INSIDE MMA 7-10-09

Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice are joined this week with an all-star cast of Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, and Dave Meltzer. Barnett is there to talk about his upcoming bout with Fedor Emelianenko and Bas has the first part of his exclusive interview with Fedor.

Part 1

Pat 2 after the jump…

Part 2

1 thought on “INSIDE MMA 7-10-09”

  1. Kenny & Bas—–I’ve got to tell you I love the show & you guys, but I think it’s a big & I mean BIG mistake to have the most obnoxious voice’s on TV —K-1’s Michael Schiavello, doing your announcing—-YUK! His jokes suck too! He’s bad enough that I’d (almost) quit watching inside MMA and that’s saying a lot! I think you ought to get opinions from your viewers to confirm this. Who knows, maybe it’s just me?————Your Fan—–Jeff

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