Gameness Fighting Championship returns to the Tennessee Sports Arena at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville on Aug. 8, 2009 with “GFC 4.” This will be GFC’s fourth major event and the their third major show of the  year. “GFC 4” will feature a Bantamweight Title Fight between local favorite and Nashville MMA standout Dustin Ortiz taking on an undefeated Chris Wright out of Knoxville. Ortiz always brings the action so going up against an undefeated fighter like Wright should have all the fans on their feet.

The doors open at 4:30 pm and the fights start at 6:30 pm. To purchase tickets call 1-615-777-9350 or visit Here is the full fight card as of now:

Gameness Fighting Championship 4

  • GFC Bantamweight Title Fight 
    Dustin Ortiz (NMMA) 4-1 vs Chris Wright (Knoxville MMA-Knoxville, TN.) 5-0
  • (MW) Mike Hackney (NMMA) 3-0 vs TBA
  • (WW) Adolfo Vega-Martinez (Ascension MMA) 2-0 vs James Davis (Team Pride-Paducah, KY.) 3-1
  • (MW) Dante Lawson (NMMA) 4-0 vs Dhiego Lima (Ascension MMA) 2-1
  • (FW) Spencer Scrivner (NMMA) 0-0 vs Antony Johnson (World Class MMA-Tampa, Fl.) 0-0
  • (LHW) Jeremy Boczulac (NMMA) 0-0 vs Eddie Murphy (Independent-Gallatin, TN.) 0-0
  • (HW) Tim Deaton (NMMA) 0-0 vs Alexander Grigorenico (KO Boxing-Atlanta, GA.) 0-0
  • (LW) Dan Bedoy (NMMA) 1-2 vs Eric Kriegermeier (Ascension MMA) 3-0
  • (LHW) Patrick Brown (NMMA) 2-1 vs TBA
  • (MW) Sean Pullizano (NMMA) 2-0 vs Jamal Turner (Independent-Gallatin, TN.) 0-0
  • (LW) Jim Casey (NMMA) 0-0 vs Jasoni Turner (Independent-Gallatin, TN.) 0-0
  • (FW) James Adcock (Knoxville MMA) 3-2 vs Marciel Rosa (Ascension MMA) 2-1
  • (LHW) Sam Brown (Fit Factory-Sevierville, TN.) 0-0 vs Brian Hedgecoth (Independent-Nashville, TN.) 0-0
  • (MW) Justin Bardo (Fit Factory) 1-0 vs Chris Ramos (Independent-Gallatin, TN.) 0-0
  • (LW) Sean Staten (Independent-Johnson City, TN.) 0-0 vs Robert Coulter (Headhunters MMA-Paris, TX.) 1-1
  • (WW) Corey Smith (Ascension MMA) 0-1 vs Forrest Beard (Wyatt Gym-Vicksburg, MS.) 0-0
  • (WW) Jon Presson (Wyatt Gym) 0-0 vs DJ Loveless (Headhunter MMA) 0-0
  • (FW) Andrew Deaton (Headhunter MMA) 0-0 vs TBA
  • (HW) Todd Stricklin (Independent-Lebanon, TN.) 0-0 vs TBA

Fight card is subject to change without notice. Some of these fights could potentially be moved to their next card. For more information about this event or Gameness Fighting Championship visit

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  1. is gfc4 going to be on television or pay per view… i need to know as soon as possible please!! thanks go Diaz!

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