back Ali and Tyson in their prime and I still wouldn’t give a sh*t as much about a boxing match as an MMA bout.

    F*ck that b*tch, Manny Pacquiao would rip him to shreds anyway. All he is is a big head with no class. Mayweather, f&ck you.

  2. Yeah if MMA sux so bad then why the hell was he involved with the Iron Ring? He doesn’t realize the two sports do not have to be antagonistic toward the other but can benefit from each other.

  3. Fuck i hate when a mother fucker says some shit like “I dont mean to be racist but” and then he does it anyway. That doesn’t even make sense, the majority of MMA fighters are everything but white, i would say that white MMA fighters make up 10-15% of all MMA fighters. Floyd Mayweather has only seen the UFC, he hasn’t seen Pride or Shooto or the Vale Tudo or the M-1 or anything else. Floyd Mayweather fully understands the heart and spirit of boxing, but what he doesn’t understand is the heart and spirit of Muay Thai. and Kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu, and Judo, and Wrestling……fuck i could write a whole book on this mother fuckers bullshit….Sometimes i cant believe that i look up to this man.

  4. 1. MMA was started by the Brazilians (through The Gracie Challenge and later, The UFC) and the Japanese (through Satoru Sayama’s creation of Shootboxing and the SHOOTO orginization).

    2. Most the white guys in MMA come from a grappling background. Usually Greco Roman or Freestyle Wrestling.

    My favorite part was when he accused MMA of “stealing Boxing’s blueprint” when the Unified rules were created by a Boxing commissioner using a ruleset created by the Quebec Mohawk tribe..

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