UFC Fan Expo Grappling Superfight Results

This past weekend the UFC Fan Expo played host to a Grapplers Quest event. As always the promotion provided an opportunity for a multitude of grapplers to be seen by MMA and Grappling fans. Grapplers Quest also treated fans to four superfight matches containing star grapplers and fighters.

The event was well received by everyone. For more information check out GrapplersQuest.com or Twitter.com/GrapplersQuest.

Superfight Results

Daniel Valverde Defeated Vinny Magalhaes (0-0) 1-0 Advantage
Most of the grudge match between Vinny Magalhaes and Daniel Valverde took place in Magalhaes’ guard. Valverde was able to score an advantage by forcing Magalhaes to the turtle position to avoid allowing a pass. It proved to be the difference in the fight.

Rumina Sato Defeated Ulysses Gomez Submission (Armbar)
Shooto legend Rumina Sato was able to defeat Ulysses Gomez with a Kimure/Armbar submission hold. Gomez was attempting to sweep Sato, and in the process was caught and forced to submit.

Bill Cooper Defeated Joe Stevenson (4-2)
Despite Joe Stevenson’s wrestling advantage on paper, Bill Cooper was able to take down the TUF 2 champion twice for his four points. Stevenson threatened with a guillotine choke, but was only able to use it for a sweep.

Jeff Glover Defeated Wilson Reis (2-2) 2-1 Advantage
With ten seconds left in the match it was tied 1-1 on advantages. Glover was able to lock in a toe hold that forced Reis to defend and thus was able to win the match by a one advantage margin. After the match Jeff Glover said, “I’m an artist who uses the human body as my canvas to paint a picture of combat.”

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